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  1. if you have to put it in that case what i would do is remove the usless dvd drive, move the hhd some were els and uses a pcie cable. then its a mater will it fit and how to mount it to the case. this gpu mount looks like it might work and mount it to the back to the mb. but ths will cost more then just getting a different case.... witch the point was to do it cheap i guess. or... cases are like free or cheap like $5-10 used so..... i found this... not in English another one ya
  2. ya np. i was going to buy it and still might. if you do get it let me no how to hook it up to rgb. i have corsair ecosystem so no rgb only argb but there is a convertor to go rgb so ill have to get that costly but only option. other option is to go aqua computer as they support corsair fans and have both rgb and argb.
  3. i don't get what your looking for but this might help... silver silver ring silver dot
  4. did you even watch the video? liquid metal dose nothing for a gpu... the gpu dose not have a heat spreader like a cpu witch is the problem with cpus. the gpu is a naked die and no problems with heat transfer.
  5. my gpu dose this..... i have to manually uses msi afterburner ad set the fan curve above 50degrees.....
  6. looks like your mb only has 1 rgb 12v header above the 24pin. and looks like the read dragon fans are also rgb but they probably have generic connectors on it that probably go in to a controller that should have 4pin cable if it supports mb. im just guessing a pic of the controller would help. i did find this if this is the fans and controller website
  7. what is it? is it argb or rgb? better info is need thx
  8. welcome to the Grade a of mb software.
  9. sounds like corsair software the best. thermaltake is more simple. i don't no about aquacomputer and there Farbwerk. cooler master controllers and software sucks. there also lamptron but only has a few presests. Airgoo is the only generic controller i could find with software. you could uses a non software controllers that's has many more presets up to 1000 is the highest i found. there also ones you can program if you no how to. other then that Arduino you can program anything with it. ek might be making one too but no idea if its just a controller or with software but there out of stock or something. its called the loop 51
  10. connecting 1 strip to another strip just makes its longer. connecting 1 strip to 1 controller port meas that strip can be addressed. if you want another strip address you need another port. the port can be on a controller or mb header. rgb 12v meams all leds light up the same color all at once. argb 5v means each set of leds (normal 3) can be set to a color a hub or spliter is not a controller port it just duplicate the port so w/e color is run on that port will also run on the hub or spliter
  11. the first link is an out of date ir controller don't buy that.... it also depends if its argb or rgb. rgb you need a repeter like the botom link and argb you need to add power and ground form other psu around 5m or so.
  12. fuck inwin Hazem el samad ant paying no $900 for a case.....haha nice.
  13. 4 pin is normally 12v rgb and 3 pin is 5v argb. deep cool convertor takes an argb device and connects it to a 4pin 12v rgb header on the mb. your argb device will act like rgb but not all work with this adapter. it can flicker or not work at all.
  14. i think it goes push pull> pull>push most people go push so they can see the fan. but pull is better by like 1 or 2 degrees is it worth spending the extra money for 3 more fans no. if you dont care about money and want the best performance then ya. but if i got cheap rads $25 each for a 360 and say your buying good fans around $25 each 2 more rads would give better temps then 3 fans but i have to add the extra cost for fans ans fittings but cheap fittings cheap fans i still think it would out preform 3 good fans buts thats imo
  15. just look up rgb room on youtube. they exsplane how they hook up and work. also there are websites that just sell this kinda thing so thats the best place. they can help out and pic parts that are compatible instead of you guessing. you would build the system around what controllers you get.
  16. i would try removing the + form the hub cable that gos to the mb. just data and ground is needed. worth a shot as it dosent work right now. other that that buy a different rgb hub. lamptron hub this one looks good looks like the shipping when up.... i never heard of an 3 pin argb 5v header can be switch to a 12v 3pin header.... there are no 3pin 12v rgb devices....but w/e
  17. there might be settings in the bios for the rgb header. maybe there set up to be on when the pc is off. rgb splinters are interesting and done wrong can brake things. there should be argb hubs that take power from the psu instead of the mb header unless your using rgb and not argb. did you buy the right rgb hub? they sell both 12v rgb and 5v argb i mean just take the hub out and see if that fixes it/ if so then there something with the hub. a proper hub would only have 2 wires form the mb data and ground.
  18. by thick you mean how big the holes are? could be but still you loses performance
  19. my guess c. the front fans wont do much just for looks. keep in mind the top mesh will block 85% of the air escaping and the front will reduce the air flow to 15% with the mesh same with the bottom mesh. grate case bad mesh....
  20. don't have to drill holes to mount just make it flush with the front and glue it. we don't no if it will fit that's not are problem.
  21. signal usb 3.0 signal usb 3.0 no box blue usb 3.0 usb 3.0 adaptor usb 3.0 standerd singal usb 3.0 pci i don't under stand have you even look it up?
  22. this one can be on the inside of the pci slot or outside and if you want up side down.
  23. i don't find 15 presets to be vary powerful.... but maybe you do. and your software limit to how many leds you can light up. if there was no limit then you can do so much more.... you can do so much more with light show's and there pixel display's pc rgb come's no were close to that. there was this cool rgb led light show veges style on you tube long time a go i can seem to find it but that was a light show... just think if that was argb how much better it would have been...