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    agricola reacted to Skaterolly in Imperial Speeder Fpv Quadcopter   
    Seeing as i have got into the hobby of these recently i thought the people of Ltt and maybe Linus himself might enjoy this.

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    agricola reacted to nicklmg in Mineral Oil Submerged PC Build Log Part 3   
    Amazon: http://geni.us/42fj
    Puget Systems (Aquarium Case): http://bit.ly/1tkDeB6 [Due to a legal claim by a patent troll, Puget Systems is no longer able to sell their aquarium cases]
    Mineral Oil part 3 is finally here - today we pour!

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    agricola reacted to nicklmg in 1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!   
    Surface 3 - Fedeger
    Computer - MyMouseGoesWROOOM
    Laptop - antoainb
    You've got two weeks to claim your prize, then we'll re-draw!
    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for giving us the opportunity to do a job that we love - a job that is truly one of the best in the world.

    As thanks, please accept this small token of appreciation - a pretty awesome giveaway for our awesome Linus Tech Tips community members
    Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    Custom PC Built by Linus, with a case that is "signed and designed" by the Linus Media Group crew
    ASUS G550J - One of the laptops used on the HighLANder excursion, signed by Linus Media Group, Tek Syndicate, Austin Evans, and Newegg TV
    Post ONCE in this thread to enter. Include whatever you want in the post - how you found Linus Tech Tips, your favourite series or style of video on Linus Tech Tips, what product you would like to see us review in the future, heck, we'll even take a post about your favourite food. Creativity is always welcome

    This contest will run from 9/10/2014 until 9/19/2014 at 4:30pm PDT. Winners will be drawn live on The WAN Show using a random number generator.

    The Surface Pro and the custom system will be given to the first two posts that are selected in the draw, the G550J will go to a random member that we feel embodies the attitude of the linustechtips.com community (who has posted in this thread ).

    Winners will be contacted through the forum and will have 3 days to reply to claim the prize before we re-draw!

    Good luck, and again, thank you all for supporting us thus far
    Surface Pro 3 - Fedeger
    Computer - MyMouseGoesWROOOM
    Laptop - antoainb
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    agricola reacted to Asche in TEC Chiller Watercase with Arduino Project   
    Hi ! I'm Asche, i'm a French people of 25 years old (i don't use english usually so, i'm sorry if i make weird sentence).
    I recently discovert the youtube video of Linustechtips teams, and, the way they are done, it's just fantastic compare to what i know of french review.
    So i decide to join this forum, and as an introduce, i want share with you my fancy crazy projet (i call it personnally "what the f*** project" you will see why later).
    If you don't want read, ok i understand, so i've make a video for you (enjoy my crapy french accent) : http://youtu.be/TnLe8-Of5V0
    I got watercooling in my PC right now, with juste a big radiator (9*120 mm) external of course. the whole system is controled by an "Aquaero", this is a very great product, i think its the "ultimate way" to control a watercooling loop.
    And i though, "Aquaero is nice that true, but with the Arduino, i'm sure i can do better, not in term of easy install or user interface, but in term of fonctionallity".
    The project :
    So my wish was to build a custom case (actually at first, it was only about building a control panel) which is contain the pump for the PC loop, some TECs, a watercooling loop for the TECs, probably piloted vavle, a control panel connected to the Arduino Mega, and finally, the WTF Feature.... Cameras !
    Schema :
    Tecs layout :

    Internal layout :

    So yeah, i've started this crazy project in Junuary, and it's not finish yet...
    The frame :
    I started with a nice framework (made by a friend) :
    After that, i starting to add the rads :
    Then, adding the top cover panels :

    Adding the screens  :
    Adding the analog vumeters for showing information (Truly guys, coolest way to see what's happen in the system uh ?)

    Mounting the PC pump (D5 with EK res) :
    And the XSPC res/pump for TEC hot face cooling :
    Covering the top panel :

    Making front panel (Two temp sensor reader, one Voltmeter and an Ammeter) :
    Making of Valves :
    Just a big servomotor (17kg.nm) connected to a 90° manual valve :




    Proof of working : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzthbJSoLeo
    Custom analog meter background :




    Light up :

    Good view of the watercase with covers :

    Making the TEC frame exchanger :
    I got 6 of them (72W) and 2 other (110W) from different website :

    Like that ? :

    Thermal grease :

    Done !

    Attaching :

    Assembling, tubing :
    New mid-plate :



    Got some stuff :
    Tubing the TECs :
    Putting the two valve together :
    Straigh to the pump :
    Adding by-pass valve (in case of the electric valve fails) :
    Tubing the whole thing :

    There is two flowmeter for checking the flow of the two valve, there is one here :

    Backplate :


    I/O of the back, there is 2 connectors for going into the PC, and the big 9*120 rad (still external, and moslty of time, fanless), 4 holes to put tube through.


    Electronics :
    not hard electronics, but still, i don't have fancy hardware to do my own board, so i got breadboard instade :
    12 hours of work, non-stop :


    Panels wire :

    Wanna see actual state ? click below !
    I work on the Arduino program with a friend (name Holblin) and i hope i will show you some result soon !
    Thanks for reading ! Stay tune for more news !
    PS : Original thread (french forum) : http://www.modding.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4042
    PS2 : Oh yeah guys, please don't start with the "TEC are useless" war with me, i totally know that, and i just want to have fun with this project, my system will never fight with a DOD or real chiller, it's not the goal, i juste want to reach below the ambient temp.
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    agricola reacted to SSOB in bios Sabertooth x79   
    Yeah why not. Worst that can happen is that it won't work and you'll have to flash your bios ( You will need a USB Stick ofc)
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    agricola reacted to Volbet in bios Sabertooth x79   
    Assemble your system and see if it boots. If it boots you can go into the bios and check which bios version you are running. If it doesn't boot you probably need to do the update, but since your motherboard is just been purchased it most likely have a newer bios than 1203
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    agricola reacted to Freaky_spider in nvidia holiday bundle for Europe?   
    yes it is! (alternate has it, just check wether you site offers it or not)
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    agricola reacted to Hanoverfist in Electric Orange [Completed with Final Photo's]   
    Hello to the Build Logs,
    About a year ago I had an Idea for an Orange and Black Build.  I started thinking about different shades of Orange, what parts to have color and what would remain black.
    I had an old Antec DF-85 that was Empty and collecting dust, and so it began.  I few ideas and many hours later "Electric Orange" was Born.
    Lets start at the Beginning.  There is Definitely some potential here with this case. At this stage I really don't know how much yet. :unsure:



    I don't do Sketch work or Create Renders for Mods.  Everything with this Project is off the Hip and very spontaneous..
    Windows Paint is about as High tech as it gets for me.

    Well, That looks good, lets rip it apart..

    Now that its in Pieces,  I needed a Color.  Searches for Electric Orange Paint really didn't lead to the right shade for me.  So, I decided on a shade of Orange called Omaha.
    This Shot of a 69 Mopar in Omaha Orange Inspired me.

    A Quick trip to my friends at Napa and Presto..  Omaha Custom Mixed to Aerosol..

    So I Started spraying panels and fans and You name it.  But in the End, I just wasn't happy with the Final Product.  Lots of Orange Peel.. :blink:



    There has to Be a Better Way to paint this.. At this point in the Project is it too late to start over?  Nope.
    Quick Trip to the Acid Tanks at my Powdercoater and Wah-La.. All Better..  Oh,, Why not Build a Paint Booth in my Basement and get a Full Blown HVLP set up and teach myself how to paint Professionally while I'm at it..
    So I Did.




    Now that I set myself up with Pro Hardware.  Lets Paint. :lol:
    Much Smoother and controlled Surface Now.  Rattle cans are a thing of the Past for me.
    Here is an Example of the Surface top Coat I can Produce now with my HVLP Gun.  Color is "Burma Black Pearl" and "Omaha Orange"  Front Panel Shot here.

    Enough about the Painting..  Lets talk some Hardware.
    Instead of listing all this Out.. Lets take a Picture Tour ..   More Fun than Reading..
    Gtx 360's and Gt's.. Bought Rads Third hand for great price  .  Stripped and painted 


    Intel 3770k

    Msi Z77 MPower and Seasonic 1000w


    Engraved Block from DT


    Koolance PMP-500

    Evga Gtx 670 FTW's and Bits Power VG-NGTX680's


    Bits Power 250ml Clear Res

    Samsung 840 Pro's

    G.Skill Ares 2133


    Case Feet.  Custom.

    Front Panel. Custom.

    Primochill Acrylic and Revolvers

    Lamptron CW611's

    MDPC Sleeve



    Evga Sli Bridge

    This is where the Build stands today.  Still Working on it,  Would have been nice to have it done today , being Halloween 
    Still Bending the Acrylic.. which has proven to be more challenging than Expected..
    Still running Electrical, but have wrapped up the PSU for the most part.
    Working on an Idea for a cover for that top area to conceal the backside of top panel.  Forgive some of my Wrinkle Backdrop shots,
    Still working on my photo Studio :blush:










    To Be Continued... 






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    agricola reacted to Brodholm in Model 01 - A Scratch Built Chassis [Finally done!]   
    Took your advice and posted a compact version! The first post should now be a 100 pic with the most important pictures. And I also linked to the whole process for those interested.
    Let me know if you find any bad links or weird pictures (I hope it is fine)
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    agricola reacted to Matsy in Windows 8.1 FPP...DSP   
    DSP is the software type
    FPP is the license type 
    as far as I'm aware, they are the same thing........
    If you get a copy that says 32/64 you will get 2 disc's one for 32 and one for 64.  You can install either one with the key you get.
    Language : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/using-multiple-languages
    And yes you can if you wish.
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    agricola reacted to Brodholm in Model 01 - A Scratch Built Chassis [Finally done!]   
    I thought I would share a project I have been working on for a few years! Some of you may have seen it on other forums or somewhere else but now I have started the work log here as well. It is a fully custom chassis built and designed by me.
    I have been a long time watcher of LinusTechTips on youtube but I never realized that this forum was here. Because of that I never got around to make a work log here for the whole progress only the last month or so of the build. Anyway I hope you will enjoy it! (Updated the pictures to the final ones and added videos!)
    History behind the Project:
    About 5 years ago I decided that I was going to water cool my computer. Back then I had a Antec P180, not exactly the perfect chassis for water cooling your components. I looked at a lot of different chassis but I was never really happy with any of them. So I started sketching on my own design. First they were really awful, but as time progressed I got better and better at drawing. Early drawings was in MS-paint. I then moved on to Google Sketchup and finally Autodesk Inventor. I have probably gone through about 30 different designs until I finally decided on this one. This was my first custom designed chassis and also my first ever water cooled computer! The basic goal was to design a very quiet high-performing system with a minimalistic and clean design.
    Edit: Compiled all the Pictures and Videos in the first post.
    Making of Model 01:

    Final Result:

    The "complete" work log is almost 500 pictures. Below is a compact 100 pics of the process and the final results. If you want ALL 500 pics check out this album: http://imgur.com/a/dTRqx 
    (all text and info is included in pics! You will not miss a thing!)

    If you have any questions you can go ahead and post it here or via pm and I will always try to answer!
    Edit: Changed the first post to a "final post" with all the pictures, videos, text etc.
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    agricola reacted to paultan in PaultanDesigns: Titanium S   
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    agricola reacted to paultan in PaultanDesigns: Titanium S   

    video card shroud

    relocated PSU

    back lighting behind the radiators

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    agricola reacted to Samdb in Haswell E 28 threads?   
    What they should be more concerned with is activating Windows.
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    agricola reacted to PBaines in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Right, I got some snaps before I got to send my motherboard away, hope you enjoy the few there are 
    So for my coolant, I will be using tap water. But not town water, since I live in the country I get proper rain water. But to ensure that there is no bacteria I boiled my water first with the jug

    Water goes in this bowel, and sits in the fridge for half an hour to cool down

    Time to mix my coolant! 750ml of water, 250ml of Concentrate Orange Pastel

    Funnel it into my squeezy bottle for filling up my loop

    Then fill the loop up, do some bleeding and think that I need to add some yellow dye next time around to give it a more richer orange look so it matches with the build more




    Now lets hope that I get my motherboard back quickly so I can finish this damn project!
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    agricola reacted to PBaines in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Hey man I would be more than happy to let you use the photo's If you would like I can send you the full size / full res pictures instead?
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    agricola reacted to paultan in PaultanDesigns: Dark Knight PC   

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    agricola reacted to KaakaaN in Final: | Aqua Dreamer | By KaakaaN |   
    Hello!   This project is finally done and I have some better pictures now and fixed the cables at the 8pin hole.    I want to specially thank Phanteks and Be Quiet for their help.

    Update: Build of the week! :D   
                                Edit: Now it's night and I was going for a nightshot. Took me 66photos.   
      Specs:  NZXT Switch 810.  Asus P8Z77-V Pro. Intel Core i5 2500k @4.8GHZ . Phanteks PH-TC14PE Blue. XfX Radeon 6950 2gb. Crossfire! Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 580W. Intel 320 160GB SSD. Western Digital Green 2TB. Corsair Vengeance LP Blue 8GB. Asus Xonar Essence STX.   Peripherals: BenQ G22220HD Qpad OM-75. Steelseries QcK+ Na'vi Edition. Audio Technica ATH-M50 Zalman Mic. Corsair K70   That's all for this project. Perhaps it will come soomething new, who knows?   Thanks for tuning in and leave a comment if you want to.
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    agricola reacted to MetallicAcid in MetallicAcid's ROG V Gene TJ08-E   
    Welcome to Part 2 of 2 of final pictures for the ROG V Gene TJ08-E. I hope that you enjoy the album, and hopefully you will be inspired to do you own modding. Please remember that this is just my second computer ever, and my first mod.






















    With thanks to my sponsor Aquatuning!

    With a massive heartful thankyou,
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    agricola reacted to SubTract in What Modern UI should've been   
    Just some screens I put together of what I think modern UI could have been.



    What are your impressions and what do you think could've been done better with Modern UI?
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    agricola reacted to MG2R in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Dude, you don't understand! I NEED more pictures! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
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    agricola reacted to aba in What devices do people watch Linus Tech Tips videos on   
    "unknown devices": (definitely the aliens trying to learn about human computer hardware technology)