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  1. bobo347844

    Board and Case don't bode well

    It's due to the board not fitting the case properly
  2. bobo347844

    Can someone link an youtube video downloader?

    just add "link" before the "youtube.com" ("linkyoutube.com").
  3. bobo347844

    Ultimate Bitcoin guide!

    Or the price would drop really low due to oversaturation
  4. bobo347844

    Curious about Alienware.

    X51 looks way nicer. The larger laptop keyboards look bad as well.
  5. bobo347844

    Curious about Alienware.

    They don't look anywhere near as good IRL. Too fat.
  6. A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my case to an Antec X1-E (ATX case), and went to fit my Gigabyte Z77 D3H MVP (mATX board) and found that the screw holes for both of my GPUs don't match the screw holes in the case (they fitted my previous ATX case perfectly). Any ideas on how to attach them other than cable ties?
  7. bobo347844

    ghetto cable management

    I used black electrical tape to run my wiring up the side of my case away from the window.
  8. bobo347844

    Explain Your Username

    bobo was my parents nickname for me lego.com said it was taken so it offered me bobo347 which was also taken then it offered bobo347844 I guess it stuck :P
  9. bobo347844

    D.I.Y. Molex Pin remover?

    not for me unfortunately :(
  10. bobo347844

    D.I.Y. Molex Pin remover?

    two straws later and i still don't have a molex pin removed :(
  11. I've been looking around on the internet for a ghetto way of removing pins from my molex connectors so that I can give them custom sleeving. I've tryed the method with a pen but that doesn't seem to be working for me :( Any ideas/solutions would be much appreciated :)
  12. bobo347844

    Windows is genuine, but it isn't?

    I had this happen to me a while back, it went away after a week or so. Not sure why it happened, not sure why it went away.
  13. bobo347844

    Should I Wait For Haswell?

    ~$150 Thanks for the help