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  1. Recovering Raid in a Lacie NAS

    Well since you're replacing it, you do have a choice, so maybe replace it with a NAS drive? Like an ironwolf 4TB?
  2. Windows 10 not detecting raid 0 at all on instal

    Intel RAID drivers on an AMD board, good job on the reading part there anyway... you need the raid drivers to install to a raid array. Go to the asus website and download the SATA drivers from the support page. Open the zip and copy the contents of the folder (../RAID/RAID_driver/WT64A) to a USB drive and click load driver in the setup screen where the drives are suppose to show up. Find ur drive in the list and just double click the inf file. It'll load the driver and go back to the drive selection and show the array.
  3. AMD + Nvidia graphics card runs together

    if you can even get them installed (with nvidia this is highly questionable since they (used to) block using AMD cards along their cards), getting them cooperating is not possible because there is no way in hell nvidia will allow this. Even if it would be possible with DX12 i bet you anything nvidia would do anything and everything they can to make it impossible.
  4. OPTANE to improve RAID performance

    unless you migrate the array to a motherboard with the same chipset it won't work and you will have lost the entire array. If you want to be able to do that you'll need a raid card.
  5. Implications of Running My Own Web Server?

    In data centers they have dedicated machines for everything you can think of. Database, storage, web, load balancing etc... Those machines are also so powerful because 90%(at least) of the time they are running multiple VM's (could be dozens, don't really know), and everything has at least 1 backup of everything to keep everything accessible in case of failure. services like microsofts Azure and amazon's AWS run like this, with multiple customers being on the same physical machine on a separate VM.
  6. Implications of Running My Own Web Server?

    just want to say a few things... the system you're using is a MASSIVE overkill for a webserver. I get you're also doing other things on it but you don't need any upgrade what so ever for the webserver. A webserver needs very little when it comes to CPU cores or memory, if the website is well build at least. I've seen over a dozen websites run on a 4 threaded server with only 8GB just fine with hundreds of uniques every month without a problem. Once the website is compiled (first time anyone requests it), very little is needed to handle a request by another user. If you're running windows my advice would be to just user hyper-v and create a VM with 4 threads and 4GB of ram. Should work well enough for you for now and you can always increase the ram when you upgrade to 64GB. biggest advice i can give is to NEVER use any php based database manager (like phpmyadmin). These things are full of security holes and exploits. If you're going to advertise your website anywhere you'll have kids running scripts looking for phpmyadmin in no time trying to hack ur database. When i had a very public website running on my server at home (still do, just not as public) i had at least 10 kids every day trying this. Never succeeded of course because i never used a web based admin tool. I'm just mentioning this because as i remember phpmyadmin comes with WAMP. So just delete it. If you don't need to access your database directly over the internet i also suggest to just keep the mysql port closed in the router so it can't be reached from the outside. Why expose it when you don't use it right? another thing to consider is using IIS. The reason being AFAIK IIS blocks everything by default and you have to activate/open everything you need/want and apache for example allows everything and you have to block everything you don't want. Might be a bit of a preference though and i'm no expert by any means, just giving some food for thought..
  7. It kinda bothers me that people are bothered by a company giving people an option. Cuz that's all it is, an option to buy everything in the game, while at the same time funding the project. The price is just the sum of all items/ships/etc currently available with a significant discount. It's their choice to offer it for whatever price they want. The backers then have the choice to either buy it or not. Why would i have a problem with that? I'm not going to buy it as i don't have that kind of money. As for the release date, it has been said several times now that there is no release date. So they are not pushing back anything and haven't for at least a year now. In fact the only known release date is that of alpha 3.2 which is coming at the end of next month. I am very confident that they are going to make that because they made the previous one so there's no reason to doubt it. and this "business model" as you call it WILL change. They've already said as much. Shops to buy ships are coming to the game at some point and they will alter the website and remove the buying of any in-game item. The only thing to be bought at that point is in-game money and that will be limited. So this game will not be pay2win. Am i trying to convince myself again? No actually, all the promises they've made they have stuck to so far. So have no reason to doubt this. Every hater screaming its a scam and that this game will never be released has been wrong so far, so them i have far more reason to doubt....
  8. The first PU release (alpha 2.0) was in december 2015. So the PU was available then. Anyway, they have admitted their mistakes with the release dates multiple times and have learned from them as far as i can tell for now. They promised a release every quarter from now on and they hit the first one spot on. Alpha releases have been delayed yes, there's no denying that. But there was never a release date for the full game. So no, SC has never been delayed because there was never a release date in the first place. There was only ever the now "SCAM" screamers that expected a release within 5 years that believed there was a release date.
  9. just over $800, which i accepted as gone and lost the moment i bought the stuff i own. Tell me plz, what am i convincing myself of? That this game is not overdue? That its not a scam? If as claimed above this game has been overdue for YEARS, it would mean people expected this game to be build and ready to go from scratch to finished in 4/5 years. That's unrealistic for any game that starts from scratch. Normal AAA games start with a finished engine and tools to build the game before they've done anything and then develop for 4/5 years. For SC they had an engine yes, but it was not at all made for the game they wanted to make (no engine is, before you start) so they had to (and still do) make massive changes to the engine code. The tools that were available for the engine were so inadequate that they were pretty much useless. So they had to make their own tools before they could even begin to build the game they wanted. Both of these things alone took years because no one had ever done this before. To give an example of the old tools, it took an hour (or more) of dragging a planet across a solar system to get it in the right place.... they can now build a basic solar system in minutes with their own tools. I'm not defending them, i understand that this process takes time. It's all the "SCAMMMMMM" screamers that expected the game to be done within 4/5 years max that have no clue how game development works. A scam? What MORON asks for money from people to build the game of their dreams as a scam and then sets up a company and goes to build that exact game.... gives you multiple video's every week of the progress they make only to at some random point to run away with the money.... I mean 4/5 years ago it might have made a little sense but there comes a point where you have to give up on the "ITS A SCAM!" argument. People have used that argument for every new version that was promised and each time they were proven wrong. So explain to me what i'm trying to convince myself of... because i really can't figure it out. ps. i expect no reply, i've asked this 4/5 times already of people, they never have an answer for me....
  10. This is neither a quick cash grab nor a scam. These packs have been in the game since pretty much the beginning. The first pack was $1000 for all the ships that were in the game at the time. The pack has been updated several times to always include all the current ships. This shouldn't even be news. Next year there will be another which will be more expensive same with the year after that... It is all of you who are massively uninformed. They have enough funds to keep going for several more years. So prepare for more "news" like this. In fact if you google you can probably find the last few post about expensive packs for SC. With the exact same reactions as all of you posted. Yes is it probably to expensive for any one person to just buy. However did ANYONE here think of organizations? if for instance the LTT org were to ask each member for a few dollars this pack can be bought. Ships can be divided amongst the org, there will probably be some kind of possibility to share ships within orgs. A pack like this suddenly doesn't look all that expensive now does it? It has NOT been overdue for years. In fact its pretty much on track. This project takes longer because they maintain a live build for people to play on while they develop it. In normal development they develop all the features buggy AF and then do bug fixing and only after that do optimizations. Having a live build active for backers to play on takes more time and delays development, because they have to do bug fixing and optimizations. All of this was and still should be expected. Yes it is all current ships and will NOT be updated with anything new. Well the pack will be updated and all new stuff to be added but the price will also go up at that point. This should be no surprise, as i've said before, they've done this for years. Well until next time people, probably should all save ur messages so you can just repost the exact same thing next time.... i know i will...
  11. Intel 9th Gen Cannon Lake + Intel X399

    AMD should not get the blame for the confusion here. It's intel who chooses to go with the same name as AMD. It was pretty easy to remember, AMD = uneven, intel = even. Now its just one big mess and only intel is to blame for this.
  12. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    i just remembered why your unraid was probably not working right. It is most likely nvidia (yup you read it right). Nvidia actively blocks using their consumer GPU's in VM's as they have another line of GPU's for that. There are work arounds for this but they never worked for me. Using AMD cards has always worked like a charm for me as they don't block anything. Thought i'd at least mention it. i actually build a 4 gamers 1 cpu with unraid on an AMD FX8350 with 16GBmem, 2 7970's, RX460 and RX550 using unraid. works great so it is possible. even all ran on a 850watt PSU. Nice to see you got it working though. Don't really know how multipoint services works as i've never used it. Good luck with ur next project, that will surely be a challenge.
  13. unRAID VMs not booting + other questions

    1. you can run the system on the CLI if it is connected to the network. Then you can assign all GPU's to a VM and use them all. You can configure anything through the web gui by just typing the ip into a browser while on the same network. The GUI will be exactly the same as it is on the GUI boot. 2. Switching to win 10 might make a difference but it shouldn't matter. It is most likely something else. Check all the settings and make sure the IOMMU groups are correct etc... Also check the log in the GUI. It might tell you whats wrong. Make sure you don't assign the same CPU cores to multiple machines, don't know if unraid shows an error for this as i've never done this but saying just in case... Also very important is to make sure you give unraid enough memory for itself. I've had Multiple VM's crash because the system ran out of memory... perhaps the other VM's are crashing because you assigned to much memory? with 32GB total my advice would be to go with 6GB max for each VM. 8GB for each will not work as that will leave nothing for unraid. 3. I don't think you can pass through usb hubs themselves. They'll just be USB ports on the same controller. All the devices you connect will show up but you will have to assign them before turning on the VM. You cannot hotplug them while the VM's are running. To do that you will need to add multiple USB controllers and assign those to the VM's. Seeing as you're using 4 GPU's it is unlikely you have any room left for USB controllers.
  14. how they are detected makes no difference to how they work. They're not suddenly going to start spinning because the motherboard says they're 7200k rpm hdd's. SSD's will still be SSD's and operate at the same speed they always do. So don't worry about that. as for the stripe size, 64k is usually recommended for boot drives and for use with smaller sized files. If you're using bigger files mostly then 128k is recommended. The speed difference is almost nothing however so it really doesn't matter. But since its your bootdrive, just go with 64k.
  15. Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    all decent RAID cards support pass-through. just put the card in JBOD mode. (Just a Bunch Of Disks). Just curious, whats the reason you don't want hardware RAID?