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    Systems Administrator (Mainly VMware)


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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
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    16gb Corsair 2666
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    Zotac GTX 1070 Founders Edition
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    NZXT S340
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    1tb Samsung 840 EVO + 256 gb Intel 600p
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  1. With them being the "away" team, they sure don't seem very good at finding hardware. There HAS to be hardware in LA, there are freaking 13 million people in the LA metro area!
  2. To be fair, they probably just wanted to troubleshoot back in their office and then use it as a spare later when someone else had issues. F2 is the BIOS on most older Dells, F12 is the boot menu which lets you go into the BIOS as well. I personally haven't used a "New" dell in about 6 years so it's a good chance they have changed that which he should have known but still F2 is a fairly common key for BIOS. That's what I use to get into it on my ASUS board. DEL works as well. Also, when people call someone an expert they are usually basing it relative to their skills so they may be an expert to a person who doesn't know a USB port from a PS2 port.
  3. Rather than using a crappy software like xsplit why don't you get some true production scene switching hardware where you can take the inputs and combine them that way? I know so little about video production I don't know what those would be called but I'm sure there is something that would accept multiple inputs where you can switch scenes and show them in various ways in the final recording/streaming without worrying about software and software issues. I'm sure they aren't cheap but you're not a guy recording with a single cameraman either.
  4. At first my brain thought he was talking about nuclear power not nuclear bombs. Why would anybody want more nuclear bombs now? It's like once you have enough to blow up the planet a few times why do you need enough to blow it up more?
  5. For people who have attics and crawl spaces without floors you can walk on, people who don't have them and have never had them may not know that you can't walk on anything but the beams. If you don't want holes in your ceiling from people walking in your attic make sure they know that even if you think it's common sense to you doesn't mean it is for everybody.
  6. Black Friday/Cyber Monday are just names of sales, not like it's an event stores have to register to be part of or sell specific items at specific discounts to be considered a black Friday/cyber Monday sale. Any store can call their sale Black Friday/Cyber Monday and any store can make their sales whatever they want as long as they compete. I'm sure some cases the prices are determined by the manufacturer which means any store will sell them for the same sale price at that point. In the US "Black Friday" lasts about a week, so does "Cyber Monday".
  7. So if a bookmark with the affiliate code not to a specific item isn't allowed why does amazons website even work with the affiliate code bookmark? Hypothetical example: Lets just say the URL with the affiliate code was amazon.com/?affiliate=linus if I go there but not to a specific product it should strip the affiliate code out and only use it if I'm going to amazon.com/item?affiliate=linus. Even then, if I then browse from /item to /item2 the affiliate=linus should no longer be part of the URL and thus shouldn't apply. Basically if a bookmark isn't allowed why does a bookmark work? Almost seems like it would be a way for them to enforce it when they want and not enforce it when they don't want to.
  8. Stupid question, why do you only have 100 watts to work with?
  9. I lost it at the Windows 10 Rant. The built in apps aren't supposed to be the best option, they are supposed to give limited functionality for people to have basic access to files and programs. If they are too good to not need anything else they have a history of getting fined for anti-competitive behavior. And the search. Same thing, there are lots of better search tools with more customization options.
  10. Once you researched and found it didn't work with the heat pipe style heat sink why didn't you redo the work with a stock heat sink or any random cheap heat sink which would likely have less flat surface to begin with?
  11. This may sound stupid but at this point why is it still a PC? This could easily have just been Linus Tech Tips Arts and Crafts Competition and made dioramas.
  12. National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) - http://www.nabshow.com/ Because not everybody knows what NAB means.
  13. Does the entire UK have to price based on what Coca Cola company says or do the stores pick whatever they want? Where I live we have a Coke distribution center which has vending machines where the cans are 25c and the bottles are 50c but stores themselves can charge basically whatever they think they can sell them for. Also please tell me you don't really think Coca Cola has cocaine in it... http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/cocaine.asp
  14. Yeah I was confused by that. They can't go to a local shop and spend some money on a micro ATX board to make the review so much better?
  15. If you're trying to find a laptop that is the equivalent to a mid to high end gaming desktop why would you ask what the desktop equivalent to a 960m is instead of what the laptop equivalent of a mid to high end desktop GPU? Do you already have a laptop in mind and trying to find out if it's equivalent to a mid to high end gaming desktop? That seems backwards to me.