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  1. gedri13

    Benchmark Spoofing Idea

    Since Luke mentioned in the recent VR benchmarking video about how getting accurate benchmarks for vr is almost impossible at the moment, it got me to thinking, how about building a computer specifically to spoof on those score based benchmark programs? try and build a machine that would get as high a score as possible in programs like firestrike or haven, but in real world gaming applications runs badly. Not sure if this is an idea already in the works or has been done before, bit I think it would be interesting to see.
  2. gedri13

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    If I win this, it will likely be a long while until I could use it, so I'd hang on to it until I could, then build a gaming rig.
  3. gedri13

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    The Kuhler 1250 has a really interesting design, I like the redundancy of having two pumps mounted to the fans rather than just having one pump in the water block.