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  1. Humanity will always surprise you some way..
  2. Virus__

    Where is Max?

    Damn. Ah well. Was nice to see him back even if it was only short lived.
  3. Virus__

    Where is Max?

    Max left to do other things. Spent some time in Europe. She has an Instagram where she showcases her photography work. Some cool stuff. More importantly.. Where the fuck is Ivan at?!
  4. $1.60 AUD per litre. Which is $1.12 USD per litre. Which is $6.58 AUD per US GAL Which is $4.62 USD per US GAL. That's just for Unleaded 91 Octane/RON. Not for E10 94, Unleaded 95, Unleaded 98 Premium, E85, Diesel, Biodiesel or Premium Diesel. Just the cheapest fuel. It's fucked. Especially since it was sitting at under $1.20 AUD a litre last week..
  5. I often get attacked for my use of sarcasm on the internet, usually because I don't give any hint i'm being sarcastic. But I also think I shouldn't need to be when what i'm saying is so stupid..
  6. I guess the poor bloke has jaundice. Was nice knowing him.
  7. Probably a HP AIO PC I picked up for $40 at a local auction because they called it a "Monitor" and didn't know if it worked. Came with a blu-ray drive, a copy of Windows 10, was touch screen. I ripped out the blu-ray drive & put an SSD in it that I had lying around & then sold it for $300.
  8. They're liquid only under pressure. As soon as they meet the atmosphere they gas. But I really wouldn't be recommedning using cans of "compressed air" as they're usually something like difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, tetrafluoroethane, or butane. Most of those are not exactly something you want to be breathing in & are kinda bad for the planet.. Also butane is kinda flammable..
  9. Also if you're gonna use an air compressor, might be smart to install an inline water/oil trap like you would use when using a paint gun on one, so you don't have oil & water come down the line & get blown into your PC components.
  10. I say that cause he used to do it all the time on his instagram stories. He knows how to cook!
  11. Get a dog & take it out daily. Get a hobby that isn't tech related. Go out with friends. Get a job.
  12. When I first saw it all I could think of was the Subarute Mighty Car Mods did in their build off against Road Kill..
  13. I bought AirPods Gen 2, non-wireless charging, because I didn't feel a $70 premium for Wireless charging was worth it, when I haven't bothered to invest in a wireless charger yet.
  14. You should. Firefox is great. I've pretty much been using it where I can since 2004. Most recently having it on iOS is great. Plus it's got some good extensions, like one that stops Facebook tracking you across the internet via the like button & comment box plugins sites use. I still use Chrome where I have to be logged into other things like my work account for Google+ etc. Which is a Gmail back end anyway. But I find Firefox still works the better out of both on both my Windows machines, my Mac & iPhone.
  15. I don't think you picked up on my sarcasm mate
  16. Can't see a $60 USD screwdriver selling particularly fast with an audience that is made up of under 25's, and a lot are under 18.. As this is the new version of his screwdriver. I personally wouldn't pay close to 100 AUD for one of these when, the likes of Stanley, Kincrome, Milwaukee or Irwin all do the same thing for like a quarter the price .. https://store.snapon.com/Standard-Handle-8-3-4-Ratcheting-Standard-Screwdriver-P634146.aspx
  17. No. There's only going to be X570 boards, AMD doesn't want poor people buying their products any more. Only rich people who Intel screwed over.
  18. Our winters are all over the place. We see snow in the ACT, Victoria & Tasmania. But warmer humid temperatures in Far North Queensland & the Northern Territory. We also get to minus temps over night where I am on the Gold Coast, but see high teens to low 20's during the day. (Celsius by the way)
  19. We use touch screen AIO's from HP with Core i5's in them. I assume they're dual core I5's & 8GB of ram.. They do the job, which is mostly web based anyway.
  20. All good mate. As much as I would love a bunch of tools from Snap On, at their price point I feel you're paying for the name, and quality of the tool stopped a lot of dollars ago.
  21. The style of his screwdriver is called a ratchet screwdriver. I use one of these by Stanley personally. It was about 1/10th the price of the one Linus uses from Snap On. https://www.bunnings.com.au/stanley-fatmax-standard-ratchet-screwdriver-and-12-piece-bit-set_p6110654
  22. It's by SnapOn Tools. They make insanely expensive but quality tools (still too expensive for my liking). Good luck finding one, as the orange one he has is an old model & is not in production any more.
  23. Turn on Steam Guard & use 2 factor authentication. If you have a smart phone you should be using it.