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  1. How long until it's mostly complete?

    the procedural planet tech has been discussed in video's quite a few times now. So yes that has been confirmed, you can't do something of this scope without it. The same will be done with cities, the tech of which has also been shown already. the amount of playable system has been 100 since pretty much the beginning as it was a stretch goal (at $6 mil even.). So i don't know where you get ur confirmation from but this all can be found on either their website or the youtube channel ;). The systems can also all be found on the star map.... even the history of a lot of them can be found on the youtube channel (loremakers guide to the galaxy ;)). The only thing i don't know right now is if the star map is complete (meaning all the intended star systems on it) or not.
  2. How long until it's mostly complete?

    Having no faith in the man who is supposed to make it all happen means, in my eyes at least, you have no faith in the game ever being finished. So why does a date even matter to you. they’re biting off more they can chew? Congratulations, you just joined the haters group, having fun over there? They’ve all been saying that since the moment development started. The progress can be easiest followed on the schedule report on the site. Which has not been updated since 3.0 was released. It will be updated when the new site is launched later this month. they also WON’T get a lot of “it” done. They’ll get ALL of it done. Chris won’t stop until it’s all done. But i guess since you have no faith in him, you think they’ll scrap some stuff.... well there’s no EA breathing down their neck so that won’t happen. my reaction is like this cuz im sick of the haters spewing their crap on here, so maybe kinda sorry about that? Maybe?
  3. How long until it's mostly complete?

    if you have no faith in him... move on, forget about this game and wait till you read something about the game being complete. that is a terrible idea of the progress, at a quick glance i saw dozens of things that are just plain wrong on there... as far as i can tell that is just 1 person's opinion on the progress of the game, cant tell if its a hater or not but does kinda look like it...
  4. I noticed that no one in any reaction speaks of a windows 7(or 8.1 for that matter) update. Anyone got a link for that if it exists? Or is it no longer getting security updates? Seems like a shitty thing considering so many people still use it (not me which is why i ask for a link instead of searching for it myself :P). Microsoft using all this for another chance at pushing ppl to win10 maybe?
  5. At least 1 of the flaws can be exploited through javascript already, it is expected that more and different types will follow, so just visiting a website could be enough. Update ur browsers as well 😉
  6. lol, calling this one of the best scams off all time.... this is in no way a scam. If it was a scam it would be the worst scam of all time. Seriously, asking money from ppl to build a game as a scam and then actually using that money to hire people, buildings, equipment, etc, etc to actually build that game is the absolute worst scam of all time. I don't even understand how anyone can even think of it as a scam at all let alone the best scam.... the only reason people think its a scam is because "it's taking so long". When it was announced there was NOTHING. When other games are announced there is an almost finished product that needs bug fixes and finishing touches here and there and even then they take 2 years to finish.... The groundwork for this game is now pretty much finished, they can now build upon it and increase the size and scope rapidly. Squadron 42 will also be coming (hopefully next year). PLEASE stop screaming version (insert number here). will never be released.... you haters have done that since the beginning, "you'll never fly in ur ship, all you'll ever be able to do is walk around it", "you'll never fly it in a universe and do missions, its a scam", "FPS will never be a thing, ITS A SCAM!!!", "v3.0 will never be released! ITS A FUCKING SCAM!!!!", "THEY WILL NEVER SHOW ANYTHING OF SQ42 CUZ ITS A FUCKING SCAMMMM!!!!!!" how many updates are they going to have to release before you stop saying its a scam... calling this a scam is seriously becoming laughable... so please stop.
  7. 4K 144Hz when?

    so you'll finally be able to get a futureproof piece of hardware that can last you multiple systems for years to come and no one cares and thinks its pointless :|. If they release a 144hz 4k OLED with HDR and freesync for $1k or cheaper im buying it immediately. I'll be good for years, hell ill probably just buy 2 and be done with monitors for 5 years at least. who cares if systems can run games at those framerates, they will in the future and at that point its upgrade ur system and go. possibly just a new GPU.
  8. RAID-5 uses a parity drive to calculate the contents of the rest of the drives. The space available to you in the end is Number of drives - 1. So 5x 1TB gives you 4TB space. RAID-10 uses 2 RAID-1 volumes and puts those in RAID-0. The space available is half and you always need an even number of drives. So 6x 1TB gives you 3TB of space. RAID-5 can survive losing 1 drive max. RAID-10 can survive losing 1 drive in each volume, losing 2 drives in the same volume makes you lose everything. Just for completion. RAID-6 is the same as RAID-5. Except 6 has 2 parity drives and thus the space available is number of drives - 2. so 5x 1TB gives you 3TB of space. RAID-6 can however survive any 2 drives dying.
  9. Bioshock, kept reading how awesome it was and people kept telling me it was awesome. Tried playing it multiple times, always stopped after a few hours and couldn't be bothered to go back to it. I even tried to rush through it with cheats and everything. Still couldn't do it. Can't skip to the 2nd or 3rd game cuz i don't want to miss any story things and not know whats going on. So i can never play any bioshock... which is fine, boring to me anyway.
  10. CitizenCon 2017 Megathread

    Backers did not give money away for just any game. Many if not most backers gave the money so that we can have the game we always dreamt of. We want this game to happen and we believe in CR to deliver it. Looking at the insane amount of attention to even the smallest details shown in the videos every week, i still have zero doubts that CIG will deliver that game. Even just the small piece of space (relatively) we get in 3.0 will contain at least as much stuff and gameplay as most games released today. Makes it idd a little difficult to even imagine that the final game will be 100x bigger. yup i cant wait, but im going to do it anyway, and yeah ill probably give them more money along the way there. Just because i want this game so much. i also enjoy saying this over and over again cuz i still havent found a hater that can give me any reason what so ever that this game will never happen.
  11. Looking for a RAID Card

    I dont have much experience with RAID cards, i've only ever used 1 brand. I am really happy with them though, in my experience they are really fast and good cards. Im using Areca cards, the 1880i and a 1225-8i. Both are capable of using 8 drives and they have cards which support more. Through the use of SAS expanders the 1880i can use up to 128 drives. No idea how to use those in a normal PC case or even where to get them. I've always used the cards without a battery but you probably should get one with the card.
  12. Becoming a left handed PC gamer?

    i guess im weird even for lefties. I've always used mice in my left hand keeping the buttons where they are. So still left click and right click. I used to just move the keyboard way way to the right to play with wasd. These days i remap everything to ijkl. Unless its just way to many buttons to remap. Sometimes i just quit the game altogether without playing it and other times i just use wasd. buying a mouse is the most annoying thing for me. It's either the cheap shit or the most expensive one that i can use properly. I'm not using the cheap stuff so i went with a G900. Great mouse but damn was it expensive...
  13. Was Derek Smart right?

    He's wrong, just like all the haters are wrong. The biggest reason for the delays and lack of more star systems was best explained in a recent stream about the creation of a solar system. yeah its an hour long but watching it you get a TINY feel of what scale these people are working on. the TL;DR of it is that they made the current system (stanton) the same way a game like crysis was made. They add an object to the map and the drag it to the correct position. The difference with a game like crysis is that instead of the few hundred meters max they had to drag there, it actually millions of miles to drag it to the correct position. It took AGES to get the stuff in the right position. What took so long is that they had to make a tool themselves to do this stuff on a much bigger scale. They show this tool in the video above. It's nowhere near finished but makes it an insane amount easier to build a star system. So this video is a perfect example of why this game has been in development so long. Everything they need to build this game doesn't exist and they have to build it themselves, that all takes time. Once tools like this are further along or finished the content in this game will grow rapidly. This game will happen, no matter how much the haters say it won't. In 2 years time it will either be in beta or very close to it. And we'll probably be playing squadron 42 for a while then as well.
  14. Should I get star citizen?

    I've been paying close attention to this game and as far as i know features for 3.0 have only been added because they had time to add them since they ran into unforeseen problems which have been solved. 3.0 has gone into in-house testing and will be added to the PTU in 2 weeks. They are just polishing it now... You say different, please tell me what was cut from this version, i really want to know. ps. i dont expect you to say anything, since i know what you're saying is wrong.
  15. RX VEGA Prices Confirmed

    Calling it right now, that will NEVER happen. Nvidia will hold on the gsync until literally no one, and i mean not a single person on the planet, buys a gsync monitor. Since to many people idolize nvidia and just blindly go with them, it's never going to happen. Because they will go bankrupt before they admit they made something so shitty as g-sync.