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About Drunk.EU

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    Junior Member


  • CPU
    Intel i5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Intel z77sl-50k
  • RAM
    4GB x 2 Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1050 2GB & MSI GTX 970
  • Case
    Cooler master CM 370
  • Storage
    120GB Kingston v300 SSD & Seagate 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Cooler Master GX 550W 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 24' LED & Dell 21' LED
  • Cooling
    Corsair H55i liquid cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G213
  • Mouse
    Logitech G403 wired
  • Sound
    On board
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 professional

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  1. Drunk.EU

    Overclocking i5 8600k and rtx 2060

    Not with that cooler you won't. I haven't gone all the way with my 8600k, 4.5 Ghz is more than enough for me. Haven't tested the limit of my chip either so can't say.
  2. Drunk.EU

    Cheap mechanical keyboard

    Hey guys, I have a budget of 60 USD for a good mechanical keyboard preferably the 104 key style one but i can accept the 87 key layout as well. The catch is that i can only buy from AliExpress as that is the only place that ships to Pakistan. I initially planned on getting a MOTOSPEED CK108 but if you guys would recommend me anything else from Ali express under 60 usd, i'd be happy to look in to them. This is kinda urgent, only have a day to decide. Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. Drunk.EU

    Discord audio bad

    Check the server your call connects to. That usually is the problem for the bad quality of the voice.
  4. Drunk.EU

    Upgrading Pentium to i5 CPU

    You can get really cheap deals on used 2nd/3rd gen i5s (complete systems). I would suggest, you save up if you have to and get those as they would definitely last longer than what you're going with. No?
  5. Drunk.EU

    Am I expecting too much from my pc?

    Try running the games on SSD, i had this issue on my old i5 3570k PC. That got fixed with that.
  6. One can only wonder, we have seen them talking about making improvements but they never see light of day. So i doubt it.
  7. Drunk.EU

    Am I expecting too much from my pc?

    I hope it's 16 gb because i had this same issue because i was running a 8gb stick at 3000mhz. I had those stutters and sound lags frequently on ultra graphics till i added another 8gb stick and i suddenly saw an insane boost in fps overall. zero dips as well!
  8. Drunk.EU

    Rate My Build

    Pretty much what i would go with. +1
  9. Hey guys, I already have a 8gb corsair vengeance 2400 mhz ram in my system, i initially planned on going with another corsair stick but i got a really good deal on the kingston hyper x 8gb ddr4 2400 mhz ram. My question here is that i know they both will run together but would it cause any performance degradation when compared to both the memories having the same brand? Will be see frequent crashes etc? Need urgent responses as this deal is too good to be left out. Thanks!
  10. Drunk.EU

    Samsung 4K 75hz VA - GTX 1070ti or RTX 2060

    With resolutions less than 4k, i would recommend the RTX 2060 but since it only has 6GB VRAM, it's a little less for 4k. I'd go with the 1070ti having the extra 2GB VRAM.
  11. Drunk.EU

    GTX 1070Ti

    My 1070ti MSI Gaming X edition has been acting like that after the update as well on PUBG. it's so weird man, i'm getting a bit of sound lag as well.
  12. the z390 for an 8400 is not required. Honestly just go for an b360 motherboard for a non k processor and you should be able to save a lot more.
  13. Drunk.EU

    Static Noise Issues with Neewer NW-700 and Behringer UM2

    You can use voice meter for altering your live voice but please know that the usb microphones have more of these issues than the ones that run on Phantom power. Unless you have like a blue yeti quality usb microphone.
  14. Drunk.EU

    counterstrike locked at 70fps

    It is running on 60hz. Did you set any Launch options for the game? Check there as well. Also check your nvidea control panel to see if the there's a vsync option there. At times the panel settings overrides the one in the software you're using.
  15. Drunk.EU

    counterstrike locked at 70fps

    type mat_info on your console in game to see your reso and refresh rate of the mointor. I want to see if your monitor is set to 70hz.