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  1. qwertywarrior

    whats up guys :)

    since u changed ur profile pic i have no idea who u are but ur name rings a bell
  2. qwertywarrior

    whats up guys :)

    i used to be very active in 2015 but now im on and off
  3. qwertywarrior

    whats up guys :)

    good thanks
  4. qwertywarrior

    whats up guys :)

    its been a while since i came back here how are all of u guys doing
  5. qwertywarrior

    Small Linux and Netflix Machine

    because of drm i think ur limited to maybe 480p (its a linux issue) ? be sure first
  6. qwertywarrior

    Firefox on Windows

    its sad how much people missunderstand what tor is and how it works FBI's FUD is working very well
  7. i do agree with the above might people are stubborn. Entertainment has taken a new form and effected our social structure, Instant gratification has ruined a generation
  8. i think its too soon for me in the lift time we might reach singularity before we find and inhabit a earth like planet
  9. i meant space isnt going anywhere. it will exist for a long time we might not thats why i said its a distraction (this need for discovery)
  10. yes. its a distraction. maybe in the far future its a good idea it isnt going anywhere.
  11. final cut pro doesnt have any kind of magic encoder there is something happening here
  12. qwertywarrior

    Still broken LeMaker Cello board restarts production

    if AMD coldnt fix the issue it sounds like a hard ware issue also at 96 boards there will be a X10 MTK for sale soon dual core A72
  13. qwertywarrior

    Apple’s new MacBook Pro might ditch regular USB ports

    this is fuckin stupid just get rid of all the ports - wireless charging and wireless data transfer