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  1. XSPC kits are well made, but steer away from the single bay reservoirs ... too noisy.
  2. its a piece of software i flirt with occasionally, i like knowing whats out of date, but using it to install updated software is a nightmare, its be downloading and redownloading my audio software updates for months, the installations never work unless I do it manually.
  3. I am currently using the 960 ssc. Its only 2gbs of vram but it plays (Fifa 16, F1 2015, Battlefield 4 and SWTOR) everything I want maxed out nicely. if you are going for the latest games, I would buy something more powerful but for last years stuff the 960 does a tip top job.
  4. All, The very decent and fine Mrs Tetters bought me the XSPC Raystorm 280 kit to replace my faithful old Corsair H75 this Christmas. After a little wait for it to arrive, the installation was eagerly jumped at. http://imgur.com/oYJEfka There are a few things that XSPC do well, product quality and effectiveness and installation instructions being a couple of them. Following their instructions really lead to an easy install, http://imgur.com/F5a2R2W The install went like a dream, way easier than I thought it might be but there was one big issue that I wasn't expecting. The tubing is quite stiff and I kind of messed up the angles its sitting at, so the tubing set-up isn't as neat as I would like it to be. it works fine for now, but I am tempted to replace it in the summer with hard line and make it really neat. The single bay reservoir is really small, the reason I went with this is because it was on sale and I figured its a great way to get into custom loops. Now its up and running, it does a great job. The pump is a tad loud in that you can hear a faint hum coming from it but the fans are completely silent (currently set up on a pull configuration). My next steps would be to go to a bigger reservoir and better pump, which would solve that issue I am sure. The initial filling was a bit of a pain given it can hold only a teardrop of water but once I got used to cycling the power every one second or so as it drained so fast I got the loop filled. I found that once I got water running through the rad and into the block, the rest of the filling was pretty simple. Now its working really well and it didn't take long for all the air bubbles to work their way out of the loop. http://imgur.com/ZZUrNZf All in all, I am chuffed to bits with the loop, but being me, am already planning on expanding it as soon as I can justify the cash. http://imgur.com/8cMqUld Cheers All T
  5. what exactly went wrong with your product. If its a valid issue, Logitech will replace or repair the item. In all things, being polite and reasonable will get a quick and most often positive response.
  6. i am trying to picture the PSU actually shitting itself as it sees the two 980s all hungry and ready to suck it dry!!!
  7. it must be a power issue for some reason ... but really odd!
  8. noit hugely big power draw ... and not at boot for sure. Perhaps there is an issue with the power cable from the PSU to the Card?
  9. odd, is everything connected properly in your buddy's build? Its odd that it works with the crappy old card but wont work with your card ...
  10. does the card work in another machine? It rather sounds like the card is stuffed ...
  11. no worries, if you buy one, post your thoughts here ...
  12. There are a few sites you can buy from - check these guys out: http://www.v1tech.com/shop/backplates/msi-dragon-backplates/ I would have thought that the EK back plate should work with the card without the waterblock unless its integral to the water block.
  13. I had an H75 for a couple of years, it comes with two fans for push pull. I tried it for a few days with just one fan and, contrary to quite a few opinions, I did about a 5c degrees variance at idle and about 10c at load. I ended up with using the push pull config until I replaced it with a custom loop.
  14. EVGA have probably the best support, but I have only good things from Kingpin. The Gigabyte G1 Gaming GPUs look amazing but I have heard some stories of pretty poor support from them. I understand your reluctance with AMD GPUs, I am so tempted to try one next, but the only GPUs to die on me were team red ones (two on the trot ..). I suspect that in reality, like for like, AMD v Nvidia you wouldn't see a difference in game, they both produce some stunning results. So if it comes to cost, the cheaper would be the better, which for you is Nvidia in this instance.
  15. Firstly, welcome to the forums, and secondly, after a quick google search it seems that this file has some issue with your memory. Try testing your memory with memtest to make sure there are no issues.
  16. ^^ this^^ plus add a blue led fan to the back of the case ....
  17. I am trying to remember, but in removing the PSU etc the BIOS can arse up its settings and not see SSDs. There is a way in the BIoS to set it to see the SSDs. If I find it before we head for New Years party, I will post it ....
  18. I am thinking its a software issue. If/when it happens again, research the nuts out of the BSOD header. In your shoes, I would make sure everything is updated, run a stress test or two and see how the system runs. Check that all hardware is seated right and powered properly .... and run memtest or something similar to check that all is good with the memory. My memory started to fail a couple of months ago, and i started getting BSODs that gave a different reason every time. I checked everything over and over but at the end of the day, it was the memory that was causing the fails .....
  19. Give it time, they could be running maintenance etc ... try in a few hours
  20. icons being re-ordered are a pain but nothing serious, it can happen when the old drivers are removed and the new ones are installed. I would suggest rolling back to the more stable older drivers. I too have up-dated my Nvidia drivers but havent had any issues yet.
  21. They need to pull their socks up, their Nvidia support is lacking too from what I read on these forums
  22. indeed, that's a static producer and we know how delicate PC parts are allergic to said static!!!!