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  1. I'm looking at getting a new headset to use with a Xbox One. I've considered the Steel Series Arctis 3, HyperX Cloud, Astro A10, and a few others. Definitely staying under $100 and was considering those listed as they are in the same price point ($79) and have similar features. They'll be used 99% for gaming as I prefer earbuds for listening to music. Any opinions are appreciated.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'm mainly looking for something to run BF1 on high settings that doesn't break the bank and also won't be obsolete in 2 years.
  3. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/NWw9KZ Sorry about that. But like I was saying, thoughts on the mobo, RAM and any way to cut cost but still be able to run high settings easily Thanks!
  4. Did the link not work to the build? Just wondering what you thought of it.
  5. I was thinking about this build maybe.https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ I think that would be a solid build but I'd like to cut the cost some, maybe by getting a 3GB GPU instead of 6GB. Other than that what are your opinion of that build as far as being able to run games on high settings, 1920*1080, and opinions on the motherboard. Motherboards are what I know least about as far as what are good ones and what features to look for.
  6. I'll also keep my PSU too, it's a Corsair CX 600 80 plus bronze
  7. I'm not too sure on the budget since I don't haven't kept up with components and prices. I'll be reusing the case and fans. I'm guessing around $600 maybe. Some suggestions around that price point, maybe a little higher, would be nice. I don't know how much ram to get either. I have 8GB now but the BF1 requirements recommend 16GB, and I'd rather not jump to DDR4 because of the cost but may need to if it means the system lasting longer.
  8. So I built a budget rig just over 3 years ago. It wasn't the most powerful then but, I was in college and it worked for my budget. With games being more and more demanding now it has really fallen behind. I'm thinking about making a new Intel build (my current one is AMD) but, I haven't kept up with newer CPUs, GPUs, memory, mobo, etc. What are some good components to look into that will last awhile and run games like BF1 and R6S on high settings with no problems. I don't really want to compromise too much but don't want to break the bank either. Any help is appreciated.
  9. I've had it unplugged and pulled the battery for about 8 or so hours and nothing changed.
  10. I'd have to look to see if I even have the paper work for it anymore. It may have gotten lost in the years of being shuffled around. It's a HP Pavilion dv6 so I may find the manual online. But I'm not going to put much $$ into finding what component is bad or buying a replacement piece (considering it's age). It'll just be a project for my friend and I to work on.
  11. I've tried pushing every button i can think off to fix it and some that I know won't fix it to see what happens. I'm guessing it's a component problem that won't let it post. I'll probably just get a new one since it is 6 years old. Luckily I just upgraded to Windows 10 and backed up my hard drive so the most I'll lose it one doc. I'll probably just get a new one and tweak with this one and see what happens. Any recommendations on a good laptop for every day use (watching youtube, office suits, web browsing,etc) Nothing super fancy, being that I have a gaming rig I just need something for everyday use.
  12. Normally when I turn my laptop on the fans go to full speed then slow down once it boots up. Friday when I opened it and turned it on the fans went to full speed like normal but never slowed down. The display won't turn on, the Caps lock button light just blinks, and the fans just run and won't slow down like normal. It's almost like it isn't booting properly. It worked fine that afternoon then I shut it and came back a few hours later to have this happening, I've tried holding the power button then starting it back up and taking out the power button but the same thing still happens. It is going on 6 years old and I expected something to happen sooner rather than later but I just started working on a ducument and would like to recover it. Any help appreciated!
  13. Problem Solved. You can download a program called LicenseCrawler. Just download it, extract the files, run it, and it can tell you the key for every program installed.
  14. Ok. I knew I could just use my product key but after 5 years I've lost my product key and that's where my problem was. I'll give that a try. Thanks.
  15. There is an option to do it that way but being an older laptop that's needed a clean install for awhile now, this is the best time to do it. I backed up all my files to a 1TB external drive. I just need to make sure I still have office. I use it for work and like I said wouldn't want to buy a newer version being that my laptop is 5 yrs old and may not make it long enough to be worth it.