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  1. Why a RADIUS Server? Just curious.
  2. I love the Asus Routers and have used them in the past. They are fantastic. If you're willing to look at it I would actually recommend the Ubiquity UniFi Security Gateway (USG) and a UniFi AP AC Pro which will come out to about $300 US. They are incredibly simple to setup and from all the testing I've done with them and live use I've got with them I've been absolutely loving them.
  3. So I work for a business as an IT Systems Administrator. I currently have a GeoVision camera system with 118, yes, 118 IP Cameras on it. I currently have a mishmash of Ubiquity UniFi, Cisco, and GeoVision switches. (I'm in the process of switching entirely to Ubiquity UniFi Switches with a 10GB Fiber backbone due to data consumption and transfer speeds within the building. The server I custom built to handle the cameras has a Xeon E5-2609, 64GB ECC 1866 speed RAM, an Asus Z9PA-U8 mobo, 2 Seagate 240GB SSD's in RAID 1 as OS drive plugged into the onboard LSI controller, 8 WD 4TB RED HDD's in RAID 5, 2 Seagate 240GB SSD's in RAID 0 for SSD caching. These drives are running on a LSI 9280 16i4e with BBU and write back enabled on the 25TB Raid 5 Array on. I've also got cachecade enabled for the 25TB array with the other 2 SSD's. This week I've had the server lock up twice and drop over half of the cameras. I've gone through all the troubleshooting steps I can think of and even consulted another security firm I do work with and we can't come up with a solution! It's been running stable for 9 months. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  4. My favorite item would have to be the lighting kit. I've begun to fool around with lighting on my rigs as I've done lighting in live venues for a couple years and I think its a really cool touch for a rig.