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  1. onboard gpu works good.. so i think its the my gpu broken. thanks for all the hints
  2. hello guys im new in this "area" but can someone tell me if this is graphic problem or other problem with other "parts" of computer?
  3. peewee

    windows 7 M.2 ssd

    M.2 SSD 6 from intel Intel SSD 600p, so what i need to do any tutorial?
  4. peewee

    windows 7 M.2 ssd

    Hi, im using MSI M5 z270 with M.2 ssd and my question is how i can install windows 7 in this M.2 ssd because windows dont recognize this ssd and show the other HDD.
  5. peewee

    MSI M5 z270

    yes i have the logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 but how i put "fake" 5.1?
  6. peewee

    MSI M5 z270

    Hi i already install all drivers etc.. windows and realtek program detect all my 5.1 but when i put movie, youtube and spotify dont work 5.1 only 2.1 wtf is that bug?
  7. Hi, what kind of motherboard u reccomend to buy
  8. Yes, is to play some new games and rendering some stuff, but i want to know a good board and a good cpu. cause im a bit away from computer technology
  9. hi, lads what u guys say about my setup, should i improve or its ok? lets see Specs: Intel DZ77RE-75k, i52500k, 12RAM DDR3, MSI GTX1060 X 6GB is my motherboard and CPU to old in this days?! need some hints
  10. hi mates, which version of GTX 1060 is worth OC, TURBO... etc.. need some help about the type of versions
  11. hi lads, i just build a pc with some old pieces i have, but i have some annoying 4 beeps with black screen on boot.. but my really question is i need to connect the 8 pins power on board? "asus p8p67-m (i just have 4 pins connect because this PSU dont have the 8pins
  12. i can run but on low settings with low fps
  13. i want to buy a cheaper one just to run csgo and league of legends
  14. Hi i want to know, what kind of GPU's can i buy for this motherboard
  15. so i try to configure fan speed right here right? but i change the values and my fan always work 100% speed
  16. yes, i choose CPU FAN in bios i think that's it
  17. well, i try to change some values but nothing happen to the fan still run high speed
  18. yes, i saw that but i really dont know how it works :\
  19. well this new fan only have 3 but last have the 4 pin
  20. Intel DZ77RE-75K, i scout a bit in bios but i understand 0
  21. well this new fan only have 3 but last have the 4 pin
  22. Hi recently my cooler master v8 fan stop to work and i replace with another similiar but my problem is, how i control RPM of the fan? sorry for bad eng thanks
  23. hi, friends i really need some help with LAN drivers and Sound drivers for this laptop.. can someone help me? Lenovo thinkpad t40 2373-8cu