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  1. Well it would be nice if they made small screens at 1080p under $100 or so, but I was gonna put this screen on my pc window, kinda like a system monitor. So there's no way to duplicate to a smaller resolution? The projector I was gonna get is gonna be at least 1080p. So basically, I would have to run Linux separately on the pi screen, and then duplicate it that way through linux? I'm just wondering if Windows supports duplicating to a smaller resolution. I would like to keep it to all windows though, as it would make my budget go up because I'd have to get an actual pi.
  2. Hey, I was thinking about purchasing a projector. I have a pretty large blank wall that I can project onto behind my desk, and I want to get a small monitor like this one so I don't have to turn around every time to find what i'm trying to click on every time: . I was wondering if I could use this monitor basically as a duplicate of the projector, and not have the projector duplicate the small monitor (hopefully that makes sense). The monitor's resolution is 800x480, so idk if there will be any conflicts or if it simply won't work. If anyone knows how this would work, or if you guys have any better ideas of how I could do this without sacrificing one of my monitors that I currently have, please let me know .
  3. Luke2.0

    Should I take the risk?

    I'm a very poor man . I am putting a new PC together trying to meet my budget, and I saw this monitor. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-S2716DG-LED-with-G-Sync-27-Gaming-Computer-Monitor-FOR-PARTS-/273575275791 The seller says that the monitor is completely black when on, except for the menu, which works. He also thinks the motherboard is fried. Do you guys think Dell would replace it for me if I bought it? Should I get it?
  4. So, would the header on the evga z370 micro atx work with those fans (header is at the top right)? I'm just asking because I've never seen the type of rgb header they use before and want to make sure that nothing explodes lol.
  5. Hey, I was looking at an image of the evga z370 micro atx board, and there appears to be some sort of rgb header on the top right. I've also read that the board does indeed have an rgb header, but it has no bios support for it, so I would have to get the evga eleetx software to control rgb fans. So I was wondering if these fans will work with this board - http://www.deepcool.com/product/dcoolingaccessory/2017-07/12_6835.shtml It says somewhere that it comes with a splitter to plug all 3 in an rgb header. Would I be able to use the splitter, or should I just get an rgb controller? Thanks :)
  6. lol I was searching the wrong thing
  7. So I basically need help finding something like this mesh in the front . Something that has some girth, but not too flimsy like paper is preferred just cause it'll look better in my case. I only need about a 15in x 3in roll/piece/screen/whatever. Color doesn't matter, I'll paint if I need to. Does Home-Depot have this stuff?
  8. EVEN BETTER I found a lian li pco6sx tempered glass panel in perfect condition . It's on ebay so I can't post it, but it's exactly what I need, for $60. Dimensions are 18.9 x 20 inches.
  9. Luke2.0

    How to cut mesh into metal sheet

    The metal I need to cut is .06in 5052 H32 aluminum. The charts I looked at said that is close to 16 gauge if I remember. So I'm probably going to use a dremel, as cutting out a hole and inserting a mesh would not fit the clean look I'm going for. I'm young and have a pretty steady hand. So to prep for cutting, I was thinking of putting tape over the metal I need to cut, draw out the holes (they're not going to be as big as the example picture I posted), cut, and then file it down. It seems pretty straight forward, as I already have a dremel, but I need to see if I have the right blades. Is there anything else that you'd recommend I do for the cleanest possible cut and to make it easier so I have less of a chance of messing up?
  10. Luke2.0

    How to cut mesh into metal sheet

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll post my progress when I get all my metal and pieces .
  11. Hey, sorry to spam the modding forum, but I am building a pc case from scratch, and the one of the last things I need to know is how would I cut air vents/slits into a aluminum sheet. Would this be possible by hand, using a dremel? Here's an example of what I'm trying to do just in case you couldn't understand my jibberish:
  12. I found a side panel that is very very close to the dimensions I need: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LW7OGW2/?coliid=I1FTFOQS9Q2LC1&colid=1M4OEIUAEK9MK&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  13. So far I've found this website for Plexiglass: https://www.tapplastics.com/product/plastics/cut_to_size_plastic/acrylic_sheets_transparent_colors/519 It looks like I can even email them a drawing for dimensions for the holes. Only $60 too :).
  14. Florida, but I'm moving to Lynchburg, VA next month.