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Everything posted by Dhrubo_Muhib

  1. Dhrubo_Muhib

    Intel 4790k

    Intel core i7 4790k can be compitiable with g skill tridentx 2400mhz ram?
  2. Dhrubo_Muhib

    Intel 4790k

    But the specs of the processor tells that <memory type ddr3 1333/1600>what does it mean?
  3. Dhrubo_Muhib

    Sli Bridge

    I built my system with SLI bridge.but even don't know how does it work
  4. Dhrubo_Muhib

    Sli Bridge

    Why do I need a sli or crossfire,I can't connect my monitor with two card.how can I have the full performance by getting one monitor connected with the sli?