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  1. Secuirty Thread

    So lately I've been studying up for school, finally decided to go to school to become an IT security specialist. I noticed LTT doesn't have any sort of security type of forums/threads. I know they get tossed in the general topics like the incident with meltdown and spectre. Any chance of adding a new spot for security topics?
  2. intel optane issues

    Yeah, you need windows for it to run. I've built a few rigs for friends with optane so far and it runs well. Definitely worth the investment for cheaper pcs with a speed boost until ssd costs come down. As porina said, most time you can try windows upgrade feature.
  3. Lan parties still a thing in 2018?

    Hey guys, I used to love going to LAN parties back when I was younger and they were more common to find. Started seeing new small cases come up at CES and tech reviewers bringing up that certain things may be great for LAN parties. So I was curious, are they still relevant anymore? I haven't heard of any in my local area go around for quite some time. Same with some of my friends cross country. Figured I would ask here and see what you guys think. Do you think they're dying off in the modern day? Do you still go to LAN parties or know anyone who still goes to them?
  4. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Personally, I don't care for the design of the products. You don't pay for the specs, you pay for the 1,000 engineers to make a few small tweaks. They fail to listen to customers and even go as far as to say what you "need" in a device. They love to patent troll, which just harms the tech community as a whole. Stealing ideas and claiming them as their own.
  5. Invisible drive device?

    Well checking now, my original image post, my optical drive wasn't listed, but now it is. Both the random drive and my optical drive take-up bus1, but Samsung still shows this 3rd drive being there, and it normally doesn't pick up my optical drive as an option, unless I just need to reset windows.
  6. Invisible drive device?

    Nope, no other device, except an optical drive.
  7. Invisible drive device?

    So I went to boot up my PC this morning and I couldn't boot up past the rog UEFI menu. I tried several times and couldn't get into even the bios. Well, I saw I was getting an A2 postcode, which is IDE Detect code. I only use 2 drives, an 850 pro and a 950 pro. Well, I saw some Asus forums saying it was a bad OC error menu. So I went in and changed some numbers on my OC and reset them, didn't save any settings, then I was able to boot into windows. So now that I'm in, I checked a few things and somehow I have an extra drive? Here's Samsung magician showing and device manager, but nothing in windows? https://imgur.com/a/kuyr3 Anyone got any idea what this drive is? I'm currently running a pc scan in case it's a virus. Edit: Refreshed hardware changes and the drive went away, also still running scanner.
  8. Cooler twists when screwed on cpu?

    Okay, just wanted to make sure. Been ages since I've done an air cooled tower and freaked out when I saw it slightly twisted when I first mounted it.
  9. Cooler twists when screwed on cpu?

    Okay, so I got my cryorig h7 tower. I got it mounted and screwed in, but it's able to twist a little. Is this normal? Haven't booted up the pc yet, scared it may not be secured all the way.
  10. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Yeah, I havent't had one switch counties...yet, I'm close enough to Mexico though, so probably possible. Mine just end up driving the strangest routes. It's like, Oh? you wanted free shipping, well we're gonna have fun with this for a while.
  11. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Maybe it fancied a cup of tea.
  12. i5-4690k Help!

    Well if you're hitting 4.7Ghz with an air cooler, and staying max 80, you're golden. Most games won't push you to max load anyways, so you'll stay below 80C
  13. I feel like even if you buy the best specs at the time, you start to feel some sluggishness about 3 or so years after. Mainly the GPU and eventually the CPU maybe 5 years on.
  14. is a 450 watt SFX PSU enough?

    Yeah, it's just been so long and I've never used pc part picker much. I'm used to having more power to hit better efficiencies ratings.
  15. What's your worst package tracking route?

    Wow, I thought mine was bad lol. Mines gone from Benbrook, TX to Mesquite, TX, then turned around to Dallas.