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  1. Can you ping it from your workstation/another system?
  2. why does the second screenshot say the address is ?
  3. Which is exactly what iscsi is.
  4. FYI: Raid is not a backup. But you could find some software like rsync to schedule file copying to the 1TB drive.
  5. Why not "1 house with 4 rooms, 1 CPU gaming Setup"
  6. What do the temps say with ryzen master
  7. Try reseating? check the TIM under cooler?
  8. The cable management needs some work.
  9. E-peen measuring contest?
  10. Don't you have free ports on your San switch, add another SAN box.
  11. Not sure what you mean by that but you just make the partition change, then reboot, and then extend the pv.
  12. Incorrect You can extend the partition easily if the lvm partition is the last one on the disk. Also untrue. There's a pv command for resizing
  13. They smuggled in snacks from their country....
  14. depending on kernel/vm options... hot adding a new virtual drive can be easier than expanding because it could require a reboot to get the new space "seen". If you know you can expand without needing a reboot of the VM.. then its really just personal preference.
  15. If you can get power at the end of the driveway... microwave dish setup to avoid digging/burying cables... I wonder what the limit on an MOCA adapter is?
  16. Yes it would work. But if the pi set up ends up being slower than your internet connection then it would be pointless. The pi3 Ethernet port and USB ports share a controller... So max speed you might see would probably be under 500Mbps from the rpi
  17. My steam cache system was working yesterday but nevermind... It was hardware issue. It's solved now