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  1. Ahh yes good thinking!
  2. Never thought it took that long to compile stuff since all of my code was compiled instantly on my Ubuntu VM but then probs cos I've got an AMD Ryzen CPU in my PC. I'll look into more of the bundle anyway and the other CPU's you've recommended. Thank you for your help!
  3. Fair doos, that's fine, just low end tasks such as compiling C code and that. just thought it would be a fun project to build one that's hopefully a bit better but same size as my Synology NAS. Do you think that motherboard and cpu bundle would be suitable for that use case or shall I go for something more powerful?
  4. That seems like a great value deal tbh. Thank you! Will this be able to support low end virtualisation? e.g. Windows/Linux. If not then I'll look into the Pentium or A8/A10. I know it may sound crazy me expecting some form of virtualisation for the price. I'm trying to get the best value and lowest power consumption that's all haha. I currently have a Synology DS213J NAS it's great but... that has a single core CPU and 512mb RAM. It works but looking to expand my work flow instead of leaving on my main PC and controlling that outside of the network since it'll use up more power consumption and will possibly 'burn it out' quicker maybe haha.
  5. I mainly wanted to use it as a file server although it would be nice to have some flexibility for media server in the near future.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to build a small mini ATX NAS that has a quad core cpu and 8GB RAM (preferable DDR4 if I can) so it can run a VM for basic tasks. my budget if preferably £100 (without the case and hdd). I don't mind paying a little more and looking to get these parts 2nd hand if I can. I was going to go with AMD since I know more about their processors but probably might not be the best for this type of machine. Any ideas? Thank you!
  7. Awesome thanks! I'm thinking of going mini ATX!
  8. Alright thanks, I'm considering building a NAS in the future but I'd miss my Synology interface.
  9. Hey, I have a Synology DS213j. These are the lower end nas and currently I have 5tb storage (1TB HDD + 4TB HDD). I have 2X 1TB SSDs in my PC and was wondering if it was worth swapping the 1TB SSD into my NAS? They're connected via 1gigabit ethernet switch and currently get 70mbps - 100 mbps read/write. I kinda find the SSD would be more beneficial but not sure. Thanks!
  10. Loving the design! Great idea thanks. Will be a fun project!
  11. Thanks I'll look into it!
  12. Thanks! That sounds like a good idea I might look into that but won't go over the top or anything. going top try and keep it on the simple side. Might even get one of those stickers that's kinda see through in a way. hopefully makes sense haha.
  13. Thanks, I'm thinking of putting 1 of the RGB fans for the rear fan. Not trying to go over the top or anything and might make it more simple in terms of colour.
  14. Hey, I've owned this PC for about nearly 1 year now and I was just thinking it kinda looks like your typical "gamer PC" these days. What Can i do to make it look more unique and personal? Could be something a simple a moving the light strips or whatever. Thanks! (please excuse the not so great photos) ***Specs for those interested*** AMD Ryzen 3 1300 16GB DDR4 G-Skill RAM Nvidia GTX 1070 (black back plate) MSI X370 Gaming Plus motherboard 2X 1tb ssds (One Samsung and other Corsair) Corsair H55 cooler
  15. I've formatted the machine and installed Intel power gadget. The CPU still remains at 40 degrees c at idle. The battery still seems to be draining fast still and im not sure why. I'm guessing of CPU temps since that 40 may be high for idle im not sure. The only symptoms are warm CPU and battery drain. probably going to reformat the machine again and try again. There's not many symptoms. Before I reformatted it and there was Kernel_Task. that's not there any more but the machine seems to be acting the same/similar for some reason. Do you think the battery drain is because I'm using a 45w Macbook Air charger? Mine broke and can't afford a new one right now since They're like £100