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  1. = (, oh wells. I'll have to look around a bit more then. I'll tag this as solved since you guys helped me out to atleast get this far. Oblivious me thought it would be 120hz right out of the box =P Thanks alot guys!
  2. Okay! So i can change it to 120 hz in Catalyst. But it then locks me at 1024x768. And it's just a small square in the middle of the monitor.
  3. Trying, it says; Maximum reported refresh rate: 120 Hz. Does this mean that it is 120 hz? Because there is no option to change the refresh rate. It's just there. Because in windows it still says 60hz.
  4. Does it matter wich end of the cabel goes into the computer vs the monitor, ie are the ends identical, or are they different?
  5. Alright, i did what djdwosk97 told me to do.And in response to what you said, the cable says Dual Link on the connector (could this still be the wrong cable?). The ports are directly connected to the graphics card right? Is the AMD radeon 7900 hd series too old to handle 144hz? Do i in this case need an updated graphics card? I've been meaning to build a new computer for a while now anyways.
  6. Yes, still doesn't work. I rebooted aswell.
  7. This can't be common procedure. What should i do? Give it back?
  8. I've downloaded the v2 firmware. But how do i interact with a .bin file? I've tried mounting it with DaemonTools but it won't seem to work.
  9. You need DVI-I I've rebooted now, using the cable the monitor came with. I still can't change it to 144hz for some reason.
  10. Okay, thanks, but now that i'm using the dual link cable. My monitor won't start. Brb reboot. This forum is amazing. Wow, i posted 3 days ago to another website and have yet to get an answer. Thank you all for responding so quickly, update after reboot.
  11. What does this mean? I'm a fairly retarded cs player and don't know alot about computers. On the box of the cable it says DVI-D, i guess the D in the end might stand for dual. Edit, this is not the cable the monitor came with, but it's identical to that one. Could this make a difference if i switch them out?