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  1. Cooler twists when screwed on cpu?

    Okay, just wanted to make sure. Been ages since I've done an air cooled tower and freaked out when I saw it slightly twisted when I first mounted it.
  2. Cooler twists when screwed on cpu?

    Okay, so I got my cryorig h7 tower. I got it mounted and screwed in, but it's able to twist a little. Is this normal? Haven't booted up the pc yet, scared it may not be secured all the way.
  3. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Yeah, I havent't had one switch counties...yet, I'm close enough to Mexico though, so probably possible. Mine just end up driving the strangest routes. It's like, Oh? you wanted free shipping, well we're gonna have fun with this for a while.
  4. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Maybe it fancied a cup of tea.
  5. i5-4690k Help!

    Well if you're hitting 4.7Ghz with an air cooler, and staying max 80, you're golden. Most games won't push you to max load anyways, so you'll stay below 80C
  6. I feel like even if you buy the best specs at the time, you start to feel some sluggishness about 3 or so years after. Mainly the GPU and eventually the CPU maybe 5 years on.
  7. is a 450 watt SFX PSU enough?

    Yeah, it's just been so long and I've never used pc part picker much. I'm used to having more power to hit better efficiencies ratings.
  8. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Wow, I thought mine was bad lol. Mines gone from Benbrook, TX to Mesquite, TX, then turned around to Dallas.
  9. is a 450 watt SFX PSU enough?

    Yeah, I always end up using it just to make sure I have some extra headroom when getting a PSU.
  10. What's your worst package tracking route?

    I live in the states and where I'm at currently at most things will take about 3-4 days ob avg. Except for this package, which has 6 days estimated. What gets me is that it's taking such a bizarre route like no other package lol.
  11. is a 450 watt SFX PSU enough?

    It should, but it'll pretty close. I'm seeing about 388w pull on outervison PSU calc. Thats with 100% CPU TDP. If I add a 10% power draw on the GPU, that puts it at 425w. Id maybe suggest a little more if possible. Maybe just go with a 6700 non k version so save some cash for a better psu?
  12. Well, my move was last minute planned after coming back from vacation. So I had no tools nor time to really try to disassemble it.
  13. Is my gpu dead?

    Is the system pulling close to the PSU's max output? If you're unsure you can try using a PSU calculator online to check.
  14. So I ordered a CPU cooler a few days back and I've been watching the package update on Newegg. Seeing it travel its way here, it has been the longest item to get delivered to my address. I was confused as to why its delivery date was so long (6 days). Watching it now, it's now entered the state, drove about 50 miles east to another city, U-turned back about 15 miles west, and is now at another post station. I'm just sitting here dumbfounded why it even bothered going the extra distance east.
  15. Whats your favorite YouTube channel

    For tech - linus Gaming - Markiplier (good laugh for some of his vids, but some others can be pretty cringy imo) Other - Gordan Ramsay, Scishow Music - monstercat