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  1. No need per header control as long as i can make them spin at my desired RPM And i have 850w seasonic psu gold if thats relavent for any reason
  2. I have read some negative reviews that says theire PSU shorted out. Im not sure about this product. Ammm not really just a hub that i could controll all my fans for the same speed i choose
  3. Hello im looking for a fan port PWM HUB that can support up to 4-6 PWM fans that i can control and that is legit. thanks guys!
  4. i own this MOBO: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z390-F-GAMING/overview/ core i7 8700k RTX 2080 onboard im still with the factory BIOS, and not sure if i should update BIOS or not, i haven't overclocked yet but i will in the future.
  5. never did it just cancels my original copy and paste the crash dump thingy instead
  6. hi guys when i copy+paste or just using CTRL+C/V im getting this: C:\Users\MAORRO~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PRODUCT_NAME_UNKNOWN_CrashDumpPRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR_UNKNOWN-PRODUCT_VERSION_MINOR_UNKNOWN-2018-11-22--18-58-39_.dmp instead of what i copyd. Specs: I7 8700k stock Mobo: ASUS STRIX ROG Z390-F GAMING RTX 2080 16gb ram
  7. guys i need help choosing: should i take 2400 CL14 or 2666 CL16 for the same price the both of them
  8. guys i need help choosing: should i take 2400 CL14 or 2666 CL16 for the same price the both of them
  9. i wont go over 3000 and CL 14 is to expensive for small performance boost 2666 and CL 15/16 is the sweet spot, plus i can OC it yes im going 8x2 of 16gb
  10. im using the i7 8700k is it matter if i buy hyperx or corsair? and 2666mhz is cheaper for me so i think il go with that
  11. hi guys im buying a new gaming rig, so far my specs are: i7 8700k, asus rog strix z390-f, asus rtx 2080. now i dont really know how much memory should i take, 16 of how much memory speed? 2666? 2400? do i need to go overkill and go 3000 and above? aslo should i consider CL as a factor for choosing?