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  1. your right it should be cheap but when its the bottom line every cost counts so you are paying for it weather you want or need it or not. they are going to pitch to you that you need it want it. that's marketing look at j2cents video about fills rig were he got a air flow front panel came with a mesh that made it pointless in the first place.
  2. ya a big part of pcs about looks over performance. but you want cheap performance just go open air....
  3. 90 degree mb are the best for air temps but like i said there often look weird, and costy. also some cube cases like the tt core x5 /x9 were good all the aire just out the top and fresh air from the bottom and sides and back
  4. oh like front glass and back of mb filterd like bequiet case to make thing easier just tell me the case name haha
  5. you talking about like corsair cases were there a top glass panned then a gap the a filter?
  6. a vertical gpu will allow for the bottom fans to be more useful for the mb and cpu. hands down a 90 degree mb the best you can get but there not many of them, they offen look weird, or are costly. i remember a case were the mb was centered in the case so you could have air from the bottom, both sides and out the top. it may have even been a 90 mb. it may have been a evga case... in Win 909 case it was
  7. ya that's true i guess for thows fanless builds air can just flow to the top and out.
  8. well we no that any filter going to decrees performance that just clear that up. and 99% cases now uses temperd glass so that kills the need for a side. but side will help gpu temps and maybe even cpu hmm
  9. hmm this gets me thinking that we may have been seeing cases and the front panel problems were there little space for air to get in and a filter (there are case that do have good front intake and a solid front panel so keep that in mind but cheap case normally don't) intake form the top, bottom (if you can) and out the front may solve problems.... of air flow that is. the gpu wont be dumping air at the cpu instead it be drawn to the front. even if you intake from the back and out the top and bottom out the front (just might need to add a filter to the back fan)
  10. oh i think i kinda understand about sucking the gpu air thew the top rad i get it now haha i guess if you have an aio /wc gpu this be less of a problem or do i dare say it a blower fan gpu.... my question is what are the temps if you intake from the top and bottom and out the front? and disable the back fan or block it off with cardboard. i no lots of cases block the front and give little space for the fan and on top of that a filter.
  11. if taking hot air inside the case thew the rad and out the top even its hotter air i still think it be cooler then intake air from the top thew the rad and out the back i guess. but i don't really no so a answer would be nice. to no. people will be people they pick up traditions form people never finding out the real answer. i too thought in front out the top is the norm but now i question it...
  12. i no this.... im not saying cold air form out side though the rad is a bad idea its a good idea when even you can do it. but in this case you take intake form the top to make your rad cooler at the same time your cpu, mb and top of gpu would get hotter. lets say that the revers air flow might not make a difference so we ill exclude that. i guess if you really want to you could intake form the top, intake from the bottom and out the front i guess but no cases come with a back fan filter so guess just don't use it...hmm this could even be bitter then the tradition way...
  13. give me one scenario were intake from the top is better then exhaust and ill let it go.
  14. i think i got it! the reason they include the top fan filter is they want you to turn the case 90 degrees! then then filters is use full.....
  15. hmm some case testing would be nice to see that the top filter dose and other fan configurations. if i had a lial li 011 air i could test a bunch of stuff haha... there one on ammazon that is used and says Large cosmetic imperfection(s) on top, front or sides of item. Large cosmetic imperfection(s) on bottom or back of the item. Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged. worth the risk? i have gotten used stuff off ammazon and all bean good.
  16. ya your right haha but i had a case with no filters and i was to lazy to dust it haha i no if there done right they can work fine but most go the cheap way. there were some poeople on some forms that said panty hoes works good for a filter....
  17. that's what i thought... but all cases seem to include one....
  18. who ueses it as an intake thow is my question is there some science that we should do this? imo the money could be spent els were and just not include one at all...maybe im missing the point but that why im asking...
  19. so when you shut off your pc you put it on and when your run it you take it off? dose make sense.
  20. so i was wondering why there a filter on top of the case? is there some science too it? should we not be exhausting air out the top? seem like every case dose this....
  21. heres a cheap argb controllers with remote all presets 133 modes. heres a music one heres a controller you you can use a program but gl find a tutorial
  22. so in that video i gos like this. say there are 6 channels. one effect for to channel 1 thow all the leds then in to channel 2 and so on. there a data in and an data out so there daissady chained to make one long strip. but there will be a limit on how many leds the software will control. there are ways around that if you give up some of the abilaty to controll each channel. like you can clone say channel 1 so when the effect statrs it will start in channel one but you have 2 things hooked up to that channel they both will be identical. i no hard for me to explane. you also could rin in to problems with power and how much your drwaing from the controlelr but if you can do sodering you can get around that. you just need that data in data out and ground and can pull power from your psu. i have no idea the pin out for thermaltake and i tryed looking it up and didn't find a clear answer. i do have the pin out for corsair thow.
  23. i dont think you can do custom with asus. maybe there controller you can but the software for mb i dont think you can. thermaltake is vary basic like can color each led thats about it. corsair has the best options on making yout own light but it might not be what youir looking for. i dont no about nzxt and what you can do with that. there are controllers for like rooms and stuff that can have many many more pre modes. as for diy your looking at codeing with Arduino. or some dmx light show stuff. there's also aquacomputer but i don't no what pre sets or stuff they use as well... i do no corair and nzxt work with aquacomputer. and you can do both argb and rgb at a cost that is.
  24. ya i think you got it haha. the fans rgb uses a 4 pin cable well the lnp and cp use 3 pin. so the 4pin fan connectors to the hub witch has 4pins and 1 cable that is 3 pin to one of the lnp or cp led channels. as for the strips it uses 3 pin cable so it go to the lnp or cp lighting channel bypassing the fan hub and pull power forn the lnp and cp (so the only recommend 4 strips max) dont no if this is pur channel or 4 strips each. the 6 fan hub (aka lighting hub) pulls power from a sata cable and not from the lnp or cp so you can hook as may as you want with a custom cable. but 2 channels 2 hubs is max out the box on 1 lnp or cp. i no that the lnp can support more power then the cp but i dont fully no the specs so asking corsair the best answer but i have read something about 4.xx amps max that why they recommend only 4 strips. and there strips cant be cut. i have links in my sig about corsair and what the connectors are and how to use it. but im in the progresses of trying to make other non corsair stuff work with corsair i just been to lazy to make the cables haha. a side note is your fans pull power from the cp + if you have strips on the channel's witch also pull power form the cp. if you go over the max 4.xx amps your have problems.