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  1. @Aniallation With the third fan sticking out, how much clearance is left between it and the side panel of your case? Also, with that setup, are you ONLY able to use two RAM sticks or could you populate all four slots and still fit the heatsink/fan?
  2. The developers have stated in their Steam FAQ that there will be mod tools available some time after release.
  3. http://www.gamerampage.net/all/new-screenshots-and-surprise-revealed-for-hatred Summary: 1. Hatred is a controversial, upcoming, twin-stick, third person shooter game being released on PC. It is the first AO rated game on Steam, also available on Desura. 2. Polish digital gaming store front GOG will disallow the sale of upcoming game Hatred, created by polish developer Destructive Creations, from its website. 3. The irony here is that Hatred was delayed from an earlier May 19th launch because the devs wanted to play Witcher 3. GOG is owned by CD Projekt, the parent company of the developers of Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED. 4. The game will be available on the digital platforms Steam and Desura and players who preordered the game will be able to play it three days earlier than the official release, starting May 29th. From Destructive Creations' Hatred trailer on April 28, 2015: From the developers when asked on Steam Community if GOG gave a reason: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odVLkr6g-hI
  4. What happened to all of the new power efficiencies from Tonga? This is beyond even Hawaii...
  5. I don't mind that he wouldn't be able to work on other games since many companies have exclusionary/non-compete contracts while working for them, but the fact that they wanted him to REMOVE all existing patches as if they never existed is disgusting.
  6. Has any more information leaked that tells a more specific release time frame?
  7. FINALLY. I've been waiting for something like VSR for ages. I'm glad they have been listening to their customers with those survey forms they send out.
  8. It is currently on Steam for pre-order at $60. There are also already 2 pre-order DLCs, and 1 vendor-exclusive pre-order DLC.
  9. I would certainly hope so seeing as how they plan to charge for monsters and hunters. Plus, everyone not having access to all maps would heavily split the community. Also, depending on how much they plan to charge for each hunter and monster, and how many they plan to sell, the full price of the game ($60) might actuality not even be justified since games like LoL with similar models have traditionally been free. Regardless, I am still looking forward to the release.
  10. What? TSMC failing to deliver on its originally promised time frame for new nodes? Nah, couldn't be!
  11. Instead of a new product that will probably be another APU, just make pricedrops. $350 290Xs to compete with 970, thanks.
  12. Hm, don't recall having heard of the 285X with those specs but, if that is the case, good because what I hated about Tonga replacing the 280X was it was limited to 256 memory bus and 2GB VRAM so it seemed like a downgrade.
  13. It's probably Tonga (R9-285), a.k.a. the 280X replacement that is worse than the 280X in every way.
  14. JayD

    Street by 50

    So, Linus wrote the rap at the beginning but who is singing it?