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Status Updates posted by Slick

  1. The rate at which reports are filed tends to go up during holidays.. I feel really bad for the elementary school teachers that have to deal with them again soon.

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    2. Castdeath97


      Just kinda exhausted from a very unproductive day, so just ignore any silly mistakes I do. 

    3. Castdeath97


      *Unproductive as in demotivated not lazy, just can't finish anything no matter how hard I try.

    4. captain_to_fire


      I've seen this in Tech News ans Reviews section often especially to threads that are tech related with a pinch of politics in it.

  2. This is the 2nd most exciting thing to happen to the forum since it's inception - Thanks to everyone that made it happen.

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    2. Gnun1x


      I hate all the fucking sounds tf is this sorcery

    3. Kherm


      Yeah, this is fantastic. Very well done.

    4. Edvinas Olb
  3. The LMG Christmas Album now includes track 2! If you already bought it just redownload!

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    2. Louisaurus Rex

      Louisaurus Rex

      cool xmas pc today btw

    3. DKL


      There are still two tracks missing.... 8 of 10 are included. =_(

    4. MaxBeast4Z


      it's so epic that you need to buy it

  4. If the counting post in the bronze subforum doesn't get to 10,000 I will be so sad

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    2. thekeemo


      has it gotten there yet/

    3. soaringchicken


      I'm a filthy pleb because I turned off my bronze.

    4. SirReallySam


      I should probably contribute at some point :3

  5. Last WAN show before Linus leaves!

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    2. linusforsell


      @ryanuttall: It's over here:

    3. MDPS


      Haha I just read this and forgot about his trip. Thought he wasn't gonna host WAN anymore XD

    4. MDPS


      Gave me a scare.

  6. So... Yeah...http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/331127-all-4-gbs-of-vram-on-the-970-perform-at-the-same-speed/?p=4498159 Getting a little tired of it

  7. Just because people wont stop PM'ing me about it... MSquared was NOT permitted to create a new account... In other news my neck is sore, I need a massage... But I'm testing TitanX so I've got that going for me... which is nice... I guess

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    2. Oberon.Smite


      @BenD way to make it awkward...

    3. Kermit


      @Oberon.Smite well guess what else is BenD ;)

  8. I just went to a big con and I'm not sick! WOOO

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    2. Sedweel


      The concrud will strike! ...eventually!

    3. Benielishackove


      DID u get them hackers ? (from last night in game ?)

      lol it wasn't me I only play heroes of newearth

    4. Benielishackove


      not todays night

  9. Hi forum! I'm in Denver! Bye forum!

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    2. the ginger gamer

      the ginger gamer

      Hi Luke! We met at Pax! Bye Luke!

    3. melias24


      Hi from Whitsundays! Bye from Whitsundays!

    4. Sharif
  10. I just deleted somones TN&R on snowdens movie - sorry dude, my mistake

  11. Just to be clear - if you tell another member on the forum to kill themselves or to "jump under a train" in a serious tone I will wipe all possible evidence of your existance on this forum. Don't be a dick.

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    2. Jimbillroo Digital

      Jimbillroo Digital

      @Bajantechnician. Yes, and those who report the content.

    3. VincentC
    4. SkyFall


      You, Slick, deserve a medal!

  12. Quite disappointed with all of the in-fighting on the forum over the 970 kerfuffle... Quite childish on all sides

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    2. soaringchicken


      I would still recommend the card easily, especially for 1080p. Before the issue came to light, literally nobody complained; the card was God on Earth.

    3. Bajantechnician


      hehe Mr. Slick, you saw my folding pic on instagram earlier today :)

    4. foxhound590


      im really getting sick of it all

  13. LOL - It didn't work... New Feature coming... Soon*tm

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    2. Sharif


      #Tease =P

      Can't wait

    3. Jimbillroo Digital

      Jimbillroo Digital

      @LinusTech Slick's being mysterious again.

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      "Feature" "Soon" :P

  14. Currently yolo browsing. Thanks for hangin in there guys!

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    2. Jimbillroo Digital
    3. Derpologist


      Kim Jon Un did it. Its a given. He didn't like how cherry switches are made in Germany, and we love them here on LTT...

    4. Nicholatian


      What exactly is yolo browsing? Are we normally browsing not living only once?

  15. Okay all badges have been distributed - If your badge is STILL missing PM me ASAP!

    1. Flyguygamer


      Thanks for all the help.

    2. foxhound590


      that took awhile but good work

  16. Alright guys - still sick but back at work, I'll be cleaning up badges today :D

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    2. JoaoPRSousa


      Get well soon Slick! :D

    3. Decon


      Why does everyone seem to get sick after trips :/

      Sorry to hear your not doing well

  17. Just checking in - love you guys - busy producing content atm... hope you are enjoying the show coverage! Thanks for all the great comments!

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    2. Pro_LiZzy


      Its all awesome bro (:

    3. mooseman


      Wait, do you have a fun video with PhantomGlass coming up?

    4. Jimbillroo Digital

      Jimbillroo Digital

      Yeah, when is that?

  18. Sorry about the pending badges guys - I will be updating in any free time I have at CES(not much) and will make sure to clean it all up once we're back

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    2. Jimbillroo Digital
    3. ShivamPlays
    4. trued_2


      I wonder if Luke's Mom will call on the stream again, like just after taipei.

  19. Merry Christmas my lovely forum people

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    2. Jimbillroo Digital
    3. Geekazoid


      I'm a tad late, but anyway.

      Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Did I just get that mixed up? :P LOL

    4. PC owner with questions

      PC owner with questions

      Merry Christmas Luke and a Happy New Year

  20. Gingerbread houses approved for build logs section

  21. Getting tired of people fighting eachother personally instead of debating with facts and knowledge. Ban hammers have been equipt. Troops have been dispatched.

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    2. Jimbillroo Digital

      Jimbillroo Digital

      Unfortunately, some people can't have a normal conversation with someone without suddenly saying something mean about them. You're doing a good job of moderating them. This reminds me of that automatic hammer Homer makes on The Simpsons.

  22. If you are missing a new office campaign badge please message me the first+last name for your paypal!

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    2. JoaoPRSousa


      I want to know as well. My debit card just expired and I need a new one ;_;

    3. hypnodog


      At least I wasn't the only one with a missing badge...and congrats on finally updating your status lol

    4. melias24


      Still need to do that!!

  23. True colour photo from the Curiosity rover on Mars! http://imgur.com/gallery/raxan6D

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    2. bradscoolio


      I need to clean my keyboard now, ty m3n

    3. Sankster


      its so pretty :D

    4. terrytek


      It's...It's so pretty!