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  1. AirFie

    Suggest me free software

    I ever use a software like deep freeze, but sad I forgot
  2. AirFie

    Csgo players

    My advice is play deathmatch and complete the archivement for each weapon. Its make you use to it. Then play arms race to make you play faster.
  3. AirFie

    Csgo players

    Double post sorry
  4. AirFie

    Loudest Part in Your Rig?

    the loudest part is the buzzer, the beep come after I push power button to turn on. specially when RAM not detected :wacko:
  5. Pentium celeron 1.7Ghz with SiS onboard graphic! playing solitair got no lag! YAY!
  6. AirFie

    What did you name your computer?

    I name it kerehore, if I look the hardware.
  7. AirFie

    What got you into PCs?

    my dad bought something called PC desktop, and I take over it, :angry: *that PC save me from consol addiction
  8. repairing a PC and the PC is dead after it. oh wait.. I kill the PC! buy new one.
  9. AirFie

    Speaker sound comming through microphone

    try back to default setting
  10. AirFie

    Speaker sound comming through microphone

    try to lower sensitivity, like mic boost.
  11. choose AMD cause my money not enough to get Nvidia. :(
  12. AirFie

    Future of gaming, its not all about the graphics

    not only graphic need more realistic AI
  13. AirFie

    Sound problems

    check BIOS dude, maybe it disabled.