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  1. how they are detected makes no difference to how they work. They're not suddenly going to start spinning because the motherboard says they're 7200k rpm hdd's. SSD's will still be SSD's and operate at the same speed they always do. So don't worry about that. as for the stripe size, 64k is usually recommended for boot drives and for use with smaller sized files. If you're using bigger files mostly then 128k is recommended. The speed difference is almost nothing however so it really doesn't matter. But since its your bootdrive, just go with 64k.
  2. Searching for a decent SATA expansion card

    all decent RAID cards support pass-through. just put the card in JBOD mode. (Just a Bunch Of Disks). Just curious, whats the reason you don't want hardware RAID?
  3. Storage Spaces VS onboard RAID (5)

    I have no experience with storage spaces but i know the onboard RAID is not really hardware RAID as it still uses ur 8700k and your ram. Real hardware RAID uses its own cpu/ram and especially for RAID5/6 a raid controller is much faster. With regards to transferring to another pc later, using the onboard RAID you'd have to move it to a PC with the same chipset. Which is unlikely when you're upgrading. So you will lose the array when moving it to another PC, i don't know if storage spaces has this problem but a hardware controller does not. Reading from an array takes very little CPU, so reading from multiple devices should not be a problem. Your NIC will be a problem before your CPU will be. Writing to a RAID5 array is slower because the parity has to be calculated.
  4. No one cares about GPP, no one cares manufacturers go with the program. People still only buy nvidia because nvidia is all that is and will be recommended by everyone. All this crap will blow over and people will forget the GPP even exists. The gaming brands will all be nvidia only and no one will even mention this stuff at all anymore, and just keep buying nvidia. Simple prediction and this is going to happen. Even on this forum. That is why no one is talking about what the GPP really is. Just keep quiet and don't draw more attention to it and it will blow over and everyone will forget and just keep on buying nvidia GPU's. By the time AMD releases an actually competitive or even a better GPU then anything nvidia has to offer, no one will care, recommend or buy them because nvidia is gaming and the best and AMD is not. And so the GPP goals will have been achieved. All this will result in a xx60 for $900-$1000 of course. As that is also one of the goals. AMD cards will be faster/same for half the price of course but its not nvidia so no one will care. Damn i'm so hoping i'm wrong. pretty sure i'm not though. Nvidia is kind of like apple that way, no matter what they do ppl will buy the crap out of them.
  5. LTT Storage Rankings

    Update #2 The hardware has been changed significantly so new list of hardware. Hardware CASE: Antec P183 Performance One PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850W Modular MB: Asus x99-Deluxe/U3.1 CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 (2.1Ghz) (not overclockable, even 1 Mhz faster and it won't boot, probably cuz of the RAM) HS: Noctua NH-D9L RAM: 4x Kingston KTL-TS424E/8G - 8GB ECC NIC: Asus PEB-10G/57840-2T RAID CARD 1: Areca 1216-4i RAID CARD 2: Areca 1880i Boot Drive: Samsung 960EVO M.2, 1TB HDD 1: 8x 5TB WD Red HDD 2: Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDD 3: Seagate Barracuda 1TB PCPartpicker link Software and Configuration: Running Windows Server 2012 R2. Runs an FTP and Universal Media server to stream content to other devices. Server is also used to encode my bluray movies using makemkv and megui. Also using Hyper-V to run another instance of server 2012 R2 as a webserver with IIS. My main array is the 8x WD's running in RAID-6 (on the 1880i). giving me a total of just over 27TB of usable space. The second Areca card is currently not really being used. It only has the 2 seagates connected. The reason those drives are not on the onboard sata ports is because intel sucks and will slowly drag down the system performance and eventually crash the system into a BSOD and reboot, starting the process again. Tried all drivers, both new and old (and really old). No changes, got fed up, bought a raid card, problem solved. Usage: Storing my media files (tv shows, some YT downloads, most of floatplane, various other video's). currently almost 15TB in size. Files are usually copied over from my main PC over a 10Gbit direct connection to the server. The network/internet connection is a separate connection for now, can't find a good affordable 10Gbit switch :P. Backup: Only the most difficult stuff to find is backed up to a few leftover drives i have lying around. The rest i just don't have the finances or the will to backup somewhere. So if the worst happens, i'm just screwed :P. Sidenote: The observant reader or people who care to read my previous update might have noticed that movies are missing from the list of media files stored on here. That is because i gave up finding a case to house all my drives and array's and setup a second server. That server runs somewhat the hardware listed in the previous update with a few changes. Not really something worth mentioning, its just that the space the movies were taking up got too big and they needed to be moved. Future plans: The space the movies are taking up in the second server is already growing to fast, so the seagate drives in this server will be removed and replaced with 4 8TB or 6TB drives running in RAID-5 to hold the movies. Waiting for the price to drop to start doing this. So you'll have another update to look forward to in the future
  6. Ps3 HDD upgrade

    The PS3 has a sata3Gb port, SSD's are completely pointless. It has been tested and shown to make little to no difference and is certainly not worth it. Even an SSHD makes little difference although it is a bit more then a SSD. If the price is close enough to a normal HDD then go SSHD. Just don't put an SSD in there..
  7. Any updates on 4k 144hz?

    Yeah i guess no one is looking for a more future proof monitor that they can use for a few PC's and not have to replace after a few years. They're doing the right thing in not releasing anything like that. Yes that was sarcasm. Plenty of games go over 60fps on 4K these days.. just not any monitor, so why not release a monitor that can last for years and multiple pc's... ill never understand it. Hell, soon TV's can do more frames on 4K then monitors....
  8. Logitech z5500

    The sub of the z5500 cannot be upgraded. Sure you can use the speakers etc, but then you'd have to buy a receiver to connect them to along with the new sub. Because the control pod of the system is connected to the sub and it hold all the inputs. So how did you plan on doing the upgrade?
  9. the real question is, are you ever going to notice the difference and is it worth the price difference to you? if its 10% slower, its only a few frames max (54 vs 60). If it's stable you will never notice it. So its not the question you should ask. Ask if it will be worth the price difference...
  10. Setting up RAID

    Since the controller is in raid mode and all the drives are connected to it you will need the raid drivers of your motherboard to be able to see the drives during setup. My advice would be to disconnect the HDD's and install the system on the SSD. Once it's installed, reconnect the HDD's (the motherboard will keep the array, no need to set it up again) and use the system as normally. The reason to disconnect the HDD's during install is that i have noticed in the past that windows decides it's a really good idea to keep the bootloader on the HDD's while the actual OS is on the SSD. Sometimes it does this, other times it doesn't. So it's best to keep only the drive that will hold the OS in the system and disconnect all others during installation. Another possibility is to check if your motherboard happens to have 2 controllers (lots of motherboards do) and just connect the SSD to the other controller which is in AHCI and will detect the drive during installation without drivers needing to be installed. You can easily recognize sata ports from another controller because they will be in a different color.
  11. Intel Extreme Owners Club (Steam group)

    i wont talk much, but i suppose you can add me if you want :P. Always nice to be part of some exclusive club hehe
  12. Intel LAN Chip not Compatible with Server 2016

    I can tell you i had the same problem with my current server running on a x99-deluxe. The LAN controller was also only the start of my problems on it. Editing the .inf was easy. It's just copy/pasting some lines into the right place and it all worked fine. My problems got serious with the SATA controller. I think it was because i had it running on RAID so if you have that, you're gonna have more problems. The drivers caused the entire PC to slowly slow down to a crawl and in the end a complete crash. I tried a dozen drivers from intel and in the end the driver from microsoft(default one) worked best but it had the same problem. I never was able to solve this and ended up buying a RAID card for it.... Just thought i'd give you a heads up in case ur using raid on the sata ports. To fix the inf i followed this guide: https://foxdeploy.com/2013/09/12/hacking-an-intel-network-card-to-work-on-server-2012-r2/ I haven't had a single problem with the network connection since, im even using hyper-v with it. So no need to buy a network card for this. Just don't download anything from that page, it won't work for your controller. You'll have to edit the inf urself.
  13. is pc gaming dying?

    old topic ok.... just gotta say this... there's not enough facepalms in the world for this topic.... Not only for the topic start but also the reactions. "wait until ethereum or Zcash crash"? really? Let me tell you what happens when they crash. A new coin will be created and this whole thing just starts all over again. That's what cryptocurrency is. 1 coin is to difficult to mine so they just create a new one and keep on going. IMO this is what makes this whole cryptomining so stupid. The only way it stops is when bitcoin crashes and goes away.... dont hold your breath...
  14. topic asks if FP is worth it. Adds poll and doesn't ask if you think its worth it.... yup great poll. FP is worth it for me as long as i can download the video's. If i can't do that anymore i'd have to watch the video's on my pc which is dont want to do cuz i rarely think of watching video's while on my pc .
  15. RAID 0 Setup

    Cant be done. All data is erased as soon as the array is created. You’d have to copy the data first if you want to keep it