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  1. ya most do this. but if you spend just a little more on a psu and get black cables it just mite save money unless you want something other then black haha if your really cheap then electrical tape works kinda until it starts to unravel or dust sticks to it....
  2. what would you do if you couldn't hide the cable behind the mb?
  3. hey i have a question. when you plan your builds do you try and hide as much cable as possible or do you try and get sleeved cables to show them off. or do you do both hide what not sleeved and show off your sleeved cables? why im asking i have a thermaltake core 200 case and cables cant really be hidden too well. some cables ill will show off like the lian li 24pin and 8pin rgb cables and i do have sleeved orange psu extension cables for mb power. look like i can get an orange usb cable extension but cost $10 or should i hide it some how. im already sending 4x 120 cables under the case and up the front should i do that for all my cables? i will have other cables like rgb cables form flow meter depending were i put it. the cpu rgb cable will most likely just have to be sent up. (i have cable sleeved before and don't like to do it) im thinking on finding some thin argb strips and adding it to my ek vertical gpu and probably my pump tops. also i will have 4 orange hdmi cable coming down the the gpu. i do have some orange sata cables as im running windows 7 and it dose not like m.2 so ssd it is. i think i can use an m.2 for storage just not the os install... i could send the cables to the other side the non window side but then that side will look nasty and i might want to add a window to that side down the road. aslo thinking on putting rgb strips on the bottom of the case
  4. whats the reason to keep sound form escaping? if your using speakers uses headphones instead. and why cant a window be opened?
  5. what if you have no case... then no need to move the air. it will just rise up.
  6. so i was woundering if you were to hook up an non corsair argb strip to corsair node, commander or hub how would you do it? i do no the software has limits its self. i do no they only recomand conectoing 4 strips of 10 led for a total of 40 leds per channal but im im not pulling power form the node, commander or hub just ground and data how would you do it?
  7. addressable led is what your looking for. as far as a usb and software controlled rgb there are a few options. corsair, nzxt, asus, thermaltake, are your mane ones. there is coolermater but there stuff sucks so ied suggest stay away form them.
  8. if the device has a 2+1 connector then no it wont plug in. but if you attach a 4pin to the 2+1 then to the hub it work. or you could just cut the pins out and convert the 4pin hub in to 3 pin. or just buy a 3pin hub....
  9. ya can use a 4 pin on a 3 pin just don't connect a 5v device to a 12v mb header. or in this case if you have a 5v device on the hub only use 5v on it and pull 5v form the mb. same with the 4pin 12v device on the hub only use 12v on the hub and 12v from the mb header. dont mix it! the deepcool convertor gos form 4pin 12v rgb mb header to 5v argb device. looks like there in stock now.
  10. im guess is the XLR is the big plug. too big to fit on a pic slot. they could do an adapter but i guess they don't care. so external it is.
  11. how to pull power from your psu instead of your motherboard header. avoiding the risk of pulling too much power form it. the rgb strip length will depend on what your software can support. also can attach strip to controller with the 2+1 connector if you don't no how much power the controller port has.
  12. i found the diagrams i wanted to show how its done. also to keep in mind that asus rgb software might only suport so many leds so keep that in mind as well.
  13. to start rgb is normally 12v and argb is 5v so no mixing them. rgb all the leds will be the same color and argb each led can have its own color. depending on how many fans and how long your rgb strip is pulling power from just the mb is a bad idea and you have to find out how much your headers and handle. that being said i no with 5v argb you can pull power form your psu instead of your mb that will bypass the power problem. as for having rgb strips out side your going to have to run cables out side the case and make your own cables. if the strip is too long you might have to add in power here and there or even a data repeater. there are kits to do room but you want to sink with your pc so this is how it be done.
  14. thx its nice to get feedback. it might not be the best looking setup but it is my setup haha....going on 3 years now....oh well if there something i learn about this build is just save up and by the parts you really want the first time it just might save you money in the long run... funny when i started to buy the mane parts i have a cart full for like $4000 but i kept going back to the cart and taking things off haha now if i just spent the $4000 on it that would have save me money haha sigh
  15. oh i guess the price came down. i still don't like the idea of a build in mic....
  16. Aquaero is the best you can get. tells rpm, voltage and profiles but come's at a cost for $150+ . unless you no how to program an Arduino a cheap pwm hub attaching it to your cpu header is what most people do. 1 cable to the mb. cost around $5 to $30 depending on what hub you want. and they use the biso to set a profile or use speed fan (but might not work for all mb) you can use corsair commander rgb controller and use icue and can set a profile that's $90 i don't no about nzxt and how it software works. but nzxt price has gone up to like $130+
  17. corsair rm 850i psu will power the system. the corsair rm 650i will power all the rgb stuff 3x 120mm fan mount to mount some of the rgb controllers....
  18. 12x 3pin corair cables 10x 4pin corsair cables 4x 3pin female headers more on the way orange 3.5 flat cables (wish the ends were black...) 2x ethernet dust covers 2x barrow 5v argb tube for the res cut in front panel to run my bottom fan cables up to the top crude holes drilled for fan cables to go under then case and up the front behind the front panel argb wire diagram
  19. normally the extra key only adds more 1 button color.
  20. there is an adapter the can go form 12v mb to 5v argb device deep cool rgb convertor there are plenty of cheap 12v rgb strips out there.