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  1. The new Asus g750 laptop's just launched so I would wait to buy one if I were you. The one with 3d and a gtx 780m is supposed to release in august. Right now only the g750 with the gtx 765m is in stock. Plus the g55/g75 have weak graphics cards so you will have to turn down a lot of stuff to do 3d.
  2. Really want to play this but I don't have the time atm. I will wait a month or two and just pick it up for half price. Lately it seems like console game prices have been dropping like a rock a few months after release.
  3. Congrats man. I always feel like a kid on christmas morning opening up new computer parts. Make sure you take some pics as you are building and upload them. I totally forgot to take pics while I was building mine until I was done.
  4. That is why I bought that piece of wood cabinet shelving from home depot. That way the PSU and bottom intake can get enough air and are not sitting on carpet. My desk is too small to fit my PC on top of it :( . Once I get my own house or apartment I would love to have a large desk with my PC on my side with a window kind of like how Kyle from neweggtv has his set up.
  5. I only live at this place in the summer so I did not bother being too neat. Maybe one of these weekends I will take the time to do it. Looks a lot worse in the picture to me than it really is. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I really appreciate it.
  6. I have been having the same problem with my 680 in Crysis and Metro 2033. Not sure what is going on. Taking my OC off does not fix the problem either so I am not sure what is going on. Probably from this driver release so I might revert to an older driver.
  7. I used to have the same card. I never had the coil whine problem you are talking about. Are you sure it is not your PSU? Otherwise you could try emailing Gigabyte customer support and submitting an RMA. The last card I had with significant coil whine was a gtx 460 so it should be unacceptable by now to just live with it.
  8. Do you have one? I had one before I upgraded in my budget build and it let out a high pitched noise even when shut off that was really annoying. I would actually unplug the computer from the socket so I could sleep at night. Google the problem or read some reviews and you will see this is a widespread issue on the CX line of PSU's. Maybe they fixed it by now but my brother had the same problem about 6 months ago with the CX 500 V2 also. I'm not knocking Corsair (I have a TX 650 myself) but I would just stay away from the budget CX line. If you need a budget PSU look at a Antec VP 450 or 550.
  9. It is quiet until you start overclocking. To keep it under 80 C to stop thermal throttling you need a beefier cooler because the blower fan has to ramp up a lot more which makes it louder. At stock yes it is quiet just like my GTX 680 is quiet at stock settings. Overclocked it is a different story though.
  10. I turn mine on in the morning and off at night. I do not like any extra noise while I sleep and it seems like a waste of power to leave it on all night.
  11. Maisie Williams. Kind of have a crush on her since I fell in love with Arya in the books. She just seems like someone fun especially if you check out her vine videos. https://vine.co/v/b0ZPt7tPMKD https://vine.co/v/b9xO3bt0WhJ https://vine.co/v/bYdpXZOJVMQ https://vine.co/v/bxEZrE1F9EU Game of Thrones Spoiler if you did not read the books. Click at your own risk. https://vine.co/v/b3XZMHmxzxh
  12. I do this a lot in conjunction with my yoga practice. It does build calf strength and increases foot strength. Walking chaturanga is always fun. Handstand prep also makes you walk with your toes a lot.
  13. 7/10. Looks good. Love Gigabyte mobo's and the 560 is still a strong card a 1080p. Only knock I would say is no SSD. Upgrade to a SSD and new video card at some point and that build will last you forever. My specs are in sig.
  14. Less than $3000,able to do 60hz, and IPS equals a buy from me. Doubt it will be that cheap though.
  15. Yeah, I bought the Noctua fans before they were black..... B)