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    New Zealand
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    Studying Computer Science


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    Gigabyte Z97-HD3
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    8GB Adata
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    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 x 2
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    NZXT Phantom 530
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    2TB WD HDD, 1TB WD HDD, 128GB Samsung EVO SSD
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    AOC 23" - I2367F, AOC 29" - Q2963PM http://us.aoc.com/monitor_displays/q2963pm
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    NZXT Kraken x61, 2x120mm, 3x140mm, 1x200mm
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    ATH M50x, Logitech Z506
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. I was asking if the post was better as i tried to fix it
  2. Yea they've been going through the merger for a very long time now and have been completely silent for months, hoping they sort it all out and the coin goes somewhere
  3. For those still interested in the coin there was an update posted on the subreddit Just a few hours ago. "Hey folks! My name is Jon Holmquist. I was recently brought onboard to work for GoCoin. I have worked across the board with Bitcoin and altcoin companies providing marketing services and community management. I worked with early Bitcoin companies, when Bitcoin was growing. I worked with the early Dogecoin community, when Dogecoin was growing, and I worked with Ripple Labs, when XRP was growing. For GoCoin, I’ll be focusing a lot of my efforts on revitalizing ZiftrCOIN. I’ll dive right into the changes that will be happening with ZiftrCOIN. First of all, a brand name change from calling the coins itself, ZiftrCOIN, instead to ‘GoCoin’. It’s shorter, more memorable, and will make the company merger more seamless. Next, we’ll be integrating GoCoins as an opt-in payment method for all existing GoCoin merchants. Future merchants will also have the option of using GoCoins as a reward option for their customers. We are also going to be aiming for a much wider merchant base by adding credit card acceptance. We are currently in what we’re calling ‘Phase 1’ of the merger process. The goals of Phase 1 are to bring credit card acceptance online. We have currently finished more than half of the legwork to make GoCoin compliant for credit card acceptance. Once it is ready to integrate, I will push out another update as we roll it out to a couple test merchants. Phase 2 will be the full integration of GoCoins across the GoCoin merchant network. During the end of this phase we’ll be using the 300 million pre-mined coins for giveaways and promotions with our merchants. At this point the Redemption Guarantee ($1 or 5%) will be active with participating merchants. While we’re finishing up integration, I’ll be working to recruit more GoCoin merchants and looking for ways to grow the newly named GoCoin community. If anyone is interested in getting involved please shoot me a PM. I’m also interested in hearing your guys’ ideas on how we can best help this community grow and flourish. From this point on, expect more frequent (and probably shorter!) updates on what is going on." The mods, a dev and the CEO for the coin, confirmed that he is who he says he is.
  4. If it was on light folding then it won't make much headway in projects. Also it depends on the core of the workload given, core17 or core18 etc, i'm not sure of the specifics but some workloads take a lot longer to complete
  5. for cpu's use the chrome F@H app. It's for cpu's only and has smaller workloads, less PPD but your'e doing lots of small workloads which is just as important as the bigger ones the GPU's chug through
  6. Depends on the coin. There are so many of them
  7. No you can use coins to pay for the whole purchase. but only 5% will be worth $1 if their value is under that
  8. I said depending on the price of purchase, currently what ziftr do is find the best deals for you from a multitude of sites, this does taht then adds the discount part on that. and i see no reason why amazon e.t.c wouldn't get on board, they won't lose any money from it. Also the devs don't use LTT, if you wish to ask them a question head over to the subreddit and make a new post and they should get back to you. The 5% being lifted that you talk about, if you want you can use ZRC for the entire purchase then you can it doesn't have to be 5% ZRC 95% fiat. Also wanting to stop the price fluctuating, is a very good thing if they can do it, noone wants any coin fluctuating wildly, it's one major reason why so many people try to stay clear of Bitcoin, it's so volatile you could double or halve what you have in an hour with price changes like that.
  9. open skyrim normally, change graphical settings then close it and open skse, all changes are saved and it'll be fine
  10. The 280 seems to outperform the 960 in almost every case, and has 3GB of VRAM giving you that extra 1GB buffer compared to the 960. However i'd save up a bit more and go for a 970 or wait for the new cards from AMD and see how they compare
  11. if you mean a usb miner, they wont get 300Mh/s on litecoin, to get that you'd need to spend well over $1000 to get a proper scrypt asic miner