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  1. nubz

    Looking for a LTT video

    Maybe, could be, might be.
  2. Found it, was a promo on the HyperX channel . I'm not sure if it was on the main LTT channel or not, but it was a video that had custom built case made from one piece of aluminum, bent into shape to make a nice case. The two key points I remember was the case didn't have any switches on front and Linus said the person who used the case had to use the power switch on the motherboard and the front of the case was all fan mounting. I can't find the video again and I am losing my mind, I've watched 3 hours of videos and can't seem to find it. it is not a video about an INWiN case.
  3. nubz

    Does anyone know the name of this connector?

    Bog Standard DB15, like many others have said.
  4. My Jonsbo w1 in black.
  5. Anything that I purchased at launch. AMD Phenom 940, 4770k+, I7 3820, a few others.
  6. nubz

    EOL Products? (EKWB) [SOLVED]

    EOL usually means End Of Life or End of Line products, discontinued.
  7. nubz

    What font is it?

    I don't think its calibri, the shape isn't just right and neither is the spacing but it is damn close. I have a feeling it is Pluto Sans Cond Bold, its a pretty expensive commercial font.
  8. nubz

    Linus' Rant on Forum Behavior

    54:15 is the start time of his rant from tonight's stream, you can watch it on the twitch archive.
  9. nubz

    One week without computers. How could you cope with it?

    I do it all the time when I go camping, no cell phone or computer, just an emergency GPS locator for when SHTF and I need help(never had to use it thankfully) , its relaxing to forget about everything some times. and just be innawoods with my rifle and time.
  10. nubz

    Twizzlers Twerpz Candy

    Those look alot like willy wonka kazoozles.
  11. nubz

    Illinois Legislature Passes Gay Marriage Bill

    I don't know why people get so upset about same sex stuff, who gives a crap, love is love right? Hooray for the gays.
  12. nubz

    How much water do you drink everyday?

    I drink 5 to 10L a day, I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and I can't sit around and drink all that sugar, and fake sugars are even worse for you. So I drink lots of water.
  13. nubz

    Do you think age matters?

    Is this a follow up thread to the 14 year old trying to pass off as being 28?
  14. nubz

    What is your most played game in your steam library?

    Counter-Strike: Source 141 hrs on record on steam community plus the 2,500 on xfire, I don't want to even factor in the hours of OG counter strike (1.0 all the way to 1.6) I played, over 5000 easily.