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  1. What about Bose Soundlink around ear wireless?
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. I would be using them for hearing music while traveling (to school, vacation...), but also for some sports, like some lifting and maybe seldom some running. I prefer over- and on ear headphones over the in ear ones. But because of using them for some sports I would really want them to be wireless. I would also be using them either from an IPad or from my Pc, so wireless would really be good. I have gotten recommended the Sony xb950bt, but I heard that it falls off pretty easy and that wouldn't be good during workouts. The only thing I really otherwise found was the beats solo 2 wireless or the studio wireless. (I know that many ppl dislike beats a lot, but they have really gotten better the past few years, so they are considerable now) But the studios are a little expensive. My price range is up to ca 220 euro. I would mainly be listening to electro, Pop, hip hop. So what would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance
  3. So I am thinking of upgrading my system. I will probably upgrade my mobo to z170, cpu to i5 6600k, ddr4 ram... I also thought this would be a good moment to get a new case, first I was thinking of the Phanteks enthoo luxe. BUT then I saw a post of someone who built his Pc on some wooden planks and hanged that on a wall. I was also thinking of something similar, maybe just something more open. Would this be a bad idea? Advantages/disadvantages? Do you guys think this will be hard to do or fairly easy? What do you guys think. My other specs: Case: Bitfenix Shinobi bf4 edition Gpu: Msi gtx 970 Cpu: amd fx 8350 Cooler: noctua nh-d14 16 gb ddr3 ram Psu: bequiet 600w Samsung 250 gb ssd, 2 terabyte hdd Ps: it is for gaming
  4. Well yes I'm using it for gaming, but I don't want to have to buy another new system in a few years, therefore I want to upgrade to ddr4 ram now, because I think it will probably soon be required in some games.
  5. So I was thinking about upgrading my mobo, cup and ram to ddr4. So I found this: http://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/16GB-G-Skill-RipJaws-V-rot-DDR4-2800-DIMM-CL15-Dual-Kit_1011643.html http://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Intel-Core-i7-6700K-4x-4-00GHz-So-1151-WOF_1010017.html http://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Asus-Z170-Pro-Gaming-Intel-Z170-So-1151-Dual-Channel-DDR4-ATX-Retail_1009409.html A skylake i7 6700k, asus z170 pro gaming and 16 gb g skill ddr4 ram. What do you guys think about this and the price? Would you rather recommend something else, like for example this ram: http://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/16GB-Corsair-Vengeance-LPX-schwarz-DDR4-2666-DIMM-CL15-Quad-Kit_973522.html Or another better z170 like the z170a? If you realize something isn't compatible please tell me. I will maybe also buy a new case like a phantekks entho pro or something like that. Would my psu still be good enough? I am using it for gaming, but I would like it to be as "futureproof" as possible, therefore the ddr4 ram. My other specs: Case: Bitfenix Shinobi bf4 edition Gpu: Msi gtx 970 Cpu: amd fx 8350 Cooler: noctua nh-d14 16 gb ddr3 ram Psu: bequiet 600w Samsung 250 gb ssd, 2 terabyte hdd
  6. ok thanks a lot for the long and in depth answer, but I'm a little confused which taxes you mean?
  7. Hey, so I have bought ny Pc a few years ago. I'm thinking of upgrading it, but I ain't sure if it rly is worth it doing it now. If I would upgrade I would want to have ddr4 ram. So i also have to upgrade my motherboard, cpu and ram at once. I would probably also buy a new better case. I stumbled apon this deal browsing for a short while. https://www.komplett.dk/product/823789/hardware/saml-selv-pakkelsninger/opgraderingspakker/opgraderingspakke-core-i7-5820k# (I live in Denmark) it's a little over 800 euro. I wouldn't need the air cooler in the bundle. So I compared this to a few other sites and it seemed pretty cheap. Am I right? What do you guys think about this? Is it a good deal? Or maybe a little to overkill? Or would you rather wait? (It would be for gaming) My specs: Case: Bitfenix Shinobi bf4 edition Gpu: Mai gtx 970 Cpu: amd fx 8350 Cooler: noctua nh-d14 16 gb ddr3 ram Psu: bequiet 600w Samsung 250 gb ssd, 2 terabyte hdd
  8. Hey I am looking for a new fitness tracker/smart band. My jawbone up 24 just gave up on me so I decided to look for a new one. I would prefer one with a screen or another way to see the time, my activity... Directly off the band. Something like the Fitbit charge hr, Nike fuelband se, (surge), vivofit... I am 16 years old and am interested in mid distance running and I am doing this for quite a while now. But I don't really like having a lot of band, watches etc on my arms whilst running. But I still need something to see how fast I am running and stuff like that. For that I have another garmin running watch. So having another big watch on my other hand wouldn't be very nice. It would be best to have a good fast and easy usable stopwatch on the band to see my lap times whilst running intervals. I also really like the point system on the Nike fuelband se. Features like music play or other things were I need my phone are unnecessary, because I never run with my phone. I only sync the data to an iPad in the evening or so. Which band would you guys recommend for me? Thanks in advance.
  9. The latest hits (; mainly pop/hip hop, some electronic... No rock, country, or classic...
  10. Hey guys, I recently began hearing some more music again. So I thought it would be time for some new headphones. I was always amazed of an example in a near store. I think their are called Bose Soundtrue around ear. But I don't really know too much about headphones. I would use them for almost only music (got some others for gaming...). I would probably hear the most from an iPad or another iOS/(maybe android) device and only seldom on my PCI. My budget is up to 190 euro(210$). I would also prefer around ear headphones. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  11. I realized that always when my brother was in his room, the Internet got bad. So I asked him to switch the Internet off to test if it is him who is creating the problem. And guess what, seconds after him switching my ping got back to 21 m/s. He was probably streaming from a bad website or something. Thank you everyone for answering and helping me.
  12. Ever considered gtx 970 sli or single? Beats the r9 290x.
  13. I have done a speed test both wireless and wired. For example when I am pinging Google the average m/s is around 1060 and a speed the average download and upload speed on my iPad is around 0.3
  14. Yesterday evening my internet connection suddently got extremely bad. I was playing black ops 2 and suddently got a 999 ping and couldn't play anymore. Since now it hasn't changed. I am connected with an Ethernet cable. But all other devices in the house do also have extremely bad connection. Has anybody any idea what and why this is and how I can fix it?