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  1. Bent pins on motherboard, any ideas?

  2. I'm the third owner of the motherboard.
  3. I believe i found the problem, and I don't know how I'm going to get my self out of this one. http://imgur.com/6U5Psn7 2 bent pins.
  4. Clearing CMOS did nothing, and I don't have another CPU lying around.
  5. Computer powers on, fans spin up for about 5 seconds, no video is displayed and then shuts off. Goes in this loop until I unplug the system. I think it has something to do with the BIOS, but I could be wrong. Thanks.
  6. It seemed to turn on fine when I took the cooler off and only applied pressure with my finger. I think I need to get the retention plate.
  7. I don't know anyone who has an lga1155 CPU
  8. If it's any help, I have an ASRock Z75 pro 3. And an i5 3570k
  9. Steam: peterino55. I'll add you back as soon as I can get my pc up and running.
  10. Just got a new board because my friend gave it to me after he wiped the bios. I bout another chip, and I can't get it to boot. He also left out the CPU retention plate, but I tightened my cooler extra hard. I press the power button, and fans spin up, and then turn off. I've tried clearing cmos, and if I spam that, it will continue to spin fans, but no video will output. I don't think RAM is the problem either, because I've tried every slot/combo of slots. Do you guys think I got a faultly bios chip, or is it something else, please help me. I'm pulling my hair out and I'd like to get my system to boot. I've already posted one topic, but I didn't get any usefull information from it. I hope this post will be different.
  11. Still not working. I have tried everything.
  12. Don't see how that would effect it, but I'll try.
  13. Can't get my new system to boot. Really really pissed, and I'd like help

  14. Didn't work, just did the same thing.
  15. How would I for about doing that
  16. Just rebuilt my system with a "new" motherboard, and it won't post. Just turing on all the fans, and then shutting down for less than a second. I got the mobo because the bios was gone, but I bought another chip. I'm just wondering if it's the new cpu, or my bios. Thanks for the help. BTW it is an i5 3570k, and an ASRock z75 pro 3.