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  1. unijab


    tried older or latest version of the graphics driver?
  2. unijab

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Linus needs to attempt to build a diy powerwall..
  3. unijab

    Freenas 10G RAID Z3 Speeds not what I expected

    whats the ashift value for the drives?
  4. unijab

    I Can't Believe This Worked!!!

    @LinusTech Would love to see you guys do this for real... in the correct way. dig a 0.5 round by 1m deep hole... get 20m of tubing(filled with water) coil it up in the bottom of hole then fill the hole with concrete. hook the PC up to the tubing and test it out. @AlexTheGreatish
  5. unijab

    Would you trust this drive?

    Do not want. It has over 4.5 years of powered on time.
  6. Do you have any data of disk/CPU/memory/network I/O utilization per workstation?
  7. unijab

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Get your hands on the optane server memory dimms and test them.
  8. Putting vnc and rdp accessible over public internet invites lots of login attempts
  9. unijab

    Is Intel Optane worth if for gaming?

    Optane is best suited for when you need high random I/O If you aren't sure you need better random I/O... Then you don't need optane
  10. unijab

    We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!

    Linus the intro would have been way better if you would have said " we're going from 1Gb internet to 10,000 Mbps internet."
  11. I would ensure that your media server can transcode.... wouldnt worry about the NAS system. Meaning I would recommend to separate those roles to different systems.
  12. unijab

    We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!

    Im jelly
  13. unijab

    Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

    The disclaimer I'd throw out there is that intel seemed to cut corners on chip design for their IPC advantage. Which makes me think later down the road when more patches are available for spectre vulnerabilities... intel will be impacted more than AMD.
  14. unijab

    Trying to create something similar to this

    The question is can you create your own internal CA authority?? The answer would be yes.
  15. unijab

    I WANT to Recommend This... Corsair One (2019) Review

    @LinusTech I WANT you to try to remove the 2080Ti and use that pump/res/heatsink with/on a Rad VII