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  1. oh nvm hipper threading was disabled....haha
  2. so i got 2 hpz400 pcs off ebay and are happy with them but i was taking screen shots of the specs to lest em for sale and one says it has 4core 4 threads and the other has 4core and 8 threads but there the same cpu?
  3. no one nos how many argb devices on each port it can handle. safe to say 1 per port. but if you make custom cables and just pull the data and ground (you may only need jsut the data) from the deepcool convertor and get the 5v power form your psu you can have w/e amount you want.
  4. i frigged it out. top left 3 red/black, = red led top right 4 black/wight = green led bottom right 2 black = blue led bottom left 1 red =12v middle middle no c blue + bottom middle No c green = mb power (power on when switch pushed in)
  5. so im guessing the 3 middle pins work like this say middle pin is one of the wires to the power switch (dose not mater as its just close the circlet) and the other power switch wire to green or yellow. one will make it power on when the switch is not pushed in and the other will power on when the switch is pushed in? ya i read the leds have a bit of different voltage but i cant tell witch is witch as the resister is heat shrieked and the seller did not note it. so the one left on the out side that has no resister is my ground?
  6. so i got 2 19mm tri color rgb Momentary switch off ebay and don't no how to wire it up. i got the Voltage:9V-24V RGB common anode ( + ) it also came with a socket and resisters on 3 of the wires black, black/wight, black/red the markings on the switch are top left 3 red/black, top middle NC yellow, top right 4 black/wight , bottom left 1 red bottom middle No c? green bottom right 2 black middle middle no c? blue so im looking to power the red, green ,blue leds and use the switch to power on the pc im guessing the leds are on the outside and switch in the middle?
  7. i mean a psu is an expert thing to do. i did it once an never again it worth the money for extension cables imo. there are many many tutorials on youtube about it. as were to buy the connectors alot of pc stores sell em online as to were i don't no its been some time since i looked in to it. but to each there own gl.
  8. i dont think the Noctua NH-D15 will fit that case. alsome cooler thow and at 300 rpm you cant hear it.
  9. if its rgb its probably 12v and argb 5v but to be safe you can try 5v first. i do no nzxt argb stuff is picky when moding have to do extra stuff to make it work.
  10. to each there own i cant image may people doing this but hay i do cray stuff to haha
  11. not a vdg its a jst-sm 3 pin spliter spliter 2 if you can solder you can make em much cheaper.
  12. so 1 rgb header will have one color any thing hooked to it will have the same color. if you want another color you need another mb header. if you mb only has one header you need a usb controller but that usb controller wont use the mb software. i dont no what the Prism Wraith connects to usb or mb. im guessing mb so if your prism and strip and on the same header they both have the same color.
  13. Mystic Light is the mb software.... there is no Mystic Light external controllers far as i no. you would be able to change the mb leds from the rgb header anyway....
  14. if the case can be synced with the mb and your mb software can detect the ram then that would work. but im guessing nzxt want you to use there software but i don't no.i no moding ganaric argb strips on an nzxt argb controller you need a mod to make it work so i dont no.
  15. ya i hear ya it was my bad haha just dint no what to call a dell hp or w/e other then that because if i just put tower people would also think of custom built pcs. so i guess the word to use is pre built? i got 2 w3670 cpus for $74 so that what the best deal on ebay i could find but i dont no if the 4core 3.6 would be better for gaming vs the 6core 3.2. i guess just depends on he game. another note is that the sell dint test what ram the z400 had so and the w3670 say 1033 so if i do end up with 1333 ram it be stuped not to use it so then i would get the 4core 3.6 that takes 1333.
  16. well i got the 2x hpz400 24gb ram pcs for $283can ship. but i will have to upgrade the cpu but cant seem to deiced on what one or how much is wroth it. i want 6core 12 threaded or better if there is better but i no you cant overclock only the multiplayer so having that the highest is bets...but they also cost lots too and would be way more worth overclocking it. also looking at a gtx 1080....but that might be over kill but dam good value imo. normally i be looking at a rx 480 8gb but gtx1080.....
  17. anyway i put an offer for an hpz400 with 24gb ram and i offerd to buy 2 of them but im a long time on ebay so i get a discount? so might not take my offer of $70 each + shiping so we will see if not ill try $80 each
  18. lots of people use all in one for a prebuilt tower. what would you call them? there not just a tower they are pre built. and they do also come with an monitor mouse keyboard so. i get that an all in one is the pic you listed.
  19. hmm there is a z420....and an DELL PRECISION T5400 DUAL XEON but no idea anythign about 2 cpus and gaming....
  20. tower haha well thats what they seem to call them
  21. so im bored and browsing ebay and looking at all in one pc for a cheap gaming pc build. but don't really no what is the best deal. i love the x58 and there's one with dell the Dell Precision T3500 and an hp one HP Z400. but i alos was looking up the w3690 and found other cpus like the i5-4570 so is there any point in x58 any more. also is there any all in one pcs that are cheap and can do overclocking from what i heard most are locked kinda with no voltage overclocking anyway. i have looks at buying peaces but the cost would by way to hi so bundle deal it is. now i don't like the thin pc case only case that can take an normal atx psu and from what i see they price them a bit higher but i think its worth it. any way what are your tips or suggestions links guides or w/e ya i really don't need to buy it but im just bored. i was biding on ebay on a Dell Precision T3500 with i think 6 gb ram and a w3690 but was out bid it sold for about $150ish. i no the cpu is worth about $90 but that's when i saw that the i5 cpus seem to beat it so i dint bother biding more. oh my budget is around $100-150can for the all in on + w/e i get for upgrades. i think entry gaming pc gpu ied say rx 470- rx 480 8gb some were in there. i did buy a gtx 1080 for 383 from ebay seem liked a good deal at the time.
  22. i think the coolermaster controller has sata power dose it not? i don't no what the out put of each port is. i think cooler master stuff is crap but if yours works i guess that's good.
  23. rgb dose not use data its voltage driven. only argb uses data.
  24. so first off your case rgb are rgb 12v and is not compatible with corsair commander pro or node pro so cant be used with there software. i would emagan that they can by syned to an mb header and use the mb software. ya can also buy cheap rgb maul controllers so what i gathered that because there a pandemic going on most stuff is being de listed as it cant be shipped any anything still listed is price is way higher) there is an dac made for corsair argb controller that will allow rgb to be used but its not CHEAP! yes your right each company has there own connectors. there the stranded argb 5v 2+1 and the stranded rgb 4pin like the one you posted. both of these are the only ones that are on mb's. the other some what stander connector is the jst-sm with both rgb and argb. if you have that connector the your going to have to get an adapter to attach it to an mb. now corsair, nzxt, thermaltake, aquacomouter, bykski, barrow all have there own propriety connector. some more easy to get a hold of then other's but most will require you use of soldering diy kinda deal. now the rgb smd chips all have different chips on the and they all just a pwm signal like a pwm fan dose. some rgb smd chips work with each other in a serten frequency range and some don't. WS2812B chip is the standard argb and works with most stuff. of coarse the company wont tell you what chips there rgb uses as they want you to buy in to there eco system so its trial and error. (all rgb is compatible with each other as long as they use the same voltage if not then your going to have to use resisters)
  25. i don't own it so i don't no. its out of stock. ya they do have problems. best is to just buy rgb stuff if you have rgb header and argb stuff if you have argb header.... its is what it is deal with it.