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  1. Disclaimer i will not be held responsible for any damages and im not a professional do it at your own risk. well this is a pin out guide for corsair, lianli, bykski, barrow, thermaltake, nzxt, and aquacomputer. hopefully i got the pins right. i have bought nzxt and thermaltake argb controllers and cooler master rgb and argb controllers to figgout how the pin out works. your welcome! soon i want to get aquacomputer argb but cant seem to find a good deal... also ek argb controller looks interesting too but i think it uses standard connectors and asus controller well its just down right expensive... because asus. my any thing rgb links lian li: uses a 3pin jst-sm connector byksk:Jst 2.0 PH 4pin to 2+1 3pin argb connector ( some of there stuff come with an adapter to go from byksk to 3pin argb connector. you can also buy the adapter cable by it self. also there a big and small hub) barrow: uses a stander 3pin fan connector thermaltake: standard 9 pin(10pin) internal usb header 5pin internal usb header will work too depending on if you want the argb or fan NZXT: (i think it uses jst 2.0 ph connectors) Aquacomputer:don't no yet corsair: connectors uses 3pin and 4 pin connectors. they are called many names so its hard to look up. each web site might innovatory it with there own name and model number so. aslo there a company called molex (not to confuse with the molex we all no on the psu) that has the patent to the "corsair" connector 2.54-03-FH 2543 MOLEX 2.54mm MX2.54 Dupont Belt Buckle 2.54mm JCORSAIR1 Molex 50-57-9403 3pin male Molex 70107-0002 3pin female Molex 50-57-9404 4pin male Molex 70107-0003 4pin female my other post about corsair connectors: other custom corsair cables: Other connectors and cables: argb nzxt hue 2 4pin to 3pin 5v guide Coolman pin out guide Master Barrow, Bykski, Lian li, Corsair connector pin out guide:
  2. he cuts holes on metal but you get the idea. also use mesh in front. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ML11Wq5T-Q what you could do thow is get a peach of plex cut to fit in there then cut a frame out and then attach a mesh to it. i read that cheap pantyhose works good. another option would be to add fans on the bottom and top.
  3. icue uses corsair fans only and is 5v argb. asus depends on header on the mb should control both 5v and 12v. for a good looking fan that looks good from that back is the Thermaltake Riing Trio. but you have to use Thermaltak controller to use it. there is a TT Sync Controller that hooks to your 5v argb head on the mb to use that software if you want. there are a few cheap brands that also have rgb on the back. also you could use an rgb fan gill.
  4. dam son ill sell mine for $1,000,000. there is one other but it cost way more. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Solarity-Tech-ArrRGB-DAC-Essential-Bundle/372697341481?hash=item56c67e1e29:m:mADEzp4iBu7b7mW_fSMy4bg
  5. ya distilled water the way to go imo w/e you did it looks really good.
  6. ya i got the corsair controllers and fans but ill have to hook, bykski, barrow, lian li, and posably ezdiyfab all together to the corsair controllers. should be fun....said no one. but ill put out a guide when im done. then there's the problem of controlling so so many fans... i did get a aquacpmputer controller on the way so that should work.
  7. looks nice. ya you may think that rgb controller bundle is a lot...but ill have something that will pass that.... it will be insanity. you got me beat on rgb fittings thow...
  8. there are WiFi rgb controllers but they don't hook to your pc only your phone. if your doing the room you will need more power there are kits for rooms. not saying its not posable to do but you will have to do your home work, make your own cables, soder and stuff. all you need to do is attach the ground and data cable to the controller and run power from els ware but then you have cables runing out side that case....doable but up to you... also looks like that mb only have a 4pin so you would need an adapter or a different controller. also you would have to find out how much power needed. https://i.imgur.com/9qhbp0M.png https://i.imgur.com/9b5z2HM.png https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Addressable-Controller-SK6812-RGBW-Programmable/dp/B07G77YD9L
  9. haha i dint notice but there no way your fitting a vertical gpu in there i dont get it. people make the smallest posable pc and don't have problems. also nexus test the case with stock fans if it comes with 1 fan hes test with 1 fan. (he also wont put a noctua in it because that case is too cheap ) come to think of it i dont no what his test bench is but it probly runs hoter then the ryzen. the smaller the case with good fans should give better temps then a bigger case so.... besides ryzen low power anyway. un less the front fans are blocked badly. if that's the case ied put fans on the bottom and top. but thats imo. besides you might not want you pc to last 10 years anyway. with that gpu it probly be upgrades in a year or 2 with something even more efficient. https://www.amazon.ca/Kaislin-Vertical-Graphics-Bracket-Support/dp/B07MMMDTNQ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=vertical+gpu&qid=1569205343&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/offer-listing/B07T7MT7VW/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new https://www.amazon.ca/gp/offer-listing/B07TB8SRMG/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  10. get a $50 pc for the emulation and spend the rest on a switch for botw
  11. corsair uses its own connectors so you would have to buy a cable or make one ( the strip go in to the node or commander so it uses a 3pin ). as for the asus i don't no what connector it uses. if there both 5v addressable you just have to match up the data, ground and 5v. both strips will have it printed on the strip. or you could de solderer the connectors and just wire them up. this might work i don't no. corsair 3pin 3wire to male 2+1 cable
  12. dam that's nice. ya i don't no how to code so Arduino out. but there cheap and can do anything thing with it.
  13. extreme ya my asus rampage extreme 2 mb comes with a blue led io shield yes this is correct.. it also came with an little lcd that sits on the desk to tell temp and stuff but would not turn off when pc was off so it being in my room i had to disable it.
  14. ya dancing is hell. you might not think it but it will get you ripped. same with gymnastics gets you more ripped then lifting wights.
  15. ya you don't loses the strength. or at least when you do go back to lifting you get up there faster.
  16. anyone that uses plastic bottles is because its subsidized. cheaper to use plastic instead of 99.9% reycal of glass and metal.
  17. Ya i do agree all of mb software if just garbage. and only a few controllers are worthy. all have there pros an cons. and the rgb dose add extra cost. in some cases a hell of a lot of cost. but that's how consumption works there got to be something new to go buy and all the hype around it that makes you want to go buy. im a victim myself. history repeats it self. we been here before...
  18. if Noctua had an rgb fan... Noctua rgb fan reality noctua fan with rgb grill
  19. seams about right. if you want rgb and want it cheap this way to do it imo
  20. hmm there got to be a build around the r.g.b with no leds cant seem to find any
  21. oh your one of thows....just kidding haha to each there own
  22. all the rgb pulls power from the pwm right? fine for a few rgb things but be hard to do for me haha i would need to pull power from multy pwm ports haha it only works with one color? or can it be w/e color its just dims it right?