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  1. you would be better off putting a couple extra CPU blocks in the loop that are connected to the peltier coolers. Putting the cooler on the radiator will do next to nothing. They are designed to cool by radiation not conduction. Once you get below ambient temp the radiator is going to be hurting your temps not helping.. plus you need to really worry about condensation
  2. Just use Mayonnaise, seriously it works really well.. and it will give your computer a lovely smell http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/316189-28-temporary-thermal-compound-replacement-mayonnaise
  3. Have you checked the cpu temps in HWmonitor? maybe it is reading the temps incorrectly
  4. That isn't how pressure works.. Water is an incompressible. this means that if there is flow to the GPU then there has to be flow to the CPU. It's a closed system, mass in has to equal mass out. So the mass flow rate of water into the gpu block is the same as into the CPU block. http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/conservation-mass-d_182.html Source: Mechanical Engineer
  5. for an SLI rig 500 is pretty low budget. that second block adds a lot od cost
  6. Geat! I would have had a stroke with a beast build in a cheap case.
  7. If you are going to blow all of this money then do it right. That coolermaster case is a horrible case for watercooling, You need sotmthing more like a caselabs case, I recommend the SM8 http://www.caselabs-store.com/merlin-sm8-case/
  8. Every watercooling system should be a sealed system.. The liquid should have the chance to evaporate
  9. Looks pretty good, although I would be worried that you can only fit a 240 rad. I'm cooling a i5 2500k and a OCed 780 with a 420mm rad, temps around 50c at load. A 240 will be fine for GPU only, but if you plan on expanding to the CPU the temps may get a little high. With that said, If you want to upgrade you could always just get a better case and another rad.. Everyone loves upgrading Good luck
  10. Except that it retains the stock heat sinks for everything except the core. the kraken does not do thjis
  11. With the computer constantly heating the inside of the refrigerator the fridge would have to run constantly most likely burning out the pumps pretty quick. generally a fridge runs once every while.
  12. Yeah it's a good idea to wait. I would save about $400-500 for a nice custom loop, but before then you need a computer worth watercooling. At the end of the day it's up to you but I wouldn't watercool that hardware
  13. Because it is a very niche market. NZXT has a bracket that allows you to connect a cpu cooler to most cards but that's about it as far as noob friendly solutions.
  14. Yeah... This is just a bad idea. AIO's are not designed to ever be taken apart. The reason is that the parts are only worth using in the configuration they are sold in. Just save up for a decent custom loop or get a better AIO