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  1. Shareholders were proposed to be either bought out at a significant premium or permitted to keep their shares with the newly privatized Tesla. I think many shareholders were excited at the prospect of a hefty instant risk-free return on their investment.
  2. Vessel Username: 1337_sp33k https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/CBR6_NDEI
  3. Im using the X-Fi Titanium HD which is great. However I would like to recommened getting a antlion mod mic for your Audio Technica's instead of having to use 2 headphones
  4. I have to agree with Ghost. Its a bit of a crap shoot with IVB. The problem most of the time is the heat dissaption of the core itself. So watercooling maybe overkill, but a highend air will probably suffice.
  5. Welcome to the linustechtips forum Alatar nice to see you take some time from being awesome in the subzero ocn forums. BTW your making me too jealous as my TEC arrangement just cant compete on temps.
  6. Linus pick me because you can save on shipping because I live right here in the home of the Canucks :3
  7. These are two completely different phones. Not only are the OS different but the market the phones are aimed at is different. The note II is a phablet while the iPhone 5 in terms of screen size is the absolute minimum. Me personally I would go with the Note II because of Android as well as the enormous screen
  8. I have to agree with the others. TEC's are heat pumps you have to cool the TEC as well. Also as far as TEC's go they are pretty mediocre at best. I am currently running 4x40mm TEC at 15v and the temps are -10 idle ish. Honestly phase change is the way unless you want to chill water and deal with condensation over every tube you have....
  9. The only difference between the two is that the i7 has hyperthreading so it has double the virtual cores and the i5 does not. The reason why the i7 is "better for editing" is because it often is able to utilize the extra cores. Games however do not use many cores due to consoles.
  10. This looks like a very promising regular mass manufactured case. However for $350 I feel like this case is treading into the more niche case terretories such as CaseLabs and LittleDevil which I feel are far superior to the 900D.
  11. If anyone lives in Hong Kong I've seen a Topre Realforce in store for demo during my travels. I believe it was in Wan Chai Computer Center.
  12. For higher resolutions you defintley want more VRAM. So for that I recommend the HD7970. I was actually about to switch to a 7970 from a 680 myself.
  13. Pink Donut please read this before you make a purchase. As a Canadian buying from FrozenCpu or PPCS you are going to be hit by massive brokerage fees (Ive received bills up to 300$ in brokerage) . Try your best to buy from the locals first before you buy outside. Dazmode.com and NCIX are too good sites within Canada that sell watercooling. Also try Aquatuning.us.