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  1. Caffeine Pills

    Yeah same stuff. Takes some time to get used to, though. No I'm from QC, Canada.
  2. Caffeine Pills

    That works to some extent. Then someone books you for a 12-hour+ shift, or at night. On weekends I work* 16-hour straight, need some support. *Netflix mostly
  3. Caffeine Pills

    Hello, fellow security guard chiming in. Yeah it's mostly the same, I use the Bodyfortress ones, which are like 6$ for 200 caps. The brand you showed should be the same, except they seem stronger at 200mg.
  4. TSLA going to the Saudi's

    Geez their investment fund is frigging tiny.
  5. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    The American conundrum: pay for the neighbor's healthcare vs $2 million unit cost tomahawk missiles.
  6. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    It's free but it's not that good. Plus there's the unfree stuff: eye care, dental, meds. There's more to Canada than Toronto.
  7. Mouth-Operated Mouse!

    Well if you're that point disabled, you probably have caretakers. The same people who installed the PC.
  8. AOE:DE is okay, it was killed by the platform though. On Steam it would have sold 1000s of copies.
  9. ._ . i need help {GAMES TRIVIA}

    Try /r/tipofmyjoystick on Reddit @meshal2
  10. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    How is the ROC that distinct when it comes to each province's neighboring state(s)? Shared language, values, food, popular culture... Just look at nearly all famous double nationals, it's fluid as hell; most people assume at first that they're natively from the U.S. Québec hasn't had links with France for over three centuries.
  11. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    English Canada is basically America Jr.
  12. Bethesda blocks resale of used game

    I was 200% too. Now it's 300%
  13. Lol it's Nintendo. Mario Bros, a 34 year old game, is like 8$ [EDIT] https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/27/16374274/nintendo-switch-mario-bros-arcade-archives-price
  14. What Do You Feel is (Remarkably) Unique about You?

    Political multiple personalities. Seriously it depends how I'm feeling that day.
  15. Adapter to make my S5 cables compatible with S9+?

    There are plenty of inexpensive adapters around, some for a few dollars. It's sometimes economical, Lord Highhorse.