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  1. does anyone know why raid does not scale in a linear fashion??
  2. Hello, For maths, i need to do an exploration to model a function. I have chosen to look at data transfer speeds, as the number of USB flash drives in a raid array increases. Can anyone tell me what results I should expect, when I raid up to 10 (not raid 10) USB 2.0 Flash driives each with a 20mb read and 8 mb write speed. I presume it will not be linear. My question is, which function will best represent it? Will it be some variation of log(x)?? I just want to make sure i know what results I should expect before spending hours setting up raid arrays. Thanks guys. BTW, all raid will be done in software (most likey on a hackintosh, as windows does not allow usb drives to be put in a raid array)
  3. when i set the referesh rate on my screen to 30hz, my monitor says "out of range". i have a gtx 760
  4. hey guys, im just need your help on one thing im building a cheep build for my parents, but as its gonna be used for lots of film watching, I decided to go 4k. Here are the specs Intel Core i3 4330 Gigabyte GA-H81M-HD3 M.ATX4-8GB RAM Samsung 850EVO SSD (120GB) 625w PSU Cheap Case Samsung U28D590 4k 28 inch monitor while i have selected a 60hz 4k monitor, I am planning to use the display port 1.2 output from the motherboard, which is rated at 4096x2160@24 or 3840x210@30hz, from the HD4600 onboard graphics. My question is, how smooth will 30Hz look??. The computer will only be used for light browsing and film watching. Also can the HD4600 graphics in the i3 4330 play back high bitrate 4k videos smoothly??. One last question: i know that there have been some issues with people only getting a 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 signal. Is this the case with this build or is a nice clean 4:4:4 image guaranteed???