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  1. i recently bought some 10Gbit stuff (x99-e-10G WS and Asus PEB-10G/57840-2T) and actually only had cat5e (20meter). I could only use it with HDD's though. Even though i reached 500 to 600MB/s with local transfers i only managed to get 400 to 450 through the network. Not sure where the problem lies but it could be the cable (so i ordered a cat6a cable) or the fact 1 card is running on pci-e 2.0 while the card is 8x 3.0. Not sure if it should matter as 8x should be well beyond the 20Gbit (dual port card) it can use right? you mind telling me where to find those buffers? I might wanna try that to. Also not sure i like this news after just having bought a €240 card from asus
  2. 12 days seems extremely long to me. My 8x 5TB was initialized after 28 hours. Is my card(areca 1880i) just fast or is yours just slow? For me its parity over backup. I'm not spending twice the money to have an offline backup of everything. I feel thats more of a waste of money since i've never even needed my backup in all the years i've had RAID-6's running. I do have a backup of the more important stuff on smaller drives but even those i don't keep synced with the server. They're sometimes months behind. But i guess thats my own fault really. I've only had to rebuild my current raid-6 twice due to the PSU not being sufficient and dropping 2 drives. It was done rebuilding after 17 hours. WAY less then the probably days it would have taken to restore the 12TB of data i got on there from a backup. Which has been said before is a huge pain in the ass i rather avoid.
  3. After i build my very first PC. (Cyrix 200Mhz, 64MB RAM, Voodoo 1 graphics, 2.1 GB HDD.). Tried to turn it on, beeped and everything but it wouldn't boot. It just sat there after the post with a black screen and would do nothing. So i pressed the reset button. Beeps again, posts and boots. Yay it worked. After shut down same thing would happen... for over a year i could only use the PC after i turned it on and pressed the reset button... never knew why this happened.
  4. Nvidia sucks as a company and no one should ever by their shit again. CSGO is the most boring game ever and it needs to die FAST. Linux is stupid and will never be anything but shit as long as you have to constantly keep using the fucking terminal.
  5. you cant reset the bios from the outside, thats kind of the point. Otherwise the password would be kinda pointless. If you messed up the screw completely then there's not much you can do. If theres still a chance with it i'd suggest posting a picture of it. Maybe someone here knows what it is and you can buy a bit for it somewhere.
  6. yes GPU's can advance for a long while, they would eventually get serious system requirements though. Like eventually it would require a HEDT CPU to get everything out of it. It won't come to that though as CPU's are advancing fast enough for that to never be an issue.
  7. Unraid also does not need a dedicated gpu (anymore). The whole mmu groups thing and installation is of course a one time thing to make sure everything is working and setup right. After that its just booting up and gaming. the boot stuff will show up on the primary gpu and after unraid is booted you can just assign the primary to the first vm, without problems. At least i can, so i assume any system can. I do this on a 100% AMD system. I did have massive amounts of issues when i tried using nvidia gpu's.
  8. how would any program know if you had a kill or goal or w/e in the video. The only way to have what you want is if the program asks you what to name the video before it saves it. which would most likely take you out of the game. Same as you alt-tabbing and renaming the file urself. I record every single match of rocket league i play. But i only keep the nice goals/saves/matches. You can't know its going to be good before you start the recording. If something good happens i alt-tab out of the game after the match and rename the last recorded file. rename it to something else so i don't delete it later and then go back to the game. There's no other way. If you want the program to analyse the video and find out of you made an awesome save/goal/kill/whatever then you're gonna need a monster of a PC and it will probably never be real-time, and will also have to be made on a per-game basis. Far to much work....
  9. i wouldn't sacrifice anything, cuz i don't want a job there. Keep in mind that what you see in video's is mostly the fun times. The rest is stress and hell (a bit exaggerated i admit), its a JOB which means hard work and probably more hours then other jobs. People usually expect jobs like this to be all fun times and playing with expensive hardware etc... But what they don't show in the video's is the hard work and stress and pressure that comes with it. I also really don't wanna move to canada, i hate the cold....
  10. if you linked to the right monitor it doesn't have DVI, you'd need a DP to HDMI. The switch outputs in 1080p. so it will look a little bit blurry.
  11. i have a rather unpopular opinion on this game i think. The story for me is not the strong point. because it is far to short. I'm talking about the main story. It takes a long time to get to anything new in the story. I'll admit here that i haven't finished the game and im not 100% sure that it actually as short as i think it is. I won't spoil anything but as far as i understand it now is that you go after ganon after you've done the quest where you have to go to the 4 points in hyrule. After that the game is over of course. So to me, that is a far to short main story. Feels lazy to me because side quests are easy to make but often take a long time to complete, like the "get his specific item for me" quests. Also the framedrops are quite annoying at times and really disappointing. So if a lot of sites/reviews are rating this game 10/10 it is idd MASSIVELY overrated. To me its more like a 6.5 may 7/10. For me it comes no where near the quality and awesomeness of OoT or LttP. But i'm kinda weird i've noticed so it's probably just me....
  12. Exactly the problem of this topic right there. Like i said before, this has been turned into "it doesnt work at all". Which is completely wrong. A few wrong video's and some mistakes while in development doesnt make it "not working at all". Over 90% of everything done in FPC is going right from our point of view. When the player might not work it is mostly mentioned directly under the video by the one who put it up. My and a few other peoples point here is that people DO know what they are getting themselves into. Its all over the place that FPC is in development and that it might not work all the time. You say i dont get your point, well i think you're not getting my point. Your ubisoft arguement is also stupid. Ubisoft has fucked up so often few ppl buy into their alphas/betas, and rightly so. LMG hasnt fucked up that often, i trust them more which is the only reason i paid for FPC. You dont tell people to stay away from something in development because "it doesnt work" the BETA label should indicate as much. You tell people to stay away from it if they expect it to be perfect and never have anything go wrong with it. Which is not what the OP says AT ALL.
  13. i actually went from 8x2TB to 8x5TB. I put all my data on the 5TB's first. Broke the 2TB's array. Put all the data on the 2TB's. Created the new array with the 5TB's. Copied all the data from the 2TB's to the 5TB's. I had to do it this way as i have only 1 raid card to put the drives on. All the drives were also perfectly fine and ran without problems for 2 years. I had no reason to think they were gonna break suddenly. If you can trust the drives, then that is 1 way to do it :P. although not the safest one of course.
  14. Uploading the same video twice is a problem with the video and should just be said in that topic so it can be fixed, there is no need to start a topic about it screaming to people to stay away from FPC because video's will constantly be uploaded twice and everything always goes wrong which is what his post looks like now. being in (pre)alpha/beta IS an excuse for some things not working sometimes. Its the whole reason its all in (pre)alpha/beta thats what its for. I don't know where this whole "i pay for it so it should be perfect and if its not ill bash you, bitch and complain about it" comes from but it really needs to stop. It says everywhere that its in (pre)alpha/beta/development, its mentioned in the WAN show quite often and even mentioned in other videos i think. Broken things at this point should not be a reason to start a topic warning everyone to stay away from it. If you have to do that you clearly don't know the meaning of in (pre)alpha/beta/development. and comparing FPC to a disease? really? anyway, you're taking all this way to serious, have a laugh sometimes, not everything ppl say they mean seriously..... About the pre-alpha thing, in software people throw out terms like that and everyone's opinion on what (pre)alpha/beta actually is is different. There's no label on it atm so thats why everyone is calling it something different. Let's go with whatever on that one. i also never said anything about the quality of the video's themselves. But ill take this moment to mention i do agree that FPC should not be a testing platform for those, it should be the same video as it will be on youtube. Because i don't watch LTT video's on youtube anymore, and i hate missing things....