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  1. well i think i found the setting and switch it to 2400mhz got it to boot then i updated the bios and it seem to auto set it to 2100mhz so w/e at least it works. to bad my os on the ssd is corrupted...
  2. i did try it and it wont boot keep's blue screening
  3. so i down graded from a asus z270 mark 1 to an asus z170 mark 1 (because i wanted too....) anyway my corsair dominator platinum 3000mh ram (CMD16GX4M2b3000C15) 15-17-17-35 1.35v from the z270 looks like it wont work with the z170. on there website it just says 2400mhz/2133mhz how do i down clock it to work? 3200mhz might work if i bios update but don't no.
  4. so many factors the would go in to it. the best 120 io vs the cheapest 360 io. the rads will be different, pumps, fans, cpu block fins, would all give different results so.... also it depends on what your ambient temperature vs some one els across the world also your case cooling should add to the cooling of the cpu in some way so that be even more randomness if you wanted to do a test you would need the same rads just 1 is bigger and do the test with one person reusing all the same hardware and temp controlled room. you should get better temps with a bigger rad but how much don't no.
  5. the commander pro has a build in usb hub. or nzxt sell one same with aquacomputer. you can buy a cheap generic one but i have it and it seem to disconnect so take that with a gran of salt. a mb usb head is well 2 usb in 1 head so if you had an adapter from 10 pin to 4 pin. if you have 2 header you could have 4 usb ports but that sounds like extra work and cables so w/e the hub takes 4pin and corsair strip is 3 pin so no strip with the core unless you get a custom cable. or unless corsair sell a 4pin strip? as for mixing fans i don't no i guess its up to the software weather each channel can have its own fan type like the commander and node.
  6. if its a 4pin then each port has to be filled form 1 to w/e first so fill 1 then 2 then 3 so on not skimping.
  7. well you no there all ready an water block for an ssd...but anyway ltt got to llt it for views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQmI5A27Iv8
  8. ya...sounds like the same problem i have and rgb.... should look at my build guide ill look at yours ya i have not really dived in to setting everything up just getting cables and adapters so i don't even no if it will all work with icue so we will see.
  9. i have a cooler master aio and im not using there controller (because its broken) and it works fine so....
  10. the pump should have an argb plug and a pump plug same with the fans a plug for fans and a plug for the argb on the fans if it still don't work could be dead (as cooler master stuff is shit) or its not compatible
  11. that strip is garbage. go buy a rgb 12v strip. it will have 12v r g b on the strip. you may have broke that header
  12. that port is proprietor and you use the included adapters to attach to 3 pin jst-sm connectors. the splitter you have now is that stander 2+1 connector so you will have to use the splitter on the mb then plug the hub in to that
  13. your argb header on the mb is only 5v and that strip is 12v so you need to get 12v from your psu. also your argb mb header only has 1 dada so you will need to pic 1 and see what one works. should be din (dada in) it will probably easier to just buy another strip that is argb 5v
  14. maybe a controller that is msi compatible and uses this might work.
  15. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/LED-RGB-RF-Remote-Controller-DC-USB-SATA-14Key-for-WS2811-WS2812B-Strip-Light/293172016758?hash=item444269f676:m:mBvwvmW_ajNIQ5MMVib5pvg
  16. i thought mystic light only controls the mb header but i could be wrong. i mean i think any internal usb should work external if you get an adapter.
  17. lianli uses a jst-sm connector so you would need an adapter cable to attach that to your mb header but the only cables i can find are in a packaged and are $15+ i found this if you wanted to add the lianli to your corsair then you need another custom cable i don't no what a light box is? if its just stranded connector 2+1 and want it on corsair this should work or this if you only have 1 argb mb header and 2 devices you will need a slitter or hub but all attached to it will all get the same effect f you only have 1 argb mb header and 2 devices and want each to have its only color or w/e each will need its own header. so you will need a usb controller or more then 1 argb header.
  18. so thermaltake software is more simple, each systems has its own software like argb has one and rgb has one. aslo i dont think thermaltake has any keybords headphones or anything but i could be wrong. corsair has argb software only if you want rgb to work with it you need to buy a dac witch dose exists. you can ramp fan rpm to a temp, make custom led stuff. they have everything keyboards, mouse, headphones and im guessing there water cooling stuff will also link up to there icue. but the question then what about aqua computer and there argb and its software?? is that the best? can do both rgb and argb. i think you can even uses your phone.
  19. forgot about monitors and chairs
  20. i think rgb is just advertised more then non so it makes you think that there non good stuff with out. (you can still buy gentle typhoons)
  21. https://antec.com/product/case/nx210.php so some controllers that have a Manuel button for speed,mode,brightness may also alow you to use your reset switch to pick one of thows modes from out side your case and well this case adds another switch so you can now do 2 modes out side the case. only controller that comes to mind is corsair.