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  1. Since the beginning of this whole streaming service thing i've been waiting and seeing what happens. I tried netflix for 2 months and it sucked. Little content i was interested in, and never in the format i wanted (no HD audio, come on.....). So i canceled and went my usual way on the high seas. Which btw is easy, just look beyond the tracker way. Get's even easier if you spend money on it... but for most, that's weird i suppose :P. As soon as i heard about company's setting up their own streaming service i knew where it would go... i just laughed and facepalmed. These people just never learn and only see $$$. The solution for consumers would be to be able to buy/rent per show/movie on the service in stead of paying monthly. But for the companies this isn't what they want because that would show exactly how (un)popular they are and it would probably result in less income as they keep releasing shit. Because the more shit you release the more people expect they new thing to be shit so they don't buy/rent anything new. So that's why they will never do this. I just want all my content accessible in one place/app. But they will never agree on anything to make that happen. On top of this, the fact that switching netflix from my native language to english gives you more content just makes the whole thing even more shit. Means people have more content available then they know and you don't even tell them. Wouldn't be surprised if they all did this.
  2. It could also very well be a mechanical issue. Like the head or the motor, could be the software/SMART just doesn't detect is because when it checks the drive is working fine. Given that the drive comes from a dead laptop that died because of a power failure you shouldn't trust the drive with anything important. And indeed as said before the power saving feature won't make it disappear from explorer. It would only take a second or 2 to open the drive if it was stopped. Personally i would just replace it, 500GB drives a dirt cheap these days, even SSD's.
  3. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. New drives are always uninitialized. All you have to do is click OK on the last SS. Then format as NTFS (right click the block with the black bar above it and click format. Leave everything default but make sure it does a quick format.), it will then show up as a drive in explorer and you can migrate the data.
  4. put the screen above each other in display settings of windows. Then put the game in borderless window and set the resolution to the desktop resolution (so both monitors combined, 2 1080 monitors would make it 1920*2160). Not all games support this resolution, for some you might be able to set it in a config file. No idea if dynasty warriors can do either, you'll have to check. AFAIK this is the only way to do this. I have done this with rocket league and it worked great.
  5. I've had multiple Nvidia cards crash systems and be crap after a few years. Same with crappy drivers causing massive stability issues and unusable systems. Both sides have had this and it is by no means a reason to choose one over the other. I've had AMD cards since the 5870 and there have been some driver issues but those were always with beta drivers and rarely with the normal ones. a simple reinstall of the old ones fixes those issues... same as you would with nvidia. If the 5700 xt performs better in the games you play you're buying worse performance for the same price... sounds like a bad deal to me, but good luck with it.
  6. if you already got a way to run a VM, why are you not just installing windows or macos on it? Seems strange to use an OS you're not familiar with in a VM, unless you're interested in learning of course.... i'd just install windows in the VM, and use xamp like you have before.
  7. under no circumstance do this. Any tampering with the drives can cause data loss and make it more difficult to recover the data should that be needed. Your controller could require the drives to be connected in the same order as they were when they were connected. So make sure each drive is connected to the same port as before. That is, if you're using the onboard raid controller or an actual hardware controller and not something like storage spaces. No idea how this works with storage spaces.. might be the same.
  8. Its not, thats maybe half a planet. There’s 4 planets already in (moons really but they’re big enough). So they’re ahead of schedule by your standards.
  9. I actually forgot to mention i overclocked it to 1075 or 1100. Not sure, been a few weeks now since i last used it. But it ran fine
  10. Well i'm done with the dual p3 system for now. Did some soldering, replaced some more caps. Changed absolutely nothing to the usability of SATA in this system. Still can't access the drives. Think the board has some more serious issues i can't fix. But PATA works just fine for now, so i'll just keep using that.Till it craps out, then ill replace it with my athlon 2000+ and add SATA to that. Specs: 2x Pentium 3 1Ghz MSI 694D pro 1.5 GB Memory (PC133 SDR) 320GB WD HDD (main drive) 30GB Maxtor HDD (Install drive, don't have the molex to connect the dvd-drive ) 3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1! Intel 1000GT pro NIC USB 2.0 PCI Card Q-TEC SATA card (not in use, just left it in ) Seasonic Focus Gold 450W PSU Antec 2 speed 120mm Fan to cool both cpu's. Here's the long awaited pic: Recently also ran into some old cd-rom games. Also retro, though not hardware, but it might be called a computer part right? Some well known, some not so well known :P. I personally never played phantasmagoria, it's my brothers game and he played it all the way through, it still scares the shit out of me :P. The westwood case contains the legend of kyrandia trilogy, dune 2 and lands of lore. Also a video collection. Dune 2 and Lands of Lore were the sole reason i bought it :P. Probably my all time favorite games.
  11. So i've been messing around with my dual p3 some more, thought i'd post some progress here.... if anyone even cares :P. Been waiting on a PCI sata card, that arrived over a week ago, the card worked fine but it never detects any HDD's, not in any system i have here. tried drives from 36GB up to 1TB. Nothing gets detected. So that card goes RMA, hoping to replace it some time soon. While troubleshooting the new card i finally ran into posts about my old card where other ppl had problems with the pc locking up while booting as well. Someone figured out it was silicon image (chipset manufacturer on both sata cards i got now) broke compatibility, with older systems, with a bios update. I happened to have updated the card to the very latest some time ago so i flashed an older confirmed working bios on it. At first it didn't work but today i decided to, just to be sure, try all the pci slots the system has. It actually started working (the old card, not the new lol). So i finally got into windows (installed on a PATA drive) with a SATA drive attached and detectable without a crash, yay. I cleared all my old drives from any partitions or data some time ago so it wasn't even initialized. After doing that and formatting.... i got an error, "windows cannot format this drive", or something like that. Hoped it was just formatting that was the problem so i formatted the drive in another pc and tried installing windows on it.... that worked up until it had to reboot and actually show a windows logo while booting, it crashed immediately. Not a BSOD or anything... just a black screen. After inspecting the system more closely i've found a dented capacitor between the bottom 2 PCI slots (those give me the most trouble atm, the sata or lan cards wont work there). This might have happened long ago and be something the previous owner did or it might be something i did. It's just a tiny dent in the top, can this break the capacitor? Anyway, looking the entire system over, i've also found a blown cap above the left CPU. Hopefully that cap is the same as the ones i've already replaced, i ordered some extra's at the time. So, more soldering in my future i suppose. Just wanted to say i'm still working on the damn thing.... pics are still coming at some point, hopefully. Unless i break this thing, then it's not really worth it, is it?
  12. Any mention anywhere what happens with the crates in our inventories? Are they just deleted, or will they be replaced by something else? If they are deleted i can imagine ppl buy a shitton of keys and opening all the crates before they are deleted.... which means a shitton of money for them...
  13. This is a very strange choice you made. If they are indeed going to be running at 10Gb/s each, then that means best case scenario 2400MB/s. Probably less usually. According to the specs of the drive that is the low end of what a single one of those ssd's is capable of. So you're losing a lot of speed. It can't be that you are trying to get cheap 1TB NVME storage as you're paying way to much for it. There are cheaper 1TB drives from the same brand. So what is it that you are trying to accomplish by doing this? But since you did ask, yes IMO you are being dumb.
  14. So, here i am again. I got a PSU for the dual p3 system. I assembled it but i want to use sata hdd's in that as well. That's where i ran into a problem. since this is a retro topic, i figured you guys know more about the retro stuff so i thought i'd just ask here. I mentioned i have a PCI sata card from Q-tec. I put it in the p3 system but i refuses to boot when it can access a drive connected to it. Without anything connected the card works fine. It gets detected and i can install it. When i connect 1 drive from a raid array it boots and still works (raid-0 array is broken so can't access the drive). But when it's just a single drive or a full array, it just hangs after detecting the drives and array. Just sits there and does nothing. Any of you ever encountered something like this? Know of any solution for it? I have PATA drives of course but they will break sooner or later and replacements aren't easy to get and i have a sh*tload of sata drives here.... Pics of it assembled coming soon :P, and yes it's still using a single 120mm fan to cool both CPU's