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  1. ya i tried re installing and it still ends up happening
  2. so 139 405 at 33 degrees is the normal what it should be at and the problem is at 1632 and 5005 at 48 degrees with 15gb ram usages both are at idle with a few tabs open. my gpus should be doing nothing when not gaming...
  3. i did a restart on the pc and Physicl mem is at around 19% with 1 youtube open and ltt and about 3gb ram usage sounds about right and the gpu mem down two 3% and the gpu mhz 139 and 405 at 33 degrees sounds about right. but i don't no why it sticks at gpu mhz 1632 and 5005 at 48 degrees and 15gb ram when im not gaming thow it don't even go that high when gaming so i don't no.
  4. i have not changed anything in there but i click the button and nothing.
  5. well i do have youtube open but nothing playing
  6. so i have this problem for some time but my gpu normally should idle at 32 degrees but some times its gets locked at 50 degrees and 45% usage also all 16 gb of my ram is being used... all im doing is surfing the net... any idea? virus?
  7. they sell white ql and ll fans. others say don't take corsair fans apart and don't paint the fan only the frame if you do.
  8. so from what i gathered that games are built around diffrent hardware specs. some games work better using an amd cards vs nvida and vise versa. some game like cores count, some like mhz speed. some like fewer cores(yes you can get lots of cores at hi mhz rate like 5mhz across 12 cores but its not cheap) some games like lots of ram. some games like lots of vram on the gpu. so depending on what games your playing will depend on how future proof you build is. basically make it as fast as you can afford.
  9. f well i wouldn't cut up a fan but meh i would just zip tie it. ya old gpus are LOUDE! might have just gone with out the fan... also you can buy a pci 120mm fan to blow on it but anyway.
  10. want to use rgb on a corsair commander pro or node? hears a dac for that.
  11. if the lian li is argb and the ml120 are also argb it will work....but off the bat the connectors are different so then you have to get an adapters. there are some ways of getting argb to work with rgb controller but its not ideal plan your build around all rgb or all argb. if you all ready have the corsair commander or node and want the argb strip to attach to it then you need an adapter 1 2 3
  12. i don't really no i just seen other guides use the ground so if it works with out then good. some one with electronics nolage would no that reason.
  13. there a risk with anything you do with your pc. other option is to make your own adapter and put power from the psu.
  14. that will be up to you as there so many. you have to pic how many leds per meter you want as long as the strip has the copper pads it should be cut able like the the pic.
  15. ya looks like you will need different strips. keep in mind that other strips use an jst-sm connector different form what you mb connector is so then you going to have to get an adapter
  16. what strips you got? ya there are non soldering clips but imo solder better. i cant find cheaper ammazon being stupid.
  17. ya you can cut them in the middle of the copper pads and just solder wires to it
  18. so how do you want to get the cable out? drill a hole or out an pci slot? i my self will be putting rgb strip on the bottom of my case too but im just drilling a hole and i got rgb 90 degree corners that ill mount to the bottom. all you really doing is cutting the strip and adding an extension with wires
  19. diy or you can buy a powered hub oh i think i get what you want. for the second strip instead of garbing data and ground from the mb grab it from the end of the first strip
  20. there are to mane connectors i don't no what the asus controller uses so as long as it matches i should work.
  21. attaching a probe to the + and _ of the sata or molex should tell you latest were thows pins are i would think.