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  1. for more then a year now my monitor started to show "entering power save mode" it was annoying but it past away after a few minutes. a month ago when i powerd up the pc, the monitor showed "entering power save mode" and it went black. the gpu in question was a gtx570 i switched it to my brothers old GeForce 5000 gt and it worked fine. so i figured the problem was my gpu and got a new card. a gigabyte gtx960 windforce 4 gb i plug it in. and the same damn problem happens. i don't really know what to do any more this problem is so annoying and its wasting my money
  2. thank you very much everyone. iv tried dusting the pci connections. and it seems to work for now.
  3. hello. for a while now my screen would just stop getting a signal from the gpu randomly. somtimes it would be for a few seconds and then it will cone back. but somtimes it will happen. and until i don't open the case, disconnect and connect the power cables from the gpu,it won't come back. i have allready switched a psu. i have tried different monitors. different cabels and allmost every other variable. is the problem my gpu? this will happen often whilr gaming. but not always, somtimes it just happens
  4. vessel username : origx36 videos i watched and liked : https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj\ https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8
  5. i dont know what is the meaning of life. but hey, iluminati......
  6. i feel you. its like all the tech retailers in my country had met up and decided to have ridiculously high prices on everything
  7. isnt it better to have a dedicated sub forum fo rsome of this stuff? and about going to other forum - i like this community and want to make it better,larger and with more stuff to talk about
  8. hey so i have been thinking,and i think there is room for more subforums in this forum. maybe we can get some topics that are tech related.but dont have to be fully about tech. video editing and animation is one that im intrested in. suggest your own subforums. i belive that if allot of pepole will show intrest in this stuff. we could make it happen
  9. it will be cool to game with this cpu.since my one is pretty much bottleneacking my gpu
  10. you can't expect backlight on a wireless keyboard
  11. for those of you that havnt seen this drop yet. it the naos 7000 or the avior 7000 for just 40$ on massdrop https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mionix-avior-7000 looks pretty awosome to me
  12. it looks fine to me. did you bend this heatpipe? beacuse they may be other problem with that unit and you can return it to the store what cpu are you using?
  13. hey,im looking for over ear headphones and i have about 200$ to drop on it. but,i dont live in the usa and headphones price in my country is just ridiculous so i kind of have to get headphones from amazon / ebay or massdrop. from my research shiping will cost ~25 & and there is a 17% tax for importing stuff that is over 75$ so i actually have 140$ - 160$ for the actuall headphones. im looking for a closed back headphones that dont have a flat response curve it will be nice if you guys can help me
  14. hey. i have this problem for a couple of months now. when i turn up the pc.it all work nice and good. but for some reasone no image is being sent to the monitor. anyone knows what it might be?
  15. to say ubisoft makes bad games is a bit too much. ,they have made some shitty calls,and i really dont like the direction they are going they dont really care about pc.and they realese unfinished games. but.there is a resone for there succes,they most of the time make good games.(now days much less :mellow: ) it is wrong to think of ubi as just one thing: i like to think of theme as the developing arm and the distributing& advertising arm i belive that the developing arm is trying there best to make the best games they can and that they are restricted by the other arm,they are not given enough money and enough time. also they are restricted by the " " "next gen " " " consoles. there is also the part of ubisoft where they talk crap and try to Justify there mistakes as design choices and thats just stupid.they dont allow themeselfs to not be perfect (maybe thats just the nature of AAA companys) so this thing with ubisoft is complex and there is no one answer
  16. so what is going on with availability outside the usa??
  17. far cry 4 ultra vs nvidia the winner is AMD
  18. there are some really great games in this one. i wanted to share it link : https://www.humblebundle.com/ you get this games for any price Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Always Sometimes Monsters InsurgencyOne for you, 3 to share! these (+more later) if you beat the average GRID 2 Blackguards Euro Truck Simulator 2 saints row iv if you pay more the 12$ Pay $12 or more to unlock! also you get mojo rampage if you share the extra copies of insurgency you get Full Mojo Rampage what do you guys think of this bundle?