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    X99X Killer
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    Crucial 8GB 2400mhz
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    3x WD Blue 1TB and Crucial 250GB SSD
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    Acer GN246HL
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  1. all standalone, so i guess my best bet right now is to image all my drive. Use media creation tool to do a in place upgrade while trying to keep all programs. If it fails i heard you have 30 days to revert back to previous windows. And from there i can just image back all my hdd in case things dont work out.
  2. Such pain in the butt. I wish i can reinstall all my games but its impossible when its over 4tb. This might be a expensive solution but i think i should clone all my drive as a backup in case my programs and games dont get fully transfer over to windows 10. If not all programs or games are transferred after the windows 10 in place upgrade i can unplugged all current drives and just plug in my clone drives and it will be like i never updated. Am i correct?
  3. Im trying to figure out a way to keep all my programs and installed games(non game distribution like steam or origin...etc) upgrading to windows 10 from windows 7. I have multiple HDD containing installed games and a SSD containing my os and installed programs. Heres my questions 1.If i was going to unplug all my other HDD containing my installed games while leaving my OS and programs SSD plugged in will it work? Or do i need to have all drives plugged in for windows upgrade? 2.Lets say i can have the non os hdd unplugged while upgrading my os and lets say during windows upgrading process like the media creation tool didnt keep my all my installed programs. If i had a clone copy of my ssd containing OS and installed programs can i just unplug the updated windows on the plugged in ssd and plug in the clone ssd thats containing my windows 7 before upgrade. Will it still work? or the key has been changed i can no longer use it again? hope i explain it well and its not too confusing
  4. Sorry for bringing up old thread, if i was going to backup all my hdd. Does it mean im going to need to clone all my hdd in case things dont work out i can just plug in the clone drive and revert back to windows7? Lets say after i upgraded to w10 and found out alot of my programs or games stop functioning, can i plug in my clone os ssd and will it revert me back to w7(will key still work)?
  5. Those are very good points, glad you point them out. Now by the look of it partitioning the 4 hdd into 1 hdd is not such a good idea after all lol. The reason why i ask this in the first place is because im still running windows 7. Support will end less than a month i wanted to make the transition to w10 but so afraid something will go wrong like programs or games will not run correctly or worse not being transferred into new os. I thought having multiple hdd into one would be easier to backup and revert in case things dont work out. Other have suggested media creation tool but im skeptical how well it works. Too many programs and games to reinstall in case of failure.
  6. may i ask whats the reason why you dont recommend partitioning the 4 1tb hdd into the 4tb hdd? Ive never done this before but if i had to guess, i guess i can use macrium reflect it can clone a hdd into a new hdd. Its what i used before for failing hdd. If i remember correctly it has the option to add partition when i clone a new hdd. Lets say my 4 1tb hdd drive letters are a-d. Should i set the 4tb letter to something else and have the partition a-d? will it cause error? my games are not storefront games like steam/origin/gog....etc good old installation like back in the days just like a program install
  7. can i partition the 4tb hdd into 4 with its individual drive letter? will that fix the problem with programs or games(non storefront) not working?
  8. i should of clarify abit more i do have a ssd with os installed, the 4 1tb hdd only has some programs and mostly games.
  9. I have 4 1tb hdd in my computer that has installed programs and games. If i get a hdd thats larger than 4tb will i be able to combine the current 4hdd into the new 4tb hdd? will the programs and games still work? what about drive letters and path of the programs and games?
  10. I know but all the talk about operating system security becoming vulnerable for hackers. I wish i can simply back up. I got alot of programs and games installed over 4tb. It would literally takes me weeks.
  11. I have multiple hdd full of programs,games,movies,music..etc this software will back it all up and upgrade my windows to 10? Whats the success rate on transferring all my data? I cant risk losing any
  12. With support of windows 7 coming to an end, is there a way to upgrade to windows 10 keeping all my current data like installed programs,personal file..etc? If i chose not to upgrade is there anything i can do for security risk other than antivirus software?
  13. winkawak

    vpn help

    tried reinstalling=nope tried location=nope killswitch only applies if vpn is not connected dns at default pptp and l2tp-Ipsec protocol worked but these two provide weak security defeats the purpose of having vpn. tried both intel and killernetwork its the same its weird i was messing around with the local area connection adapter property noticed inside everything is checked except internet protocol version 6. when i checked it for my connected port and vpn adapter it worked but as soon as i restart my pc it becomes unchecked again and stops working. any idea why?
  14. winkawak

    vpn help

    Ive been using expressvpn for few month now with no problems until now. Vpn will connect to any location but once connected my computer has no internet. Expressvpn reps were no help, any one have same issue with other vpn that might have a clue?