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  1. Cpu: i7 920@3.5ghz Gpu: msi gtx 970 stock Ram: 12gig ddr3 1333 Score: 6.9
  2. HEXiT


    1 question. the mouse wheel spindle, is it metal or plastic?. as it will have a serious impact on the longevity of the mouse.
  3. actually no... actually no... a p4 would be perfectly capable of handling an ssd. its motherboard on the other hand.... (no sata support) the only thing that i know can bottlenck an ssd is the sata port/controler on the motherboard. it has nothing to do with the which cpu your running.
  4. saying as your already into buying junk. http://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gaming-audio/razer-carcharias-for-xbox-pc they have pretty good sound but are fragile. if you want something a little more robust with decent sound for gaming... there not brilliant but are better than razers own designs. http://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gaming-audio/licensed-headset-range if you want good sound and are willing to forgo a mic (add a boom mic seperatly) http://en-us.sennheiser.com/monitoring-headphone-studio-professional-audio-hd-380-pro
  5. not quite mate. the big jump happend with the first gen i5/i7 with a 40% performance bump over the previous gen core 2 duo/quads. after that the actual performance gains clock for clock have been about 3-4% each gen. but your right in saying intel have stagnated.
  6. id say keep the 2500k as the outlay for a new cpu isnt worth the performance gains. you would be lucky to get 100 for it and you would be looking at x2 that to get a comparable replacement. the 2500k is no slouch, it will give every bit the gaming performance of a newer ivy/haswell/broadwell in gaming. seriously... (i run a earlier 920 and my 3d marks and fps are pretty much on par with builds that contain much newer cpu's ) and will in no way bottleneck a single or sli gtx 970 config.
  7. mate there are plenty of second hand options out there and for the budget thats your only real option to get some grunt on the cheap. i just sold my hd 5870 for £50 (about 75bux) and i think the guy overpayed. if you can find something similar then go for it. amd or nvidia it doesnt matter as long as it has some midrange grunt. 100-150 will get you a brand new gtx 960
  8. gtx 970 and i cant say im that impressed. upgraded from a hd 5870 which was modded with an arcticool 5870 extreme. it ran maxed out at 46'c and had zero fan noise. when i say zero i mean you couldnt hear unles you were within 6 inches of it and even then it was just a low woosh of air flowing over the blades. now im stuck with this supposedly quiet msi frozer v which is throwing off 36db at load with a gpu temp of 70+'c then we have the nvidai drivers. i have had 4 sets of drivers downloads since i installed it a little over 2 weeks ago. i much prefer the 1s a month releases amd were doing. also whats with all these needless services being auto run at startup. i dont have a 3d screen and i dont use shield but i have no option to forgo them and just download the gfx driver. fact is the only thing i like about the card is the less vibrant pallet which lends itself to better photorealism.
  9. if you think a 20% oc is worth the extra 1-2 fps on a game thats already producing 60+ then go for it. the reality is very few games benefit from overclocking the cpu. so yeah get the none k part and get a better gpu.
  10. if gaming is the priority then the 4790k is the best option as for the ram crucial do an led series called "tracer" ram. just get the lowest latency ddr3 1600/1866 you can afford. as for the motherboard you cant really go wrong with an asus rampage but if your only going with 1 gpu and dont intend buying stuff like m.2 sata ssd's then just go for a board that has full speed 1 pci-e 16 slot rather than an sli or xfire board.
  11. something to ruffle a few feathers... i7 920 d0 @3.3 msi 970 frozer v 12 gig ddr3 1333 250gig ssd (evo) my 3dmark. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/7235208
  12. HEXiT

    Logitech G400s

    the G400 is a cheap mouse so its hardly surprising that it does cut corners on some aspects of quality. but the reality is it doesnt scrimp on the sensor and LMR microswitchs which means very good response and control... the real shame is they dont use the sensor in some of there more quality orientated mice. for me its the best £20 mouse you can find. the negatives shouldn't put you off because you wont find a better mouse if you added another £10 to the budget. certainly nothing with a laser will come close at £30 thats for sure.
  13. have you ran chkdsk lately?
  14. first open the case and check the wires. make sure that the gpu is plugged into the top most pci-e slot on the motherboard. connect the monitor to the gpu output, not the 1 attached to the motherboard. boot the system and go into bios look for the pci-e settings and set it to peg 1 or what ever is used to set the gfx to the first pci-e slot and disable cpu/gpu at the same time. save and quit. reboot and hope you see a signal on your monitor.
  15. go into the ccc panel and load the default profile also disable amd overdrive and see if that stops the blurring. i have occasionally had the blurring effect in apps like twisted brush where the text would start sorta clear and as soon as i moved my mouse then blurr up again when the mouse stopped moving.