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  1. agricola

    Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction

    Why don't you use addressable leds like the ws2812B then you can run the strip around the entire inside and deside later which zones you want to light, this gives you more flexibility
  2. agricola

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    the Aria headset, it really shows the quality they put into their products.
  3. agricola

    FinalMouse Giveaway

    still using the HP mouse that came with my old PC, a new one would be a welcome upgrade
  4. agricola

    Raid not recognized anymore

    A year and a half ago I build a new pc, I installed windows on a SSD and I have a raid 1 array for my mass storage. up until today everything worked just fine, but after installing windows updates my raid isn't recognized anymore. translation:unrecognized configuration when I press change settings an error appears what should I do to solve this? PC specs: CPU 4930K GPU gtx 780tf Mobo asus sabertooth x79 samsung 840 pro 2x WD red 3TB
  5. agricola

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    would love to win one
  6. agricola

    Luke's Build Log Update Part 2

    Why would he rotate the power supply 90 degrees so that all cables would go down. this looks a lot cleaner and i think this would also leave more room for the reservoir?
  7. agricola

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    my favorite would be the Accent lighting kit since i don't have one now. the True Quiet Fans would also be more than welcome, since my current system is quite noisy
  8. Congratulations for reaching 1 Million subscribers! This channel and forum helped me in building my first PC
  9. agricola

    Would my R9 280X Toxic be able to run games on 2K

    do you know when this monitor comes for sale and at what price?
  10. agricola

    Watercooling GPU vs CPU

    My advise is go with the h100i for your cpu and take a blower design gpu so that your gpu will blow the heat outwards instead of heating the inside of your case.
  11. agricola

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    what i liked most was the large customisability of the settings and i also liked the clean design.
  12. agricola

    LG 29UM95

    does anyone know if the lg 29um95(http://www.lg.com/nl/monitoren/lg-29UM95-ips-monitor ) will come for sale, it has been on their site for a while now and i can't find any reviews. or sellers. i would like to know this because i'm intrested in buying one. When it wont come for sale i will look for an other monitor, else I will wait for a price.
  13. agricola

    LG 29UM65 Monitor Review

    what is your opinion on the LG 29UM95 http://www.lg.com/nl/monitoren/lg-29UM95-ips-monitor is the extra resolution to the 65 benificial? would you still prefer the 34 inch model?
  14. agricola

    ubisoft games not on C drive

    I found online that MBR supports up to 2 TB and i have a 3TB harddrive, will this still work and how should i do this, i don't want to lose everything that is already installed?
  15. agricola

    ubisoft games not on C drive

    i already contacted them they don't give serious answers, like try to restart your pc.