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  1. ouch, how does someone end up throwing that out lol. I've had this tj07 for almost 8 years I might re-powder coat it or switch to the MBX MKII if they dont run out by the time i get it.
  2. Thanks, I was honestly thinking about switching to metal hardpipes instead, or start using larger tubing and fittings
  3. Power supply: Corsair and Seasonic personally Video Cards: EVGA and Sapphire and maybe XFX back in the day when they were nvidia. RAM: Corsair and Mushkin SSD: Samsung Motherboards: MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS great experiances with those brands. Fans: Noctua, Scythe (Nidec Servo), Silverstone, and GELID Watercooling stuff: Swiftech, EK, Bitspower, Primochill All fantastic stuff I've used and have lasted as long as 8 years, (swiftech MCP655 has yet to fail) Chassis: Silverstone, Lian Li, and pre-2012 Corsair Cases (800D), I'm old school and personally love silverstone and lian lis high end cases, that have virtually no plastic parts on them and all aluminum and modular. I also like Corsair's older cases, just built alot better imo.
  4. Setup: Pretty outdated, but will upgrade soon CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50Ghz MOBO: MSI x99a SLI Plus RAM: 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2133Mhz GPU: EVGA GTX1080 Hydrocopper CHASSIS: Silverstone TJ07-B STORAGE: Samsung 840 256GB/Samsung 860 EVO 1TB PSU: Corsair RM750 Cooling: Swiftech MCR420-QP/MCR240-QP/Swiftech MCP655 vario pump/ Ugly Corsair RGB CPU Waterblock/Scythe Gentle Typhoons with low noise adapters/ GELID UV Wing Case fans DESK: Some black IKEA desk lol MONITORS: 2x DELL s2340M PERIPHERALS: Steelseries keyboard, Initial release Corsair m65 (2013 i think?), steelseries mouse pad, Audiotechnica AT2020 XLR mic, BEHRINGER U-Phoria UM2 interface
  5. I'd throw a water block on that thing, still have my hydrocopper 1080. need to upgrade
  6. 1. no bottleneck 2. yes 3. I managed to get 4.9ghz from my 2700k and still running today atm.
  7. Probably a bit more than a stock spec r s15, which is around 250 to the crank, so im assuming around 260-270 crank. Correction I'd need a re-tune for more boost, was thinking about a bigger turbo. The sweet spot for these around 300-350 wheel thats where bigger injectors and maf come in. People usually slap on the gt2871r and yield 300+ to the wheels easily.
  8. internally stock s14 sr20det with the t28bb from the s15. Other mods would be your bolt ons and etc. 7 psi right now, I would need to upgrade injectors and the maf if I would want to turn up the boost. Yeah cars these days are too big imo.
  9. Guess I'm going back to a pull config images somewhat large.
  10. make the clicking sounds with your mouth, jk Been using the coolermaster mechanical keyboards, browns and blacks are pretty cool.