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Everything posted by Penny5837

  1. Penny5837

    Extremely slow YouTube

    Its in New York
  2. Penny5837

    Extremely slow YouTube

    Correct. When on a VPN it has no issues
  3. Penny5837

    Looking for GTA 5 PC Heist team

    If you're still on, I need one person. social club : peter___ . Teamspeak
  4. Penny5837

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    Love thats its short throw, would allow many cool projects, and allow my backyard movie parties to be so much cooler
  5. I've heard from some other people that GTA V isn't the best at supporting crossfire, but my second GPU isn't getting any usage while playing games. I have two R9 290's and the game recognizes that I "have" 8GB of VRAM, but the second card isn't being used at all. I watched during about 30 min of game play on msi afterburner, and no usage occurred. If you guys have any idea whats going on, and how to make it better, all would be appreciated. Thanks for you time.
  6. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

    Besides my CPU overheating with the high ambient temperature and causing my system to crash, its running a constant over 60fps.
  7. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

  8. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

    Yeah, could you send me your settings,xml?
  9. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

    Alright, I'll try that. Thanks for the help.
  10. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

    I know thats why I said:
  11. Penny5837

    Poor Crossfire performance in GTA V

    I have it in fullscreen windowed, does that matter?
  12. The fx8350 is the only one that will fit.
  13. If you have the money spring for the 8350. It's about as good as it gets from amd.
  14. Penny5837

    cheapest non-sh*t case?

    Good case, but don't get the silent version.
  15. Penny5837

    people to heist with on gta

    If you're cool with hacks add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Peterino55
  16. Penny5837

    The Best Laptop

    Little expensive, check this one out http://www.sagernotebook.com/Notebook-NP8640.html The only thing it doesn't have is a touch screen.
  17. Penny5837

    The Best Laptop

  18. Penny5837

    Upgrade to what?

    If you're looking to stay with AMD I'll sell you my 6350 for $90
  19. Penny5837

    Random restarts???!!

    It could be reaching its thermal limits, and shutting off to not kill its self. Try remounting the CPU heatsink/fan.
  20. Penny5837

    power edge 2950 boot issue

    Are you using the front or back USB ports
  21. Penny5837

    Network layout showoff

    Sorry for the confusion.
  22. Penny5837

    Network layout showoff

    I'm only running one pfsense firewall. I only have one IP.
  23. Penny5837

    Noisy On-board Audio

    I've tried the audio with my phone, and heard no static, the mic I don't know about.