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    Intel Core I7 5960x @ 4.5Ghz
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    Asus X-99-E-10G WS
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    G.Skill 32GB DDR4-2800
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    MSI Radeon R9 Fury X
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    Antec P380
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    Samsung 950Pro 512GB, 3x WD Raptor 1TB (RAID-0) + 3x WD RED 4TB (RAID-0) + 2x Samsung 850 evo 256GB
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    Corsair RM1000
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    LG 27UD68 + Dell U2311H
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    Cooler Master Nepton 240M + Noctua NF-F12 + Coolermaster 120MM fans
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    Corsair Vengeance K70 MX Brown
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    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
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    Logitech Z960
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. Helly

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    My point with the old topic was to show that not many people reacted and the topic didn't go anywhere. Meaning people don't really care. If he just wanted to know the average, the old topic still could have given him some idea. The same idea he has now with this topic. I'll admit i was a bit hasty in my reaction :P. I couldn't even find the topic with the normal search function. Had to search through my own reactions to find it, so the old one is a bit hard to find. I do want to say i was pleased to see this topic be a bit more specific then the old one which was very unclear about what he/she wanted to know. And about the amount i "claimed" to have spend. I've been buying pc's/hardware for over 20 years. It starts to add up. I actually think less then $1k per year is not that much.
  2. Helly

    Performance increase?

    SAS just has some build in error correcting. Other then that its mostly the same to SATA. The extra speed comes from the fact the drives spin faster, 10k rpm and 15k rpm. Yeah sure, SAS has a 12Gb link but the hdd's don't make use of it. You'd have to use SAS SSD's for that. Which as you might guess are a bit more expensive then normal ssd's.
  3. Helly

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    $20k at least also, this topic already exists, use the search and you'll find the old topic. did it for you: Click for the Old topic Also, whats the point of a topic like this? Do YOU want to brag about the amount? Do you want to see others brag about the amount? As you can see from the old topic, people don't really care what someone else spends....
  4. Helly

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    1. Main PC (5960x) 2. VM/Coding PC (AMD FX 8350) 3. Retro PC (Dual P3 1Ghz - 3DFX voodoo 5 5500AGP) 4. Main Server (Xeon E5-2620V4) 5. 2nd Server (AMD FX 8350) 6. Laptop for work (i5-6200U) 7. My old laptop (Asus g53SW, has no storage so unusable atm) 8. Ipad Air 32GB 9. Ipad 2 32GB working but with a cracked screen. 10. Iphone 7 128GB plus various parts that work but i don't have a case/PSU for. Like old AMD XP 2000+ and 2800+ and phenom x6 1090t. Most of the parts still work (last time i checked anyway).
  5. Helly

    Sata 2 vs Sata 3?

    FYI, the cables don't matter, they haven't changed since the first sata revision. I have used cables from the sata150 era in sata600 and got ~500MB/s speeds.
  6. Helly

    Sata 2 vs Sata 3?

    well this is confusing. I thought you meant sata300 vs sata600. Anyway, those are just port numbers. They each have the same speed/performance. So no it doesn't matter.
  7. Storage: 8x 5TB (RAID-6), 5x 8TB (RAID-5), 8x 2TB (RAID-6) Used by media: 15.7TB, 6.45TB, 3.47TB Media streaming: Windows share, build my own app to play the files through MPC-HC. Nothing else did what i wanted. (pls don't even try to convince me something else can.) Organized: TV-shows on 8x 5TB, movies on 5x 8TB, everything else on 8x 2TB. TV shows each have their own folders, each season has its own folder. episodes all dumped in the season folders. movies all dumped into a single folder. everything else is divided into several folders. (example: game recodings, stand-up comedians, float plane, tv recodings, movie trailers) To much data to backup, the most difficult to find stuff and stuff i can't reproduce(game recordings) is backed up to external drives. Most of the rest i got on bluray. link to specs, pictures and more explaining etc... here in short, the 8x 5TB and 5x 8TB is 1 server. 8x 2TB is another server. All sharing a 10Gbit LAN to copy files. Streaming is done to a HTPC with just 1Gbit cuz that's more then enough. Want to know more? Just ask
  8. your 960evo is a PCI-E drive. so move the 960 to slot 2 and put the WD in slot one and it should work fine.
  9. changing it to n > 0 makes no difference. 0.362 is greater then 0. So the loop will continue anyway. dividing by 10 forever. This loop will never end. i'd make it n > 1, so it will actually stop.
  10. 2 of these in a row.... are you having us do your homework or something? judging by the simple code and your previous topics, it kinda looks that way...
  11. Helly

    Who is playing Quake Champions ?

    i played it for a few weeks, got my ass kicked 95% of the time. While i'm pretty used to it (in quake at least) and did expect as much, i just got fed up by it. The only games i could find in the end were 1v1's which i suck at the most. Wanted TDM but finding a game just took to long and even when i did, 75% of the time we got our asses kicked. I did OK in those games most of the time but it just stopped being any fun. I played UT99 for 6 years straight right from the day it was released, so i know how to play the fast paced hardcore shooter. But quake is just so much different then UT (at least to me), so i never got into it.
  12. Helly

    Fast RAID 5

    I’ll just add here im running 5x8TB(WD red) in raid-5. I get writes of over 700MB/s all the time. Using an areca 1880i. Ive done the same on a 1226 with raid-6 and 8 drives and get even high writes. losing half the drive space wasnt worth it for me. I’ve also never had a red fail on me *knocks on wood*. Just an FYI, good luck with ur choice
  13. Helly

    To RAID or Not To RAID

    Not entirely true for ALL RAID controllers. I know for instance that you can safely move array's between different SAS controllers of Areca. for instance you can create an array on an 1880 and move it to an 1882 then to an 1883 and to the latest 1884 without any problems. firmware and hardware revisions don't matter in that case at all. Moving a controller between different machines is 100% possible without data loss with ANY brand of controller. The mobo/cpu or anything else has NOTHING to do with the array in that case. In theory, you MIGHT be able to move array's between onboard intel controllers as well. I've never tried it though, so if you have different intel onboard controllers, i suggest trying to move them between systems before putting anything important on it. I have moved an array from an AMD asus 990fx sabertooth to a gigabyte 990fx-ud7 without any data loss. But that is the same controller so it makes sense.
  14. Helly

    Point of external raid vs internal single vs external

    Edit: You're reacting all pissed of and like its all OUR fault you can't do whatever it is you want to do. Stop doing that and remember this: YOUR problem is not OUR problem. Personally i couldn't care less if you don't solve your problem. I just explained a few things and gave you a solution. As did several other people. It's neither our fault or problem you can't/won't use the solutions we gave you. Those are the only solutions there are to your problem. Now all you can do is choose whether or not to actually do anything with them. Good luck with that. I doubt anyone else will respond to you anymore.
  15. Helly

    Point of external raid vs internal single vs external

    you can't store offsite or upload. So for you, using your own logic, it will be RAID > backup. Backup your crap to some other drive and store it on a shelf somewhere or w/e. If your whole place goes down in a fire, you're f'ed. You're problem really, you got nowhere to store it offsite and you can't upload. No other option. JBOD = Just a Bunch of Drives (a simple google search would have told you this and saved you a rant.) It will make the drives show up as 1 big drive but they will be written to in order. When 1 is full it will continue on the next drive, etc... When a drive fails, only the data on that drive is lost. JBOD gives you no speed boost at all, just the performance of the individual drives. The point of a NAS is to have storage somewhere on the network which you can access 24/7 without having to turn on any PC. It has nothing to do with multiple people needing to access it. Having drives running 24/7 is preferred over external drives which you connect and disconnect constantly. Connecting and disconnecting is not a good thing for your drive, it will die faster that way. WD passports are 2.5inch drives which don't go over 4TB atm. (again, a simple google search could have told you this.) WD My Book Pro's have hardware RAID which is more expensive (yet again, a simple google search would have told you this.) Want to be sure you don't have PMR? Buy WD RED with 8TB+, those are always helium drives and never SMR. (hate to say it, but YET AGAIN, a simple google seach would have told you this.) so the TL;DR version: Calm the F down, do some google searches and you would have saved yourself a huge embarrassment and stupid rant.