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  1. I switched to Volta cables for my PS4 controllers along with my Wireless Mouse & Keyboard for recharging purposes. They're honestly the best thing i've gotten, cause they've got the magnetic tips they're great & easy to use, also no port wear & tear then! Plus LTT did a review of them years ago & recommended them.
  2. Sigh. This is why Steve was so on the fence about doing these, because of the price they were going to have to charge. He wanted high quality, but it wasn't going to come cheap, especially after all the R&D he & the GN team put into this produce. Honestly, it's a great mat & if I could justify the $150 AUD it works out to be with postage for the large version I'd get one. But i'm broke AF these days.
  3. Considering i've had both gaming PC's & a PS3 & PS4 the last 10 years i'm gonna list my favourite releases from both. So let's see; 2010: Alan Wake for PC Heavy Rain for PS3 2011: Portal 2 2012: Max Payne 3 2013: GTA V & The Last of Us 2014: South Park: The Stick of Truth 2015: Fallout 4 2016: Watch_Dogs 2 2017: South Park: The Fractured But Whole 2018: Red Dead Redemption 2 2019: So I haven't played a single release from 2019. Despite having Just Cause 4, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Far Cry New Dawn & a few other titles from 2019 on PS4 ha.
  4. One of my favourite songs of 2019. I'm also somewhere in the crowd in the first few seconds of the video haha.
  5. If you noticed I said I don't, but it's possible.
  6. I can also connect to my my phone, AirPods & bluetooth speaker up to my PC, via the BT, I don't, but it's possible.
  7. For my mouse (MX Master 2S) & keyboard (Corsair K63 Wireless) So I don't have to occupy USB ports.
  8. Yeah he started out with Jackson in 99 then moved to BC Rich in 00 for Iowa for a brief period (he doesn't rate BC Rich from what I recall), then Ibanez around 2003/2004 for Vol 3, then back to Jackson in 2016. Now he has 2 signature guitars with Jackson. Ha, fair enough!
  9. I thought Mick Thomson was back to playing Jacksons.. I am so lost as to why there's a Schecter guitar with his signature frets on it when i've never heard of him using their guitars or endorsing them
  10. Used to play bass & guitar. Had a Thunderbird 4 string & Hartke 60w solid state amp which I owned for about 15 years until I sold them both last year. Also had an LP Junior & an acoustic with pick up, what model I forget. But sold them all last year after not playing for a few years. Mostly devastated about selling the bass as i'd had it so long & it was in a gorgeous tobacco sunburst. Been wanting to play again after seeing Violent Soho at Good Things on the weekend, those guys have the energy & love for music I once did, plus it's style I always have liked to play. Shame the real world gets in the way of doing anything real & fun regarding music.
  11. Right. So i'm a pretty hairy bloke. Back, chest, legs, arms, viking style beard etc.. Yes. There's plenty of girls out there who go crazy for a hairy guy. My last few girlfriends have loved it. One in particular was crazy about chest hair. Current girl i'm seeing digs it too. Despite she hates body hair on herself.
  12. The AirPods aren't new. Well they are, as I just got them back from a warranty claim. The Dbrand skin on them is also new. But I just upgraded to an iPhone 11 Max Pro 256GB (from an iPhone Xr 64gb) & a Series 5 44mm Apple Watch Cellular Version (from a Series 3 GPS) I was kinda skeptical on the phone upgrade, but, my telco have me a good deal, so I thought why not. But it's a much better phone, not that the Xr was a slouch
  13. Humanity will always surprise you some way..
  14. Virus__

    Where is Max?

    Damn. Ah well. Was nice to see him back even if it was only short lived.
  15. Virus__

    Where is Max?

    Max left to do other things. Spent some time in Europe. She has an Instagram where she showcases her photography work. Some cool stuff. More importantly.. Where the fuck is Ivan at?!