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    Intel Core I7 5960x @ 4.5Ghz
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    G.Skill 32GB DDR4-2800
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    MSI Radeon R9 Fury X
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    Samsung 950Pro 512GB, 3x WD Raptor 1TB (RAID-0) + 3x WD RED 4TB (RAID-0) + 2x Samsung 850 evo 256GB
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    Corsair RM1000
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    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
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  1. Helly

    Fast RAID 5

    I’ll just add here im running 5x8TB(WD red) in raid-5. I get writes of over 700MB/s all the time. Using an areca 1880i. Ive done the same on a 1226 with raid-6 and 8 drives and get even high writes. losing half the drive space wasnt worth it for me. I’ve also never had a red fail on me *knocks on wood*. Just an FYI, good luck with ur choice
  2. Helly

    To RAID or Not To RAID

    Not entirely true for ALL RAID controllers. I know for instance that you can safely move array's between different SAS controllers of Areca. for instance you can create an array on an 1880 and move it to an 1882 then to an 1883 and to the latest 1884 without any problems. firmware and hardware revisions don't matter in that case at all. Moving a controller between different machines is 100% possible without data loss with ANY brand of controller. The mobo/cpu or anything else has NOTHING to do with the array in that case. In theory, you MIGHT be able to move array's between onboard intel controllers as well. I've never tried it though, so if you have different intel onboard controllers, i suggest trying to move them between systems before putting anything important on it. I have moved an array from an AMD asus 990fx sabertooth to a gigabyte 990fx-ud7 without any data loss. But that is the same controller so it makes sense.
  3. Helly

    Point of external raid vs internal single vs external

    Edit: You're reacting all pissed of and like its all OUR fault you can't do whatever it is you want to do. Stop doing that and remember this: YOUR problem is not OUR problem. Personally i couldn't care less if you don't solve your problem. I just explained a few things and gave you a solution. As did several other people. It's neither our fault or problem you can't/won't use the solutions we gave you. Those are the only solutions there are to your problem. Now all you can do is choose whether or not to actually do anything with them. Good luck with that. I doubt anyone else will respond to you anymore.
  4. Helly

    Point of external raid vs internal single vs external

    you can't store offsite or upload. So for you, using your own logic, it will be RAID > backup. Backup your crap to some other drive and store it on a shelf somewhere or w/e. If your whole place goes down in a fire, you're f'ed. You're problem really, you got nowhere to store it offsite and you can't upload. No other option. JBOD = Just a Bunch of Drives (a simple google search would have told you this and saved you a rant.) It will make the drives show up as 1 big drive but they will be written to in order. When 1 is full it will continue on the next drive, etc... When a drive fails, only the data on that drive is lost. JBOD gives you no speed boost at all, just the performance of the individual drives. The point of a NAS is to have storage somewhere on the network which you can access 24/7 without having to turn on any PC. It has nothing to do with multiple people needing to access it. Having drives running 24/7 is preferred over external drives which you connect and disconnect constantly. Connecting and disconnecting is not a good thing for your drive, it will die faster that way. WD passports are 2.5inch drives which don't go over 4TB atm. (again, a simple google search could have told you this.) WD My Book Pro's have hardware RAID which is more expensive (yet again, a simple google search would have told you this.) Want to be sure you don't have PMR? Buy WD RED with 8TB+, those are always helium drives and never SMR. (hate to say it, but YET AGAIN, a simple google seach would have told you this.) so the TL;DR version: Calm the F down, do some google searches and you would have saved yourself a huge embarrassment and stupid rant.
  5. Helly

    NAS trouble and RAID confusion.

    Something here doesn't add up. Were those initial 4 drives also configured the same? So hot spare and raid-6. Cuz then it would add up correctly but that is just a ridiculous way of setting up 3 drives. And if an earlier reply is correct not even possible... so how then were those initial drives configured? Cuz RAID-5 (which would make sense) would have given you 8TB of space, and RAID-10 (which would be the best setup for 4 drives) would give you the same. AFAIK there is no configuration that would make you end up with 4TB usable with 3/4 drives. The only way i could explain the 7 drives with 8TB usable would be to add the new drives but not expand the array to use the space. My guess would be that someone in that company got their numbers confused.
  6. so, you put the bios in RAID mode, create an array, boot windows and there's no letter assigned to the array so you can use it? Creating an array is the same as adding a brand new HDD. You have to initialize the drive first. You can do this in disk management. Just opening that up should make it pop up the question to initialize the drive and then you can just partition and format it. The array should also pop up during the boot process, although i have seen pc's skip this step these days, a full cold boot should make it show up. You're saying all this is not working? Not much else you can do i'd say, it's either dead drives or the MB is just all messed up. Did you try resetting the bios?
  7. Helly

    Can unRaid be run on a quad core?

    well i have to admit i never tried :P. So after posting that i started doubting... If you say other hypervisors don't care then unraid probably doesn't either. K so i was probably wrong then, sorry!
  8. Helly

    Can unRaid be run on a quad core?

    yes you can run unraid on it but you cannot assign a single core to multiple VM's. Unraid simply won't allow it and throw an error that the core is already in use, or assigned to another VM. You should be able to run 4 single core VM's on it though, depending on what you need them for it can be enough.
  9. Helly

    LTT Storage Rankings

    Update #3 Well here it is, the update i mentioned in my last post. Needed more space for my movies, so got that today :D. Did change hardware, so to have it all in 1 place, ill re-post the list as it all is now. Hardware CASE: Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935. PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850W Modular MB: Asus x99-Deluxe/U3.1 CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 (2.1Ghz) (not overclockable, even 1 Mhz faster and it won't boot, probably cuz of the RAM) HS: Noctua NH-D9L RAM: 4x Kingston KTL-TS424E/8G - 8GB ECC NIC: Asus PEB-10G/57840-2T RAID CARD 1: Areca 1880i SAS Expander Card: HP SAS Expander Card, 8 -> 24 Ports, Firmware 2.06. Boot Drive: Samsung 960EVO M.2, 1TB HDD 1: 8x 5TB WD Red HDD 2: 5x 8TB WD Red (WD80EFAX) PCPartpicker link Software and Configuration: Running Windows Server 2012 R2. Runs an FTP and Universal Media server to stream content to other devices. Server is also used to encode my bluray movies using makemkv and megui. Also using Hyper-V to run another instance of server 2012 R2 as a webserver with IIS. My main array is the 8x WD's running in RAID-6. giving me a total of just over 27TB of usable space. Secondary array is the 5 8TB drives running in RAID-5. Usage: Storing my media files (movies and tv shows). currently almost 24TB in size. Files are usually copied over from my main PC over a 10Gbit connection to the server, which is a separate network between my 2 servers and main PC. The internet connection is a separate connection for now because i can't find a good affordable 10Gbit switch :P. Backup: Only the most difficult stuff to find is backed up to a few leftover drives i have lying around. The rest i just don't have the finances or the will to backup somewhere. So if the worst happens, i'm just screwed :P. I haven't had a drive fail in over 10 years (*knocks on wood*) so i'm good for now. I know this doesn't mean nothing will fail, i'm not a total idiot, even though this setup might make me look like one :P. Sidenote: So all the media files mentioned in my previous updates have been moved to my 2nd server. This leaves all the space i've got on the main server for the movies and tv shows which continue to grow each year. Yes i also know i had a major SPOF in the 1880i right now. I will be on the lookout for 1882i cards and see if i can get a couple as backup. Should the 1880i fail a 1882 should be able to take over without any data loss, and if not, im just screwed again :P. Pictures: figured it was time for some pictures since this setup won't change any time soon, at least i hope not. So here goes, hopefully they're not to big
  10. Helly

    RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    Loving the bitching about the price people, good job. Doesn't matter though, both you and Nvidia know that you're going to buy these cards anyway. Because you got to have a new card and AMD "can't compete" and has nothing new. You either let your wallet do the talking now or you accept these prices as the new standard. Again both you and Nvidia know which it will be. Good job everyone, thx for the $1000 top tier GPU's. Coming up next year, $1000 xx70. Year after that, $1000 xx60, or are you actually thinking intel will ask anything less then nvidia when the performance comes close enough? They asked for this and you all gave it to them, the only ones to blame are the people buying this crap, not some company that can't keep up. They can't sell what you don't buy.
  11. Helly

    Areca Arc-1226-8i and the Saga of the R900

    What's the reason you think it would be a problem? A RAID card does it's own thing and has nothing to do with the onboard stuff. Is there some information out there that's saying that the card wont work with this board/chip? If there's not then it should just work, no reason to be worried it wouldn't.
  12. Well i don't know if this was still for my situation but i pulled the internet cable from my pc with the 10Gb connection still up and i lost my internet. So i don't think this is the case for me. I did disable the IP routing manager in RRAS on the 1Gbit connection on the server. So maybe that's what's making it not send internet over the 10Gbit now? No idea really, i'm just glad its working now
  13. Holy crap, you're my hero lol. That made it work. I did have to add the route to the 2nd server as well though as it is not a lonely server. It also has a separate connection to the internet. But they can now all access the files from any of the systems. So its all working Thank you all so much for the help! PS. does this mean i don't need RRAS on the server at all? So i can delete it? Will try it anyway, but would be nice to know before i do that
  14. The main server can reach both other systems. Each system can reach the server. The only thing not working is server 2 to PC. yes i did choose that. What's a bit confusing to me is the routing itself. If you look back at the first SS i showed, the static routes were the other way around. So that's what i tried first. As shown below Port 2 has ip "" and port 1 has ip "". It's the magic part that tells the packets coming from to go to that's completely unknown to me. I'm assuming that's was RRAS is suppose to do.
  15. You guys make it sound so easy, its making me feel dumb cuz i can't get it to work. Set everything up as you said, but still cant reach PC from server2. Tried both ways. Neither works :(. Another SS to show the settings, included the routing table since it shows the metric, but its not 1, so no idea if it helps anything but can't hurt to show it.