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  1. ah nvm i found the issue i was trying to log into admin but its called root in linux lol gg
  2. im really novice when it comes to linux stuff, whats chroot :)?
  3. Hi I made one of those pie-hole ad blocking servers linus did in one of the vids with my pine64 but i forgot the password to the core is there anyway i can recover it? or do i have to reinstall all?
  4. some1 in discord said that it might 99% be the Vanguard from valorant that is causing it even though its disabled.
  5. hm i did try both the latest stable driver and the hotfix driver https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5022/~/geforce-hotfix-driver-version-445.98
  6. msi afterburner cant find my 2080ti.. i tried DDU and reinstall afterburner but no luck =/ it started after i updated to latest windows updates and latest nvidia driver not sure if it was the windows driver or nvidia that f'ed it..
  7. oh my god that app is amazing
  8. trying to remove this damn windows game from ms store but i cant remove it i changed to owner but how is it possible that it is denying me even when its asking for "everyone" as the owner https://i.imgur.com/6sjFRvA.png the game is not installed so cannot uninstall the normal way.
  9. nvm found some motherboards for it https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000152228880.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5ae8d659GfG2Yj&algo_pvid=86f0ea2f-d105-4c4d-b2f9-a997c5a7b0a5&algo_expid=86f0ea2f-d105-4c4d-b2f9-a997c5a7b0a5-2&btsid=59b70fb2-6910-496f-bd18-4ff05f4371e9&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5,searchweb201603_53
  10. my LG IPS7 27" monitor have reached its peak i usually got away with replacing the power adapters but now that isn't solving my issue. The monitor randomly turns off completely and then on again. sometime just 1 time and sometimes it does that 10 times under a span of 6 seconds or so making windows go haywire. It makes my pc freeze up since windows thinks i unplugged it and tries to adjust the desktop and so on. I was in an Apex match and it froze the pc for 10 seconds long enough for the servers to time me out and DC me lol. Was wondering if any1 know what might be the issue if i should try to order new capacitors or something to replace inside it.
  11. does any1 know what os i should be using to use this for a pine64?
  12. maybe the internal igpu in the i7. but the problem is that i need to be able to use my 4-5 monitors
  13. im currently using VMware with a full Windows 10 Pro installation and it is having trouble keeping up the fps when playing 2-3 videos at the same time. Is there any better performance VM for video playback (has to have win10 installation)?
  14. these guys here are all about corsair keyboards if no1 here have any good answers