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  1. ok good idea but im not oping a door...
  2. if i was on a wood floor i could see that but im on concrete with carpet and im not stomping or jumping around im more less tip towing. but i do have my cell pluged in to my pc...tho the camera is face up to the ceiling...
  3. so i have something weird happening when i leave my room (notice this when i go shower every day about 15-20 mints ) my monitor go's black but as soon as i go in the room it turns on. how is this even possible? it would need some sort of motion detection. i do no have the screensaver on. i do not have any sleep modes on. my monitor is a benq gl2450.
  4. ya ok. i don't need it i already have a skylake 6600k and an i7 920 1366 (witch would probably beat that server for gaming even thow its only;y 6gb ram) it be just for messing with or sell it as a server / buget gaming pc. (as of right now price dropped to $150 so i might be able to get it cheaper haha. the problem right now is everyone is listing there old pc's for too much. like my i7920 1366 pc is worth $250-$300 even thow its like 9 years old. come to think of it i could probly resell my ssd i got in December for $135 for a 480gb i could probably resell that for more then i paid because the price dubbed.ahah so i was watching a youtube video on guy making an mindcraft server and he said it would work with 1gb of ram 2gb ram for moded. i guess for servers you alacakte some ram to a server. the more ram you have the more servers you can run is how i see it i guess. so in terms that seem like a good server haha.anyway thx for your time
  5. i read somewhere that each fan you add adds 3 dbs. some one asked if 4 60mm fans would be better then 1 120mm fan and no its not.
  6. looks like it uses an 24 pin, 4 pin and an 6 pin but i could be wrong. i guess ddr3 8gb ram would beat out dd2 32 gb server ram or something like that. linus made a server gaming pc for $150 (im guessing that was us? i dont no he dose say) but ya i think it is an 16x slot but only uses 8x so i guess any desktop platform would be better at 16x. so hard to compare pc to pc. so may variables haha. only thing i could think of using it as a server would be for mindcraft but i no nothing about server haha and i probably could just do a vm to do that. i was just wondering with that amount of ram and 2 cpu's had some edge for the money but i guess not. anyway thx for the replay. and ya they do look cool haha just something about lots of ram and 2 cpus... if i was looking for an budget server pc for gaming what things should i look for?
  7. hey i was wounding if and SuperMicro X7DBN motherboard with 2X Xeon X5365 CPU's @ 3.00 Ghz. and 32gb ram for $160can was a good deal? i don't need it but maybe i can turn it in to an gaming pc and sell it for a bit more? i think it come's with and hhd don't no how big,and an psu,and Seanix Case. what would be the pros and cons of turning it in to an cheap gaming pc.
  8. ya rain in mindcraft seem to eat all the fps. (would be nice to have a setting to turn it off) i no you can do an command block but still. for me i was using an 1366 mb with an i7 920 cpu and an gtx 760 with 6gb of ram. despite it being old i probably could have just got a better gpu and used it for a year or two. i was going to use it tell it died but who no's how long that will take. ya the cpu would bottle neck the gpu but still think it would have been better. at some point there will be something that you need to play new games like dx12 and so on at that point you have to upgrade. (aka windows 10.....) but wright now there only a few games that are dx12 so. as for setting there are some settings that are huge resource hogs for little gan. like super a f f or w/e they call it. also that setting requiters more then a serten amount of gpu ram to use.
  9. the barbs on top was just and idea i had but for now ill probably just cap it. i no i ordered more clamps just waiting... also waiting on screws too. ya this project got way out of and and should have not been done. so many problems. but what is done is done and have to move on. or wait untell i get more money to do what i want. but im already pushing like $3000. i do have $1360 in parts i need to sell but its an waiting game on that. i relay suck at drawing haha but i should try.
  10. oh i no how i could do it with out a res is buy using the rad itself. the 2 aphacool rads are crossflow so in one end out the other. well it has ports on both sides so on top i can fill it. then feed it in to the pump. still i guess a t line would be need for air to bleed out.
  11. yep or 1 res feed many pumps. just as long as you don't run the pump dry haha that is.
  12. i tryed to do it "cheaply'' so i cheaped on fitting's. i do have a few male to male 90. but i think im going to have to buy a few 90's. i still have 4 ball vaves to add in as it was saposto be an easey loop to drain. open like 2 or so valves and 95% of the water flows out... dont think that;s going to be the case. insted of me buying 4 pumps i sould have spent that on fittings and valves so i can remove a part in the loop if need too. maybe trying to make it ease im just making it harder haha.
  13. ya there's 2 loops. the orange tubing is just an mock set up as im trying to figger out how im going to do it and how to mount the res. the rads are mock too as the just have the shrouds on them. i was trying to see how much space i had.
  14. oh ok haha this is what im woring with in case your wondering and i got to do the same on the other side... so much for being clean and ez to empty...
  15. would it not benefit form forcing water in to the pump then gravity feeding?
  16. oh ya you could use a ball valve. i don't want to remove the res just was easer to go back to the pump then it was to the res.
  17. ya so i see having the water go back to the res makes it so air bubbles can escape. but once most of em are out then you could have it just go to the pump. but how would you go from res to pump then switch it to rad to pump with out adding in air haha so it would not work. unless you just used a t line in between the rad and pump.
  18. haha i made them i cant return them. i only paid $2.50 for each (and i can put an 5mm led in them...) so that link is basic pointless adding a shroud. push pull works better then just push and a shroud. it also depends on rad and probly fan so.. for now ill just use it for the push and not the pull. thx
  19. ya like that. i no a better fan is better then a shroud but i all ready have em so...
  20. its just a fan that i cut out so an 120mm 25mm just the fan cut out. i was just wondering if i should plane were i can to use a shroud on the pull so it be pull fan shroud rad shrould push fan instead of pull fan rad shroud push fan dose having an pull shroud have any benefit?
  21. so most loops order will go from out res in pump out pump in cpu/gpu block out cpu/gpu block in rad out rad in res or something like that. but in sted of going back to the res you could just go to the pump if you got two out and in to your pump top right? or would this be a problem? out res in pump out pump in cpu/gpu block out cpu/gpu block in rad out rad (skip res) in pump out pump in cpu/gpu block out cpu/gpu block in rad out rad in pump and so on. also when doing push pull only the push need or could use a shroud? the pull dose not need one right?
  22. Making an much need cut. http:// Geting rid of that stupid bar that block's your HDD rods. http:// This ones on the pedestal. http:// Drill out the rivets http:// Drilled 120mm holes for rad. 8 out of the 12 screws should be ok... http://