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  1. Thanks for the recommendations guys. Yea the 5t compared to the others is tough, on one side it has the fastest processor but also the lowest res and tested battery life, plus no sd slot and water res. So probably a no for me. Im not a fan of the samsung curved screen, nice gimmick but im over it. The Huawei Mate 10, Pixel 2Xl, and LG V30 all seem promising. The LG v30 seems to do much lower on CPU/GPU benchmarks, and how bad is the screen burn in problem? I typically use my phones for over 2 years and use the same wallpaper throughout that whole time. I guess pixel 2 XL would suffer this problem as well since its a P-OLED screen?
  2. Hi Guys, Hoping I can get some recommendations for a new phone as I have been out of this market for quite some time. I currently have a galaxy s6 Active and its held up very well over the years but the battery has got to the point where it doesn't last anywhere near the whole day. So here is what I am looking for in a new phone: -Long lasting battery, preferably bigger than my s6 active (3500 mAh) -Quick responsive processor, faster the better. -1080p screen at least, would really prefer 1440p. -A micro sd card slot or at least 64gb storage Extras that would be nice: -At least 4gb ram -water resistance -headphone jack Things I do not care about: -Cameras -Speakers ( I use headphones most of time) -fingerprint reader I do not have a price limit so go crazy aha. Thanks for any recommendation!
  3. Ok is there any that you are aware of that would fit the specs besides the hdmi2.0? I was just thinking it would be nice but as long as it has a displayport that supports 4k60hz then I'll be good.
  4. Hi all, With the release of the xbox one x coming up ill now have 3 devices that are 4k capable while still using 1080p monitors... So I'm finally looking to upgrade my 2 Acer h236hlbid monitors. Here's the features I'm looking for: - 4k resolution - IPS display - Screen size greater than 25" but less than 35" - Vesa Mounting - Hdmi 2.0 - sub $500 price Features that aren't necessary but would be nice: - Glossy screen - multiple hdmi 2.0s - thin bezels - full sRGB range Feel free to list monitors that may not fit my list exactly (especially the price aspect) but please no TN monitors as I just can't stand those viewing angles. Thanks for the help!
  5. I would love either one but the Razor Blade with the gtx 1060 would be awesome to have for portable and lan gaming
  6. It says No on ssd and hdd
  7. Perhaps I was a bit confusing, originally I thought I might have deleted necessary file due to deleting an ubuntu partition. Thought i fixed using combination of cleaners and such. Just going over history of what I've done so far. It's a fresh windows install now tho.
  8. Hello Everyone, Recently my PC was freezing up after i deleted my dual boot partition of ubuntu off my hdd. My windows os is on my ssd so i figured it wouldnt corrupt it. After that it was working fine for the whole day. The next morning i turn it on and it starts freezing on me. So i figured i deleted a necessary file with the parition. After running ccleaner, windows repair, etc it seemed fixed. I get it back working good for the day. Next day it starts to freeze on me again so i clear my drives and reinstall windows from scratch. Again.. day after it starts freezing up, so now im thinking some type of hardware failure. Only recent changes ive made to my pc is a gpu upgrade to gtx 1070 but i only had problems the last few days, had my card for 2 weeks so i doubt its that(hopefully) The freezes are strange also, it doesnt blue screen, it will just completely lock up and wont change until i reset or shut down. Sometimes I cant even get video back running after i shut down/restart unless i unplug computer for a few seconds. If anyone has some tips on diagnosing the problem I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. Fixed it by defragmenting disk
  10. Seems fine to me, I think I was near 12000 with gtx 1070
  11. Never reached above 50%. So i dont believe thats the issue
  12. Hey Guys, So my computers been running fine for awhile with dual boot (Win 10 and ubuntu). However seeing how i never used ubuntu I decided to delete it. I checked for guides on how to delete it but it none of the seemed to apply to my system. Anyways I ended up deleting the partition which contained ubuntu located on my computer hdd When i did this I also deleted my healthy partition on my hard drive in order to merge the storage. I didnt think it was super critical considering my windows os is located on my ssd and then selected windows boot manager to log back into windows. So afterwards it was working perfectly fine I ran it all yesterday with no freezes. Now tho since my start up this morning it freezes in under 45 minutes almost everytime. it doesnt crash tho, everything will just stop completely and then if i was playing audio my speakers will play an annoying buzzing sound. So im pretty sure i corrupted or deleted a critical file. Ive run malware and ccleaner to try to fix and nothing. If you guys can point me in the right direction to possibly fix this besides a complete os reinstall I would appreciate it. Thanks! Specs: CPU:i5 3470 GPU: GTX 1070 Motherboard: Zotac H67 itx WiFi Storage:240GB Intel 530 SSD & WD 1 TB Blue
  13. Welps guess ill be buying an ips display soon then aha. Thank you both for your help!
  14. Ah good to know, Thanks for all the help! Do u by chance have any knowledge on the power consumption aspect of ips vs tn?
  15. Finding a screen isnt a problem, they make them specifically for this model. With the correct connections and sizing. https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/model/ASUS/X555UB-NH51/ Just wasn't sure if there is another limiting factor, and also not sure about the general quality of these ips screen. However i figure most any ips is better than this poor TN.