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  1. Looking for a RAID Card

    I dont have much experience with RAID cards, i've only ever used 1 brand. I am really happy with them though, in my experience they are really fast and good cards. Im using Areca cards, the 1880i and a 1225-8i. Both are capable of using 8 drives and they have cards which support more. Through the use of SAS expanders the 1880i can use up to 128 drives. No idea how to use those in a normal PC case or even where to get them. I've always used the cards without a battery but you probably should get one with the card.
  2. Becoming a left handed PC gamer?

    i guess im weird even for lefties. I've always used mice in my left hand keeping the buttons where they are. So still left click and right click. I used to just move the keyboard way way to the right to play with wasd. These days i remap everything to ijkl. Unless its just way to many buttons to remap. Sometimes i just quit the game altogether without playing it and other times i just use wasd. buying a mouse is the most annoying thing for me. It's either the cheap shit or the most expensive one that i can use properly. I'm not using the cheap stuff so i went with a G900. Great mouse but damn was it expensive...
  3. Was Derek Smart right?

    He's wrong, just like all the haters are wrong. The biggest reason for the delays and lack of more star systems was best explained in a recent stream about the creation of a solar system. yeah its an hour long but watching it you get a TINY feel of what scale these people are working on. the TL;DR of it is that they made the current system (stanton) the same way a game like crysis was made. They add an object to the map and the drag it to the correct position. The difference with a game like crysis is that instead of the few hundred meters max they had to drag there, it actually millions of miles to drag it to the correct position. It took AGES to get the stuff in the right position. What took so long is that they had to make a tool themselves to do this stuff on a much bigger scale. They show this tool in the video above. It's nowhere near finished but makes it an insane amount easier to build a star system. So this video is a perfect example of why this game has been in development so long. Everything they need to build this game doesn't exist and they have to build it themselves, that all takes time. Once tools like this are further along or finished the content in this game will grow rapidly. This game will happen, no matter how much the haters say it won't. In 2 years time it will either be in beta or very close to it. And we'll probably be playing squadron 42 for a while then as well.
  4. Should I get star citizen?

    I've been paying close attention to this game and as far as i know features for 3.0 have only been added because they had time to add them since they ran into unforeseen problems which have been solved. 3.0 has gone into in-house testing and will be added to the PTU in 2 weeks. They are just polishing it now... You say different, please tell me what was cut from this version, i really want to know. ps. i dont expect you to say anything, since i know what you're saying is wrong.
  5. RX VEGA Prices Confirmed

    Calling it right now, that will NEVER happen. Nvidia will hold on the gsync until literally no one, and i mean not a single person on the planet, buys a gsync monitor. Since to many people idolize nvidia and just blindly go with them, it's never going to happen. Because they will go bankrupt before they admit they made something so shitty as g-sync.
  6. im only defending it against stupid arguments that don't make any sense. There's never any proof that things aren't going well and the haters keep asking us to provide proof that it IS going well. So you're not a hater, maybe you can show me proof about this thing not being managed well? Why do you think its not going to end well? What proof of this have you seen that i somehow missed? Or do you just believe the haters or have they made you doubt things somehow? When they release 3.0 with the features they promise now, will it restore some trust for you or are you still going to believe its not going to end well?
  7. Why would a company that's about to go under still be hiring more people? Cuz the team is being expanded every week. It sounds like a stupid move to spend more money when you don't have any left.... How exactly isn't any progress being shown? I see progress every week. In the video's which are financed with the money people pay for the subscriptions on the website. Which they also say at the end of every video. So they let us known where the money is being spend. Seeing and hearing all this i don't really know what else i need to know about where they're spending the money. They explained the delays pretty good in recent video's. They're building a game that's never been attempted before on this scale, unforeseen problems and other issues are bound to come along. Building the first system which they are working on now might take a year to complete, but the 2nd will take much much shorter then that and the 3rd and the rest even shorter then that as they learn how to work with the tech and software, they had to build themselves btw, and is more and more refined. I've said it before and ill keep saying it, once the first system is complete the amount of content in this game is going to explode and the speed of releases goes into overdrive. This game will happen and i'm thinking about creating a list of all the haters here and tagging them when they are proven wrong. Going to be quite the list though.... I'm also really glad to hear you backed out of the game, means 1 less toxic person to run into, i can only hope all the haters follow you so i can finally play a game without toxic people again.
  8. Rocket League Report Troll????

    Don't worry about being reported in RL. It takes A LOT of reports for anyone to even look into what you're doing. Some troll reporting you every now and then doesn't matter. Some ppl even think reporting in general doesn't matter cuz they dont do anything with it... but i think thats wrong and it just takes a lot of reports. ps. also if trolls or toxic ppl bother you so much, just turn off chat entirely in the option menu.
  9. Progress can be seen in the 4 or 5 video's they put on their youtube channel every week: https://www.youtube.com/RobertsSpaceInd An active player base can only be seen if you play the game obviously. The players actively playing right this moment is obviously low as it has been some time since the game was updated. The active amount of players will explode again in a month when alpha 3.0 will be released. At that point you will know that there is an active player base when you're unable to update the game because the servers are overloaded. so, hey i provided the proof or at least told you where to get the proof.... now its your turn. Or are you going to deny all this and give some bullshit argument its all wrong like all the haters do. In your case i'd call it the "FAKE NEWS" argument.
  10. Well lets talk about proof. Show me proof that the playerbase "is shrinking faster then a 80 year old mans erection", and dont show some haters comment or hater site that spits out some numbers out of nowhere. Also, no game this massive has ever been made. So while you're searching for those numbers, find me a game as, if not more, massive then SC. Building the tools and technology for something this massive takes time and money, thats just how it is. All you haters keep screaming for proof from us backers and never give proof of the stupid claims you keep making. Like the haters that keep screaming about feature creep, no one has ever shown me proof of that feature creep. So if you want to convince me of anything, show proof. At least CIG shows me proof its not a scheme by showing me progress every single day of the week, and giving updates to the game every few months.
  11. like i said starters will start in the patrolled area's where they won't be blown up. Anyone that starts a fight there will be hunted down by either other players (bounty hunters) or AI NPC ships patrolling the system. So no neither of us can do anything about it but CIG already did. This game runs at 60FPS today on 970's, 290x etc..... and it won't be final until at least a year. If you don't have that kind of hardware a year from now, what kind of gamer are you?
  12. Dual Pentium 2 300Mhz

    Don't know what you plan to do with it but there will be very little you can do using both CPU's. Anything on the consumer side of things started using 2 threads long after those were released. If you try to run anything on them you'll get errors saying they dont support a certain instruction set. I know this because i have a dual P3 1GHz system myself and i tried lots of things with it. I only managed to get cinebench 2013 to run and it wasn't very fast either :P. The P2 was way before winXP as well so there might be compatiblilty problems there. Try using windows server 2000 or just windows 2000, you might have better luck there.
  13. so much hate this game gets. Probably only because it is crowdfunded. This game will happen, none of you here has to believe in it or even care but it will still happen. It won't be inaccessible, anything backers buy now can be obtained by anyone later. You don't even have to pay any real money for it then either. It just takes time to get the bigger ships. There's missions for the starters that take place in the safer patrolled area's. Very little chance of getting attacked by pirates etc... Yes of course backers have an advantage but they paid for it, some paid a shitton for it, so they deserve to start a little ahead of the rest dont they? WRONG, thats just WRONG.... get over it.
  14. i recently bought some 10Gbit stuff (x99-e-10G WS and Asus PEB-10G/57840-2T) and actually only had cat5e (20meter). I could only use it with HDD's though. Even though i reached 500 to 600MB/s with local transfers i only managed to get 400 to 450 through the network. Not sure where the problem lies but it could be the cable (so i ordered a cat6a cable) or the fact 1 card is running on pci-e 2.0 while the card is 8x 3.0. Not sure if it should matter as 8x should be well beyond the 20Gbit (dual port card) it can use right? you mind telling me where to find those buffers? I might wanna try that to. Also not sure i like this news after just having bought a €240 card from asus
  15. RAID 0 vs 5 vs COR parity for home use

    12 days seems extremely long to me. My 8x 5TB was initialized after 28 hours. Is my card(areca 1880i) just fast or is yours just slow? For me its parity over backup. I'm not spending twice the money to have an offline backup of everything. I feel thats more of a waste of money since i've never even needed my backup in all the years i've had RAID-6's running. I do have a backup of the more important stuff on smaller drives but even those i don't keep synced with the server. They're sometimes months behind. But i guess thats my own fault really. I've only had to rebuild my current raid-6 twice due to the PSU not being sufficient and dropping 2 drives. It was done rebuilding after 17 hours. WAY less then the probably days it would have taken to restore the 12TB of data i got on there from a backup. Which has been said before is a huge pain in the ass i rather avoid.