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  1. You would probably get more if you sold the parts individually instead of as a complete system.
  2. If you aren't going to overclock the card then the stock cooler will keep the card cool enough. Runs a bit loud but if you don't care about that then it should be fine to buy the reference design over an AIB model. AIB cards will run cooler and quieter so if you can wait until then and are willing to pay a bit more, then waiting is also an option. For FFXIV the card will run just fine, however in my experience with MMOs, especially ones that use older engines, the game is more CPU bound. So in high player density areas you should still expect FPS drops.
  3. Both have their pros and cons. Personally I would build the Mini ITX machine cause if I do travel with it, I will probably be going to a place with a monitor/tv and I usually take my KB and Mouse with me anywhere when I do go out with my laptop. Like a cheap hotel or whatever. With the Mini ITX machine you can upgrade too, which is more important to me personally. To be honest though you seem to have a very good build already, so if you go with the laptop for traveling, you will have a very good capable machine waiting for you when you get home. Have the benefits of both worlds.
  4. >Coolermaster NR400 I was looking at one of these the other day, seems to be very nice for a budget M-ATX case. Might pick one up. Nice build btw.
  5. For games the 2070 will be the better upgrade. the 1700x is still a good CPU in terms of modern gaming. If you will upgrade both eventually then I would get the GPU first, especially since 2070s are going for quite a good price atm.
  6. RTX 2070 for the GF and a 5700 XT for myself.
  7. Hello there, today I received a USB 2.0 A-B Switch to make switching my Scarlett 2i4 from my PC to my Mac a much simpler process. However, running the 2i4 through the A - B switch and I get a "USB device not recognized" error in Windows. In device manager, it shows "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" and googling around for a solution didn't really help. The 2i4 works like normal on the Mac running through the USB A - B switch so I do not think it could be a power concern. I have tried all the USB ports on my Windows machine with reboots in between and that didn't seem to help. Reinstalling the drivers didn't help either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Not sure. But I bought their GTX 780 because it offered a three year warrenty where as others offered only a 2 year warrenty. Card died after 2 and a half years so I would have been boned with another vendor. They sent me a 970 pretty quickly when I RMA'd it. Maybe they've dipped in quality since I bought the GTX 780, but I'll always be greatful that they offered a longer warrenty at the time of me buying.
  9. Well I met my fiance on Overwatch, which in my experience isn't really a dating app, but it got me laid so it worked better than tinder did for me.
  10. Personally, I am completely okay with this, keeps the price kind of down which is pretty important for the xx60 cards.
  11. howdy. I like motorsports Mainly F1 and F2, WEC if I like the track, and Indy too since they're all on YouTube. Wanted to get into FE but fucking no thank you Fanboost, the next generation of cars look hecking rediculous though. Simracing too if that counts.
  12. neglecting a perfectly good GTX 780, causing it to die from overheating due to big dust. Luckily was in warranty and I got me a gud GTX 970 out of the whole ordeal.
  13. The only thing I really despise ads on (besides YouTube putting multiple ads in the middle of a fucking video, bonus points when its the SAME AD) is Spotify, not sure I even need to go into the reasons why. Luckily for me, I got a lifetime subscription to Spotify Premium for $2.
  14. I love live stuff and have just recently discovered this band.
  15. I am not entirely sure if this is a common issue, however, I wouldn't really want to accidentally eject my C drive tbh. Is there any known reason for this? Maybe I botched something when installing Windows? Honestly, I have never actually safely removed any USB I've ever plugged into my PC, I found this by miss-clicking it whilst trying to open display fusion through the show hidden icons button on my taskbar lol.
  16. Perfect, thank you for the quick reply. I love this forum
  17. So my mixing friend is going to move from Mac to Windows since he has started using Pro Tools, but he has a Saffire Pro 24 which uses Firewire to connect to his Mac. Is there any motherboards out there which support Firewire? We haven't decided on a processor yet so any motherboard recommendations are appreciated. If there aren't any motherboards that support Firewire then what would be the best way in hooking up my friends Saffire Pro 24 to his new PC? I've seen some PCI-E extension cards with Firewire on them, would they work? Also sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I didn't know whether to post it here on in the motherboard section.